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Presented by: Don Lehner. NAVSEA TMDE Program Fleet Review May 2009 CNSL Consolidated TMDE Readiness Assessment (CTRA). LANT CTRA Processes. CTRA Program Support CTRA Center Redistribution TMDE Procurement Support MCMS/SISCAL Updates Daily Fleet Support Future Potential.

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presented by don lehner
Presented by:

Don Lehner

NAVSEA TMDE Program Fleet Review

May 2009

CNSL Consolidated TMDE Readiness Assessment


lant ctra processes
LANT CTRA Processes
  • CTRA Program Support
  • CTRA Center Redistribution
  • TMDE Procurement Support
  • MCMS/SISCAL Updates
  • Daily Fleet Support
  • Future Potential
ctra program support
CTRA Program Support

Test Equipment and/or Installed Instrumentation

Pre-CTRA data gathering and prep


Onboard CTRA

Prime System and FSTER validation

Test equipment inventory and bar coding

Excess, deficiency, and obsolete resolution

Shipboard training (critical due to turnover/recurring)


Recall database updates (MCMS, TCR, MIQ)

SPETERL change requests to NSWC Earle

Data to RMCs (CDMD-OA ), NAVSEA (UID) and SSES (CRL)

Results and questionnaire with revised SPETERL

Tracking of unfilled deficiencies and metrics

Done every two years with periodic tech assists


  • 37 CTRAs
  • 793 excess removed
  • 527 deficiencies filled
  • $170K estimated cal
  • cost avoided
  • 1,563 recall additions
  • 2,349 recall deletions
  • 4,352 recall updates

Onboard validation and training provides an accurate picture of TE status and increases confidence in Cal readiness %

ctra center redistribution
CTRA Center Redistribution
  • Equipment Receipt
    • Onboard CTRAs and daily transactions
    • Seal Beach annual outfitting
    • Decommissioning
  • Equipment Redistribution
    • Fill CTRA deficiencies and obsolete items
    • Replacement of BER assets
    • Navy Wide distribution
    • GPETE and Cal Standards
    • DRMO or ATAC transfers
  • Products
    • Equipment transfers
    • Bar coding of assets
    • High value/low availability assets for repair
    • Asset research to keep valid equipment
    • Approval process dependent on Command
    • Metrics


  • 4,222 Received
  • 1,781 Issued
  • 2,420 DRMO/ATAC
  • $2.8M Cost Avoidance

Cost effective utilization of fleet assets to support maintenance requirements

tmde procurement support
TMDE Procurement Support
  • Requirements Analysis
    • Screen initial recommendations
    • Compare to known requirements
    • Revise to meet fleet needs
  • Receipt and Validation
    • Receive and stage at CTRA Center
    • Validate latest ship requirements before transfer
    • Identify replacement candidates
    • Screen during CTRAs
    • Coordinate transfer with ships
      • 111 issued in FY08
  • Transfer and Tracking
    • Transfer equipment and coordinate exchanges
    • Continually screen inventories for replacements
    • Data provided to NSWC Earle for CDMD-OA updates

Procurement process provides necessary technical refresh of test equipment and improves the test equipment posture of the fleet

mcms siscal updates

MCMS Initialization

Compare CRL to baseline TCR data

Convert test equipment, portable tools, and installed instrumentation data prior to MCMS installs

Update data to latest known configuration

Validation of unmatched records

MCMS Support

Receive fleet input and forward to MCMS Help Desk

Update data in MCMS when required

Process TYCOM and Tech Authority approvals

SISCAL Updates

Update SISCAL data in MCMS after SISCAL data posted to SISCAL web

Support discrepancy resolution between MCMS and SISCAL data and tracks post-CRL update requirements

SISCAL update process supports automated data collection by Teams with no impact to ship or SISCAL evolution

daily fleet support
Daily Fleet Support
  • TYCOM/Ship Requests
    • Email or phone call requests
    • Deficiency resolution and historical data repository
    • Tech Assists (onboard, email or phone)
    • LANT central SPETERL/TMDEI request point
  • Coordination
    • Support offered to ships under 85% cal readiness
    • History of requirements analysis
    • Standardized SPETERL validation
    • Loan Pool maintenance
    • RMC interface and barcoding
  • Database Maintenance
    • Reference file for CTRA Process and CTRA Center (combines key elements of TMDEI, METPRO, CDMD-OA, Asset Details, and LOGICOM cost data)
    • SCAT Reference file of known test equipment issues

Daily support is often unscheduled and directly relates to all other areas of the CTRA process

future potential
Future Potential




  • Standardized reference file sharing
  • Asset screening improvements
  • On line TMDEI and SPETERLs
  • Identification of process improvement steps
  • Analysis of unfilled deficiencies
  • Evaluate pattern from TYCOM actions
  • Confidence measurement for cal readiness
  • Increase application of UID functionality


Common Processes For:

  • CTRAs
  • Equipment Requests
  • Validations
  • Data Integrity
  • Confidence

Continuous improvement to support the changing environment is built on proven best practices

cnsl tmde program poc s


Johnnie Cleveland

CNSL N43/6C8

Office: 757-836-3296

[email protected]

Don Lehner

McKean Defense Group, LLC

Office: 757-301-6567

Cell: 757-672-6920

[email protected]