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Module One Food. Unit 1 Reserving a table. Discussion. Ⅰ.Look at the pictures of the restaurant and think about what kind of food they can provide. Ⅱ.Guests are making reservations at your restaurant, discuss with your partner the following items and write down marks for each item.

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  • Ⅰ.Look at the pictures of the restaurant and think about what kind of food they can provide.
  • Ⅱ.Guests are making reservations at your restaurant, discuss with your partner the following items and write down marks for each item.
text restaurants in china new words
Be suited for 对…合适

Eatery n.餐馆

Imperial adj.皇帝的

Cuisine n.厨房烹调法,烹饪

Reputation n.名声,名誉

Satue vt.嫩煎

Stir-fry v.用旺火煸

Roast v.烤,烘

Sample vt.尝试

Scented adj.有香味的

Crispy adj.松脆的

Pancake n.薄烤饼

Honisin sauce 海鲜酱

Spring onion 生吃的小洋葱

Ingredient n.成分

Feature vt.以…为特色

Refined adj.精致的

Chef n.厨师

Adapt vt.使适应

Specialty n.特色菜

Pomfret n.鲳鱼 银鲳

Scallion n.冬葱 大葱

Adventurous adj. 喜欢冒险的

Braised adj.炖熟的 焖熟的

Piglet n.小猪

Wax gourd n.冬瓜

Seasoning n.调味品

Pepper sauce 调味辣酱

Vinegar n.醋

Chili jam 辣酱

Peppercorn n. 胡椒子

Cayenne n.辣椒粉

Peanut n.花生

Sesame paste 芝麻酱

Cube n.立方体

Pound vt.捣烂

Shered v.切碎

Bean curd 豆腐

TextRestaurants in China---new words
Beijing food

Guangdong food

Sichuan food

reserving a table

Prince Restaurant. Good morning! Can I help you?

For what time, sir?

I am very sorry. We are already booked up for eight, but we can fit you in at eight-thirty.

May I have your name please?

Smoking or non-smoking?

We look forward to your visit.


I would like to reserve a table for dinner.

Around 8:30

I need to make a reservation for dinner tomorrow night.

We prefer to sit in the non-smoking section.

That is right.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Reserving a table
role play
Situation 1

In a group of three or four, work out a restaurant reservation form first by yourselves and then play different roles as waiter/waitress and guests to make reservation in a restaurant.

Situation 2

You are American; you want to hold a farewell party in a Chinese restaurant—Beihai Restaurant,on Friday evening for 10 people. Make a reservation with your partner who plays the waiter/waitress.

cultural notes
Cultural Notes
  • Medium the food difference of west
  • The food method which wins west includes very different, this kind of difference also has influence to the race personality.At China, whichever dinner party, ignore is what purpose, all will have a kind of form, is everyone round and round round to sit, share 1.The banquet wants to use round table, this resulted in from the form a kind of incorporation, manner, total the atmosphere of the interest .The delicious good dinner puts in the center of a table of person, it since is the object that a table of person appreciate, tastes, and then is the medium thing of[with] a table of person affection exchanges.People toast mutually and let mutually vegetables, advise vegetables, at the fine thing in front, body now people's respects mutually, the gift let of virtue.Although see from the angle of hygiene, this kind of food method contain the place of obvious shortage, it matches the widespread mindset of"grand union" of our race, reflecting Chinese classic philosophy in"with" this category to posterity thought of influence, easy to and collective emotion exchanges, as a result up to now hard reform.

Ⅰ. Why would the guests want different seating positions in a restaurant?

Ⅱ.Now your guests are facing a long wait in line in your restaurant.Discuss with your partner what you can tell your guests to help them avoid the wait and what they can do while waiting.The following are your references.

text the new alternative to call ahead seating
Alternative n.可供选择的办法


Personal Digital Assistant缩写 个人数字助理

Advanced seating 提前订位

Confirm vt.确认

Promptly adv.迅速地

Unlike prep.和……不同

Frustration n.挫折,挫败

View vt.查看

Add…to… 把…加上去

Multiple adj.多样的

Zip code 邮政编码

Home page 主页

Affiliate v. (使…)加入

Hostess n.女老板 女服务员

Request vt.请求,要求

Database n.数据库

Monitor vt.监控

Insert vt.插入

Assure vt.保证,担保

Prior adj.在前的,居先的]

Page vt.呼叫

Text--The New Alternative to Call-Ahead Seating
receiving guests
Seating host/hosetess

Good evening,sir and madam.

