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  1. OregonASK PARTNER MEETING December 7, 2018 WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  2. Agenda Welcome Project & Policy Updates Policy Development Discussion Small Groups Large Group Priorities Break Quality Campaign & Communications Partner Updates WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  3. Oregon Afterschool Conference • November 3, 2018 at Chemeketa Community College, Salem • Record attendance! 325 people from 93 organizations • 33 workshops, plus keynote, all aligned to Oregon Registry WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  4. Project Updates Afterschool Access & Equity Surveys & Focus Groups • 4 months survey collection • 13 focus groups New Health, Wellness and Safety Coordinator … In Search of 2 new VISTAs WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  5. OregonASK Policy Review: Historic & Recent • 2010 Oregon’s Vision for Supporting Student Success through Expanded Learning Opportunities • Child Care - Employment Related Day Care (ERDC) • 2012 Afterschool Workforce … A critical partner • 2013 Afterschool: A Parent Point of View • 2017 Smart Summers • 2018 A Sustainable Pathway for All - ESSA Report WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  6. Policy Updates • Student Success Committee Recommendations • Ballot Measure Implications • Governor’s Budget Recommendations • Children’s Agenda • Endorsements Due December 10th WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  7. Top Takeaways • Divided Federal Government: focus turns to oversight • Republican Senate and White House • Democratic House • New Afterschool Champions in Congress but also lost several • Opportunities to Advance Afterschool in 116th Congress but also Serious Challenges

  8. Most Diverse Congress

  9. Democrats flipped at least 29 Republican-held House seats Competitive 2018 House races 1 flip D to R 12 flips R to D 1 flip D to R 1 flip R to D 1 flip D to R 2 flips R to D MN-1 Walz* CA-10 Denham (?) CA-25 Knight (?) CA-39 Royce* (?) CA-45 Walters (?) CA-48 Rohrabacher (?) FL-15 Ross* FL-26 Curbelo GA-6 Handel IA-3 Young IL-14 Hultgren KS-2 Jenkins* KY-6 Barr ME-2 Poliquin (?) MI-8 Bishop NC-9 Pittenger* (?) NC-13 Budd NJ-3 MacArthur (?) NJ-7 Lance NM-2 Pearce* NY-19 Faso NY-22 Tenney (?) OH-12 Balderson PA-1 Fitzpatrick PA-10 Perry TX-7 Culberson TX-32 Sessions UT-4 Love (?) VA-2 Taylor VA-7 Brat MN-8 Nolan* AK-AL Young CA-50 Hunter FL-6 DeSantis* FL-16 Buchanan FL-18 Mast FL-25 Diaz-Balart GA-7 Woodall (?) IA-04 King IL-12 Bost IL-13 Davis MI-6 Upton MO-2 Wagner MT-AL Gianforte NC-2 Holding NE-2 Bacon NY-11 Donovan NY-24 Katko NY-27 Collins OH-1 Chabot PA-16 Kelly SC-1 Sanford* TX-22 Olson TX-23 Hurd VA-5 Garrett* WA-3 Beutler WA-5 McMorris Rodgers WI-1 Ryan* WV-3 Jenkins* Democratic incumbent Republican incumbent PA-14 OPEN (Lamb) AR-2 Hill AZ-6 Schweikert AZ-8 Lesko CA-1 LaMalfa CA-4 McClintock CA-21 Valadao CA-22 Nunes CO-3 Tipton IN-2 Walorski MI-1 Bergman MI-3 Amash MI-7 Walberg NC-8 Hudson NY-1 Zeldin NY-2 King NY-21 Stefanik NY-23 Reed OH-10 Turner OH-14 Joyce OK-05 Russell TX-2 Poe* TX-6 Barton* TX-10 McCaul TX-21 Smith* TX-24 Marchant TX-31 Carter WI-6 Grothman WV-2 Mooney *Asterisks denote incumbents who did not seek reelection, sought other office, or lost their primary election Seats that flipped party control are struck through (?) indicates races not yet called, as of noon on Nov. 20 12 flips R to D AZ-1 O’Halleran NV-3 Rosen* NV-4 Kihuen* AZ-2 McSally* CO-6 Coffman FL-27 Ros-Lehtinen* IA-1 Blum IL-6 Roskam KS-3 Yoder MI-11 Trott* MN-2 Lewis MN-3 Paulsen NJ-11 Frelinghuysen* PA-7 VACANT-Dent VA-10 Comstock WA-8 Reichert* (?) 5 flips R to D CA-7 Bera CA-16 Costa FL-7 Murphy MN-7 Peterson NH-1 Shea-Porter* NJ-5 Gottheimer PA-8 Cartwright CA-49 Issa* NJ-2 LoBiondo* PA-5 Vacant-Meehan PA-6 Costello* PA-17 Rothfus Likely Democrat Lean Democrat Toss Up Lean Republican Likely Republican Source: Cook Political Report

