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MEDITATE While You Wait

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MEDITATE While You Wait. A Mind-Body Technique Offered to You by the ~Columbia Integrative Medicine Program~ Meditation is simpler than you think. In fact, you might be doing it right now. There are many forms of meditation.

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meditate while you wait

MEDITATE While You Wait

A Mind-Body Technique Offered to You by the~Columbia Integrative Medicine

Mindfulness means that you are paying attention… on purpose… to whatever is happening… moment by moment…
Paying attention to whatever is happening in the moment may be simple… but it is not necessarily easy.
the key to mindfulness is not only noticing what happens in your mind in your body all around you
The key to mindfulness is not only NOTICING what happens… in your mind… in your body… all around you….
it s the little voice that asks the questions and evaluates everything you know the one
It’s the little voice that asks the questions and evaluates everything... You know the one….
Know that your questions are just thoughts. We judge and evaluate environments, situations and interactionsALL of the time.
When we are being mindful of ourthoughts… evaluations… judgments… conclusions… questions…WE SIMPLY NOTICE THEM.
there is nothing right or wrong about what we are thinking it s just what we are thinking
There is nothing right or wrong about what we are thinking… it’s just what we are thinking…

Whatever you notice in your body is alright… there’s nothing you need to changeor to do differently… you are just being mindful of your body…

Perhaps you are feeling concerned or restless…. Maybe you feel relieved or have a sense of contentment.
There is nothing wrong with your feelings~there is nothing right with your feelings~ they are just what you feel.

For more information about this mindfulness meditation or other useful mind-body techniques, please contact the Columbia Integrative Medicine Program # 212.342.0002