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  1. Poetry Are all poems the same? What makes poems different? What makes a poem a poem and not a story, report or list? What are the features of a poem?

  2. L.I. To know some features of poetry

  3. adjectives Words that describe a noun (person, place or thing). They help the reader imagine what something is like. The boy had paint on his hands. The happy, young boy had bright, colourful paint on his tiny hands.

  4. rhyme The use of words with the same vowel and consonant sounds at the end. E.g. cat, rat, mat

  5. alliteration The repetition of the same consonant sounds, usually at the beginning of words. rugged rocks dazzling dragonfly

  6. onomatopoeia Words that imitate the sounds they describe.

  7. personification Describing something as if it had human features and feelings.

  8. simile The comparison of two things, usually ‘like’ or ‘as’. E.g. cool as a cucumber.

  9. metaphor Comparing two things by stating that one is another.

  10. repetition When words or phrases are repeated. Can you find the words that are repeated?

  11. Performing Poetry Finding a voice for your poems Every poem has a voice. When you read or perform a poem you bring them to life. It is worth trying different ways of performing a poem until you find the best voice for that poem. There is no ‘right’ voice. It’s what works best for you and what works best for you may not work for everyone. http://www.michaelrosen.co.uk/videos.html http://www.poetryline.org.uk/poems/the-sound-collector-530 the sound collector. by Rory Mgraph http://www.poetryline.org.uk/poems/cat-rap-506 cat rap http://www.poetryline.org.uk/poems/apple-tree-864 the apple tree http://www.poetryline.org.uk/poems/small-quarrel-839 small quarrel

  12. Rhythm Beat Think about... Body language Look at the audience Expression Use your voice and your face Repetition – why not get people to join in with repeated words or phrases Loud or quiet The speed that you say the words The mood of the poem