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Santa Susana High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Santa Susana High School

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Santa Susana High School
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Santa Susana High School

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  1. Santa Susana High School Student Edition

  2. Emergency Evacuation Drill • Who? • All Santa Susana HS students and staff • What? • Evacuation of campus • Implementation of all emergency units • Where? • All locations on SSHS campus • When? • Tuesday, February, 25th • Why? • Practice makes perfect

  3. Priorities • Emergency actions will be taken according to the following priorities… • 1. Protection of Life • 2. Protection of the Environment • 3. Protection of Property • 4. Restoration of Services

  4. Earthquake Scenario • There is a large earthquake. • The teacher instructs everyone to get under their desks and or to cover their heads to protect themselves from falling debris. • Several items come off the wall • 3 ceiling tiles fall • The smart board project comes un fastened and splatters into broken pieces of glass and plastic. • One student is cut from the broken pieces.

  5. Earthquake Scenario Cont. • The shaking stops. • An announcement is made over the PA to go to the assembly area. • Initially your teacher is having a hard time opening the door because the earthquake tweaked the door frame.

  6. Earthquake Scenario Cont. • Finally the door is un jammed • The teacher grabs the Emergency bucket & Hall Pass with room #on it. (It can be used as a sign) • Everyone begins the trek down to the assembly area.

  7. What is In the Bucket? emergency Folders (keep in bucket) • Class rosters • Emergency checklists for different types of emergencies that may occur • List of buddy teachers • Evacuation maps • Emergency Student Accounting Forms • List of staff unit assignments • First Aid Materials – Band-Aids, etc.

  8. Find Your Classes and view the exit path • Please note that any fallen structures or power poles will cause your exit path to be altered

  9. Evacuation Routes & Assembly Locations

  10. Evacuation Routes & Assembly Locations For Sr. TAP

  11. Evacuation Routes & Assembly Locations

  12. Evacuation Routes and Assembly Locations

  13. What to expect during drill • Full school evacuation • Implementation of most units • “Injured” students and staff • “Missing” students and staff • Parents assigned to “pick-up” their kids • Aprox. 40 minutes outdoors

  14. After classes have evacuated to the Basketball courts • Teachers will take role / complete Student Accounting Form • A runner (Probably Mr. Buckle) will come through to pick up Student Accounting Form • After the Accounting Forms are picked up Ms. Ledesma will use the speaker system to put the Drill on pause & to give instructions

  15. After the Pause • Some teachers will go to fulfill their emergency drill Roles i.e. • Search & Rescue • First Aide • Other Teachers will oversee the students in their class as well as 1or 2 other teacher’s classes.

  16. What to Bring With you when you evacuate… • Emergency Bucket • with Emergency Folder Inside • Wooden hall pass with your room on it • Can be used as a sign • All students able to get to evacuation area

  17. What about studenT stuff? • Students may bring one item • SRC book, I pod, etc. • Leave your backpacks, food, textbooks in the classroom

  18. Expectations of Students • Will participate in drill • Will follow all instructions by adults • To remain quiet during the 1st ½ of the drill when instructions and movement into new emergency roles begin. • Will SIT in rows in assigned areas by class • Will not leave the blacktop • No one will be dismissed from school during the drill for any reason (office will be closed) • Can read a book, talk, listen to ipod • Can bring a blanket/towel to sit on

  19. Once in the emergency assembly area, how does one become reunited with their loved ones? • First please note only someone on your student emergency release card can pick you up. • The person picking you up must come to the “student request table.” • A release form will be filled out and then a runner will be sent to get you. • You will then go to the release table to leave. (see chart for visual location on tomorrow’s power point)

  20. Student Release scenarios • There are several release scenarios to be aware of on the following chart. • Please take a moment to view them.

  21. Do your part and stick to the emergency plan • Staying with or near your class in the assembly area is important in the release process. • Consider how much time and frustration the faculty and your family will experience if you are absent when you should be present in the assembly area.