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While you wait…. Please write your information on the cover Print your name on the back page of your booklet Please put your booklet in your binder Put your name on the back spine of the binder. North Delta Huskies. Ministry of Education Graduation Requirement. Graduation Transition

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While you wait
While you wait…..

  • Please write your information on the cover

  • Print your name on the back page of your booklet

  • Please put your booklet in your binder

  • Put your name on the backspine of the binder

North delta huskies

North Delta Huskies

Ministry of Education

Graduation Requirement

Graduation Transition


Graduation transitions
Graduation Transitions

  • Required to graduate

  • Transitions Advisor, Mrs. Macfarlane – Room 1013

  • As important as English 12 to the Ministry.

  • Requirements Met (RM) is the final grade

  • Not a 50% pass --- 100% to get RM

  • QUALITY is needed to PASS!

Gt advisor s role
GT Advisor’s Role

  • I give you advice in Assemblies

  • I answer your questions

  • I set deadlines for you

  • I assign grades

  • I do not teach you – YOU DO the research

  • I do not go through this project page by page

    YOU DO!

What are the three components
What are the Three Components?

  • Career and Life Transitions

    • Who AM I ? (pg 2)

    • What have I learned? (pg 4)

    • What have I done? (pg 5)

    • Where am I going? (pg 7)

    • How am I going to get there? (pg 8)

  • Healthy Living

    • Daily physical activity (pg 3)

    • Healthy living plan (pg 2)

  • Work Experience/Community Service(pg 6)

Booklet page 1 read it it contains good advice and the delta district website link
Booklet -- Page 1Read it. It contains good advice and the Delta District website link

  • Why are we doing this? Mission Statement

  • Thoughtful responses to five basic questions

  • Answers must be in paragraphs that show:

    • Action – What did you DO to meet the requirement

    • Evidence – Provide PROOF of completion

    • Reflection – Explain what you learned

    • Communication– Type clearly in full sentences

Booklet page 2 who am i
Booklet -- Page 2Who Am I?

  • Describe thoughtfully:

    • Your personality traits, activities you enjoy, your strengths, and your skills (things you can DO)

    • Connect each of these to your career/life plan/future

  • Healthy Living Plan – 4 parts

    • Nutritional, emotional, healthy choices, daily physical activity- use the links. Answer the questions on the sites

      Note: Spaces in the links’ addresses are


Personal health page 3 150 min week of daily physical activity
Personal Health – Page 3150 min./week of Daily Physical Activity

  • What constitutes exercise?

    • Intentional exercise. Not just walking to school.

    • Vigorous – but you can still hold a conversation.

    • Lasting 30 min at one session.

  • Start now, record for Jan 5. . . . .

    • Must have parent or guardian or coaches’

      (adult) signature.

  • Booklet page 4 what have you learned
    Booklet – Page 4What have you learned?

    Graduation Requirements – Six steps

    Put check marks beside PASSED courses.

    • Use a pen on all courses completed

    • Use a pencil on courses you are taking this year

  • Insert Electives and External Courses

  • Put AS or FA beside the course that fulfills the Applied Skills or Fine Art requirement

  • Total each column: Gr. 10, Gr. 11, Gr. 12

  • Grand total ALL 3 columns (must = 80 credits)

  • Make an appointment with your Counsellor

    for signatures SOON

  • Resum and reference sheet pages 10 and 11
    Resumé and Reference SheetPages 10 and 11

    Resumé is the title on page 1 (helps when you email resumé)

    Reference title is on page 2 for electronic submissions (always a separate page)

    Template (you type over the text in a template) is available on the school website

    Community connections is work volunteer experience page 6
    Community Connections is Work/Volunteer Experience - Page 6

    • 30 hours of work experience

      and/or community volunteer work, and/or school volunteer service

    • Provideevidence/proof

      • Pay stubs, T4, letters, etc.

    • Signatures required

    Overall expectation a quality project
    Overall ExpectationA quality project

    • You do your own research

      • Use the website links given in the booklet, the school website and the Delta District website

        (The websites make YOUR RESEARCH easier!)

    • Neatly fill out forms in blue or black ink

      • Print clearly, use pen except on Page 4 - Gr 12 courses

      • Type your answers – readable for me

    • Give thoughtful answers to questions


      • Get your work/volunteer experience complete before

        January 5, 2011.

    Due dates

    • October 25 – Pages 2, 4, and Resume and Reference Sheet are due

    • October 25– last instruction session

    • January 5– Final submission of GT Booklet

    • Then in your final semester, you can focus on Grad Activities

    If you lose your booklet or require helpful examples
    If you lose your booklet or require helpful examples:

    • Powerpoint presentations will be on the school websitewww.deltasd.bc.ca/nd/

    • All forms are also available on the website above

    Get your grad transition plan done on time
    Get your Grad Transition Plandone on time

    • 2 signatures – before Winter Vacation

      Counsellor and Career Advisor – by December 16!

    • All pages done before January 5

    • Requirements Met before Spring Break

    • Requirements Met or you don’t get a Graduation Certificate and, therefore, will not be accepted by universities or many employers