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ch 2 mouse mischief n.
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Ch 2 Mouse Mischief PowerPoint Presentation
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Ch 2 Mouse Mischief

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Ch 2 Mouse Mischief
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Ch 2 Mouse Mischief

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  1. Ch 2 Mouse Mischief

  2. Scientists understand how cholera outbreaks happen because of vaccinations epidemiology genetics

  3. Bt corn is an example of a crop that was developed with the help of environmental science ecology genetic engineering

  4. A technology that is used to collect data for studies of ecology is satellite tagging gene cloning iris scanning

  5. Which is the reason that scientists look for areas of Earth that are untouched by humans? to discover new kinds of plants and animals to learn how to protect the environment Both (a) and (b)

  6. Many environmental problems are first reported by local citizens. genetics researchers agricultural engineer

  7. A biotechnology that is important in identifying people is satellite tagging DNA fingerprinting GIS (geographic information systems)

  8. Rita Colwell’s work is an example of biotechnology ecology epidemiology genetics

  9. A new bandage that helps prevent heavy blood loss was developed by battlefield medicine satellite technology nanotechnology biotechnology

  10. All of the following are examples of biometrics except iris scanning DNA fingerprinting fingerprinting satellite tagging

  11. New products that are based on biological structures or processes are developed through biometrics biomimetics genetics nanotechnology

  12. What is the name for the study of the interrelationships among living organisms? biomimetics bioterrorism ecology epidemiology

  13. Which phrase best describes the goal of biotechnology? to miniaturize the organs and processes of the human body to apply knowledge of living things to solving problems to understand the function of each part of an organism’s genom to eliminate diseases that affect any living organism on Earth

  14. Tiny robots may be used to repair damaged body tissues because of genetic engineering DNA fingerprinting nanotechnology biomimetics

  15. The study of the air, water, and land that surround a living organism is called biomimetics ecology environmental science genetic engineering

  16. In the relationship between copepods, plankton, cholera bacteria, and humans, which organism is the pathogen? the bacteria the copepod the humans the plankton

  17. Which of the following is helping scientists develop stronger glue? bacteria that stick to rocks in fast-moving streams CAT scans of the internal organs of clam DNA fingerprints of the hairs of mice the swim bladders of bony fish

  18. Bt corn is produced by the action of a naturally occurring soil bacterium adding a gene from a soil bacterium to corn adding genes from other kinds of plants to corn exposing corn to a toxin that kills insects

  19. Which of the following biotechnologies generates concerns about personal privacy? biometrics biomimetics genetic engineering satellite tagging

  20. A vaccination contains a healthy culture of a pathogen dead or weakened pathogens a gene that provides resistance to a pathogen All of the above

  21. The bacteria that cause cholera help the copepods they live in by causing ocean water to become warmer an increase of their food source the amount of plankton nearby to increase their egg cases to break more easily

  22. Which of the following has reduced the cases of cholera by almost 50%? satellite tagging of copepods lowering the temperature of seawater using cloth to filter contaminated water None of the above

  23. Which of the following has enabled the development of many new biometric techniques? knowledge of ecology discoveries in nanotechnology increase in the number of orbiting satellites improved computer processing power

  24. Which of the following are examples of the vital resources that people get from the environment? water food energy sources All of the above

  25. The primary goal of the Human Genome Project was t sequence the entire set of genetic instructions for a human develop ways of transferring genes to other organisms understand the function of each human gene develop a cure for cancer

  26. The medical procedure that enables a person to resist certain diseases is satellite tagging genetic engineering biomimetics vaccination