  10. The new Democratic House majority will be slimmer than the previous Republican majority House party breakdown, 2016-2018 32 seat majority* 47 seat majority 59 seat majority *Election results not final 218 seats for a party majority Source: Charlie Cook, National Journal’s Day After the Election Event, Nov. 7, 2018

  11. Network Planning Mott Foundation has 5 areas for network planning • Mission, Vision and Goals • Communication • Policy Development • Quality Improvement • Network Governance & Small Group Discussion • Please consider current work and opportunities for increasing our impact WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  12. Policy Development: Events & Engagement • How can the Network create opportunities for partners and allies to participate in policy efforts? • What grassroots strategies could the Network employ to directly connect policymakers with their constituents in support of afterschool, and are they effective? • How could the Network collect and share success stories from the field that illustrate afterschool outcomes, and provide examples of meeting the needs of children and youth? WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  13. Policy Development: Cultivating Champions • How could the Network outreach plan create allies, particularly those with influence on key policymakers, support policy proposals? • How does the Network continually work to establish relationships with key state and local policymakers and state agencies? How can these efforts be expanded? • What could the Networks action plan for developing and recruiting public champions of afterschool (police chiefs, judges, mayors, Chambers of Commerce, philanthropic leaders, important city or county leaders, etc.)? WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  14. Policy Development: Research & Planning • What policy proposals could the Network, or should the network be developing for state or local adoption? • Do you know what the Network's research plan is to support their policy work? WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  15. Policy Priorities What should be the top short-term (12 months) priorities for expanding and deepening efforts in Policy Development? What are and should be the top long-term (2-3 years) priorities for expanding and deepening efforts in Policy Development? WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  16. Break Have a snack Grab some coffee Say hello to someone new WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  17. Quality Campaign - Building a Strategic Campaign Goals • What constitutes victory? What are short term wins along the way? Organizational Considerations • What resources are we bringing? How do we want to be stronger? Constituents, Allies, Opponents • Who cares about the issue? Whose problem is it? Targets • Who has the power to give us what we want? Tactics • Should be flexible, creative, in context & backed with power WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  18. Quality Matters Policy Briefs • Systems & Structures • Parent & Family Engagement • Quality Professional Development • Inspiring Students • School & Community Partnerships WiFi: OCDC Guest Password: wilsonville

  19. Focus Groups 6 Locations with 13 Audiences - September through December 2018 • 5 Youth groups • 8 Parent groups Voices from the Field… • If my kid likes it, I like it • Summer is so expensive - it is really hard to find things that can keep them entertained and not just sitting on the couch all day. • Wish I knew more about what was going on, daily or in general... • I love coming because it feels like a family - everyone is so nice and cares about me and if I am getting done what I need to do.

  20. Next Steps • February 15, 2019 Partner Meeting • Quality Improvement • May 1, 2019 Day at the Capitol • May 10, 2019 Partner Meeting • Network Governance & Mission, Vision, Goals