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STREET GANGS. Have you ever been in a situation that a friend of yours was in a gang and because of that you and your friend’s family could be in danger?!.

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Have you ever been in a

situation that a friend

of yours was in a gang

and because of that you

and your friend’s family

could be in danger?!


In the last few years people in the streets are getting more frightened and scared for their lives and their children’s lives.

Kids of all ages are getting involved with gang members, usually because they are scared of

them, of their

threats about hurting

them or even killing



we went out to the streets to find out how people feel about the gang situation and how they deal with it.

From what people told us they feel it’s hopeless. They don’t know what to do with this problem or how to deal with it.

“It’s everywhere. Every place you go there are dangerous people who deal with drugs, steal things, and get into trouble”.


A plan on how to deal with

teen gangs at the schools:

Gangs at schools are a problem that appears to be growing.

In order to deal with them there are several things that you can do:

- Involve parents of gang and non-gang youth in the schools concerns and awareness classes.

- Establish relationships with organizations who can help them to deal with this problem.

- Provide special training to administrators, teachers, and staff to increase knowledge about the gang problem.


When we were on the streets we heard about a story of a man who joined a gang and his girl friend and family found out about it.

The name of that person is Danny and his girlfriend’s name is Jessica.

We went to Jessica’s home and asked her if we could interview her for our newspaper, she agreed, and here is the interview with her:


In conclusion...

A gang member's life is very difficult

and we are sure that none

of you want to be

there or to be connected

to that in any way!!!