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Oglethorpe Update

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Oglethorpe Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oglethorpe Update
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  1. Oglethorpe Update

  2. Vogtle 3 & 4 Update

  3. Construction Activities • Unit 3 Nuclear Island (NI) Basemat rebar began February 13 • A portion of the rebar work was suspended in April to resolve certain differences between construction drawings and the approved design (DCD) • Currently working through corrective action options • Work is proceeding with Unit 3 NI Basemat embedded piping and supports • Unit 3 Turbine Building foundations in progress • Work continues on • Unit 3 Containment Vessel Bottom Head (CVBH) and 1st ring • Unit 4 CVBH • Various sub-modules • Assembly of Heavy Lift Derrick • Unit 3 & 4 cooling tower foundations • River water intake structure

  4. Other Site Activities • Major equipment deliveries • Unit 3 condenser components • Unit 3 feedwater heaters • Unit 3 and 4 Containment Vessel plates • Operations Readiness • Operator Training program granted initial certification by INPO in March • Enables reactor operator candidates to apply for NRC licenses • As planned, a total of 93 Licensed Operator candidates currently in training program

  5. Site Construction Embedded Items Installation for Unit 3 Nuclear Island Basemat

  6. Site Construction Unit 3 Turbine Building Foundation Concrete Pour

  7. Site Construction Heavy Lift Derrick

  8. Sub-Module Assembly in MAB Upenderwith CA20-01 at full height Upenderlifting CA20-01 CA20-02 on upender ready to be lifted in place CA20-01 set in place

  9. Site Construction Unit 3 & 4 Containment Vessel Work

  10. Site Construction Cooling Tower Foundations

  11. Site Construction River Water Intake Construction

  12. Murray Energy Facility Update

  13. Murray Energy Facility

  14. Murray Update Murray 1 SSD Project • GPC PPA on M1 ended on May 31st • Targeting July 1 for transition to GSOC Balancing Authority and Single System Dispatch (SSD) integration • OPC Board approved transition on May 14th Murray O&M Transition • DEGS Agreement terminated on May 31st • 28 DEGS associates transferred to Oglethorpe Power Corporation

  15. Murray 1 and 2 YTD • 2012 Murray 1 Seasonal Availability Percentage for GPC PPA • Current Winter Period (10/1/11 – 5/31/12) • 99.06% through 4/30/2012 • Murray 2 Energy Margins: • Year to Date (1/1/12 – 4/30/12): $1.36 million

  16. Member Revenue Summary Financial Results YTD Through March 2012 Capacity Factors

  17. Scherer Press Coverage Update

  18. Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention Plant Scherer ash pond worries neighbors as Georgia Power buys, levels homes By S. HEATHER DUNCAN — hduncan@macon.com (The Telegraph) Posted: 9:32pm on Apr 14, 2012; Modified: 6:36am on April 15, 2012    Plant Scherer Under Review By Jeanne Bonner (Georgia Public Broadcasting News) • Mon., April 9, 2012 5:10pm (EDT) ATLANTA — Regulation of coal ash ponds like Plant Scherer’s is minimal By S. HEATHER DUNCAN — hduncan@macon.com (The Telegraph) Posted: 9:47pm on Apr 15, 2012; Modified: 6:34am on April 16, 2012    • A power plant, cancer and a small town's fears • By John Sepulvado, CNN Radio • updated 9:12 AM, Sun April 1, 2012 • Posted on CNN.com CNN story hot air? State, Ga. Power react BY WILL DAVIS (Monroe County Reporter) Published: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 8:06 PM CDT

  19. Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention • Background • February 17, 2012 (Friday): John Sepulvado, CNN interviewed a GPC media relations representative • Updated Article was posted to CNN.com on 4/1/2012 • CNN Article: A Power Plant, Cancer and a Small Town's Fears • Residents near Plant Scherer reporting a host of illnesses including cancer • Belief among a number of the residents that Plant Scherer is the cause • Uranium is implicated as a potential culprit • Other stakeholders to the table • The Sierra Club, The Environmental Integrity Project • US EPA, GA EPD, USGS, UGA

  20. Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention • Implications from the news articles • There is a exceptionally high incidence of cancers and other illnesses in the area surrounding Plant Scherer. • There is no credible evidence supporting this assertion. • The Ga. Department of Public Health has initiated a scoping study to determine if additional investigation is necessary. • GPC is initiating the purchase of properties, demolishing the buildings, and sealing wells because it has something to hide. • GPC has stated it only makes offers on a case by case basis to individuals that have already put their properties up for sale. • Nearby properties are purchased as additional buffer and to provide space for expansion. • Structures on purchased properties with no potential use are demolished to avoid liability. • There is a Georgia regulatory requirement stating that abandoned or intended to be abandoned wells be sealed.

  21. Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention • Implications from the news articles (cont.) • The Plant Scherer coal ash pond is the source of potential well water contamination • No previous tests have indicated a contamination problem. • Testing performed in April 2012 of four (4) Plant Scherer drinking water wells indicate no constituents which exceed EPA safe drinking water limits. • Some residents have reported high levels of uranium in their drinking water wells • The April 2012 test also included a test for uranium no onsite samples showed a detectable indication. • According to a news article, the Sierra Club helped arrange tests by the UGA School of Ecology on a dozen residential well samples near Plant Scherer and the preliminary results show few problems in the groundwater.

  22. Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention • Implications from the news articles (cont.) • Dust from the Plant Scherer coal ash pond is making the nearby residents sick • There is no credible evidence supporting this to be the situation at Plant Scherer

  23. Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention • What others are saying… • United States Environmental Protection Agency • Quoted as saying, “…they believed the contamination (uranium) to come from underneath a layer of granite 70 miles away near Atlanta.” • Georgia Environmental Protection Division (Jim Harden) • Quoted as saying, “…speculation is premature.” and “it (uranium) has always been determined to be naturally occurring in the earth.” • United States Geological Survey • USGS has researched the elements in coal ash and fly ash and has determined they do not register at levels that affect human health. • University of Georgia • UGA has previously documented naturally occurring uranium in drinking water wells in some parts of Monroe county, originating from granite bedrock

  24. Questions? Questions?