New paradigms
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New Paradigms. Storytelling Metagovernance. Storytelling as Springboard. A springboard story has an impact not so much through transferring large amounts of information, as through catalyzing understanding.

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New paradigms
New Paradigms

  • Storytelling

  • Metagovernance

Storytelling as springboard
Storytelling as Springboard

  • A springboard story has an impact not so much through transferring large amounts of information, as through catalyzing understanding.

  • It can enable listeners to visualize from a story in one context what is involved in a large-scale transformation in an analogous context.

  • It can enable them to grasp the idea as a whole not only very simply and quickly, but also in a non-threatening way.

  • In effect it invites them to see analogies from their own backgrounds, their own context, their own fields of expertise.

  • Denning, (2001) The Springboard, : How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations, Boston, Butterworth Heinemann

Denning s original springboard
Denning’s OriginalSpringboard

  • “By springboard story I mean a story that enables a leap in understanding by the audience so as to grasp how the organization or community or complex system may change”.

  • “In June 1995 a health worker in Kamana, Zambia, logged on to the CDC website in Atlanta and got the answer to a question on how to treat malaria”

  • Denning 2001, p.81

Springboard story i
Springboard Story I

On 26th December 2004 the son of a Tamil Nadu fisherman working in Singapore saw TV news coverage of the tsunami and telephoned a warning to his sister which was relayed from the village Knowledge Centre, allowing all the villagers to escape to safety

Bottom up strategy the tsunami affected regions
Bottom up strategy ?the tsunami affected regions

  • Public response to the disaster

    • powerful images and accounts counter “compassion fatigue”

    • tourist technologies

      • digital video cameras

      • cell phones


    • same technologies delivered ad-hoc warnings to Knowledge Centres around Pondicherry


    • collective logging of events and monitoring of relief and recovery efforts continues


  • Closing loop along the value/delivery chain

    • IS driven and enabled feedback from customer/public to both provider and government/regulator

  • Implications for management and business strategy and tactics



Reversing the panopticon surveillance by the surveilled
Reversing the Panopticon: surveillance by the surveilled

  • The technologies which have enabled military and managerial surveillance of distributed resources also, paradoxically, enable the communities so scrutinised to develop their own distributed strategies and patterns of relationships with external parties

  • Little & Grieco (2003)

  • New paradigm

    • bottom-up and networked response,

    • feedback loop from those on the receiving end

Social versus technical learning
Social versus Technical Learning

  • Organisational learning is needed to move beyond the technical effects of direct substitution of information technology for manual processes.

    • informating versus automating (Zuboff, 1988)

    • 2nd level social learning (Sproull & Kiesler, 1991)

  • Technical costs can be more readily estimated and represented

    • social learning is the key to successful and sustainable innovation

    • it can take place ahead of or in tandem with the deployment of technical resources

Collective innovation odyssey group
Collective Innovation: Odyssey Group

  • Exploring the emerging social potential of new modes of electronically-mediated communication

    • particularly in respect of alternative forms of organising and managing and the promotion of greater social inclusion

  • Members work together in physical locations and through the internet and world wide web.

    • between events, members work together in varying partnerships to develop their ideas and present these in papers for publication and in other forms


Learning levels
Learning Levels

  • Personal

    • the distance supported environment

      • FirstClass/Lyceum/core and peripheral materials

  • Organisational

    • business forms and process innovations

  • Contextual

    • metagovernance and new forms of monitoring, regulation and accountability

Level 1 collaborative design of web sites
Level 1 Collaborative design of web sites

  • Design Input from a community

    • physical co-presence

    • virtual co-presence

  • Remote support

    • shared passwords

    • online templates

    • roaming access

Ghana social index http www geocities com csps ghana maps
Ghana Social Index

  • Locally generated and integrated data

    • ported to Geocities web site

    • designed for slow connections

  • Exemplar and portal

    • resource for students and local organisations

    • draw for CSPS main site

    • performance indicator for funding agencies

Level 2 web supported problem definition and articulation
Level 2 Web-supported problem definition and articulation

  • Moor Park Explore Club


    • on-line illustration of deficiencies of transport infrastructure, many amenable to relatively simple design solutions.

  • CSPS Ghana on-line Action Auction


    • on-line research proposals seeking sponsorship

Distributed data gathering http www geocities com the odyssey group
Distributed Data Gathering

  • Comparing performance

    • light rail services

    • The Moor Park Explore

    • Club recently visited

    • Amsterdam to sample

    • public transport

Level 3 policy monitoring
Level 3 Policy monitoring

  • North East Action on Transport


    • Regulators, service providers and users collaborating on the monitoring of service provision

    • GPS

    • digital video

    • digital still

    • WAP

Monitoring performance http www newnet org uk neat monitor default htm
Monitoring Performance

  • real-time monitoring of transport services from within the community

Converging technologies
Converging Technologies

  • 2001 four items

  • 2006 one item

Springboard story ii
Springboard Story II

When armed police arrested two women at Liverpool Street station on 29th July, officers were reported as trying to prevent bystanders from recording the incident on their mobile phones.

Images of the 7th July London bombings from mobile phones had been distributed by mainstream news media, and within hours the police set up a web site to accept potentially useful material from members of the public

Sars emergent metagovernance
SARS: Emergent Metagovernance

  • Hong Kong SAR 2nd

  • highest broad-band usage

  • first rate public transport

  • Octopus smart card as de-facto alternate currency

  • Amoy Gardens 35 storey

  • high-rise block, 100 SARS

  • cases, 230 people

  • quarantined for 30 days

Emergent global metagovernance
Emergent global metagovernance

  • Monitoring the progress of SARS

    • CDC Atlanta

    • World Health Organisation

    • U.S. DoD


    • World SARS Map

  • Grid computing


  • Monitoring Governmental Responses

    • APEC