Welcome to our restaurant.

Do you have reservation,sir?

Would you follow me,please?

What about one that is further back but still offers a view of the lack?

We will seat you as soon as we get a free table.

Please take your seats.Here is the menu.I will be back in a few minutes to take your order.


Good evening.Do you have a table for five?

Thank you.

May we have that table by the window?

Two or Mr.Morris.

Ok.Whatever you say.

How long do you think we will have to wait?

That is fine if that is all you have got.

Receiving Guests
role play1
  • Situstion 1

Two walk in guests come to your restaurant at pesk hours they need to wait at least 15 minutes .Explain to them and take to them to the lounge .then seat then at a table neat the danve floor .

Situation 2:

A couple come to your restaurant without a reservation .They want to sit by the third floor window to table a nice view .But that table has been booked .your guests really want to dine at that table because it is the place where they met for the first time .Make arrangement for them .

cultural notes1
Cultural Notes
  • Traditionally, at dinner, Chinese people sit in a circle at a round table while the dishes are placed in the middle of the table to be shared by all. In more health-conscious environments, only “public” chopsticks and spoons are used to remove food from the plates in the middle of the dining table, so as to prevent any possible spread of diseases. In China, a standard banquet usually consists of four to eight prepared cold dishes, eight hot dishes, two to four whole-size showpiece dishes (such as a whole fish, a whole chicken), as well as soup, steamed rice and pastries, and fresh fruit for dessert.
  • Do you know the following dishes and vegetables?
  • What is your favorite dish?
  • Do you know its ingredients?
  • Talk about them with your partner.
text try the authentic food
Authentic adj.真正的

Differ from 与…不同

Influence vt.影响

Confucius n.孔子

Utmost adj.极度的

Delicious adj.美味的

Harmony n.和谐

Well—being n.幸福

Prosperity n.繁荣

Era n.时代

Combine v.结合

Monarch n.君主

Famine n.饥荒

Lean adj.歉收的

Incredible adj.难以置信的

Shark fin 鱼翅

Delicacy n.美味佳肴

Prompt vt.促使

Lengthy adj.冗长的

Conserve vt.保存

Taste bud 味蕾

TextTry the Authentic Food
taking orders

Have you had time to look over the menu?

Anything to drink?

May I take your order now?

Do you know what you want to order yet?

How would you like your steak, well—done,medium or rare?

…is our specialty.

How sbout…?

So that is…and…


Yes,I would like…

I think I will try…

I will have…


What are you specials today?

What do you recommend?

I do not care for fries.

Thank you.

Taking Orders
role play2

Situation 1 : work in a group of three or four and work out a menu together ,then play different roles as waiter and customers to take orders in a restaurant . You can decide whether it is Chinese or western

Situation 2: you are waiter of a Chinese restaurant .your take is to recommend the specialty like ma pod u fu to your group mates who just arrived in china .

chinese orders
麻婆豆腐 Ma Po Tofu

木须肉 Moo-shoo Pork

水煮鱼 Spicy Boiled Fish

香酥鸡 Crispy fried chicken

回锅肉 Twice cooked pork

宫爆鸡丁 Kong Pao Chicken

香辣虾/蟹 Spicy shrimp/crab

辣子鸡 Spicy chicken

口鸡 Mouth watering chicken

东坡肘子Dong Po Pork Joint

鱼香肉丝 fish Flavored shredded pork

红烧肉 Soy-braised pork

粉蒸肉 Steamed meat with rice flour

醋熘土豆丝 Potato shreds cooked with vinegar

西芹百合 Stir-fried lily and celery

香菇油菜 Chinese cabbage with shiitake mushroom

爆肚Flash-fried tripe

酸菜鱼 Fish with pickled vegetables

清蒸鲈鱼 Sea bass in clear soup

涮羊肉 Mongolian hot-pot

馄炖 Wonton

豆腐脑 Jellied Tofu

羊肉串 Mutton Kebabs

驴打滚 Soft layered sweet roll

春卷 Spring rolls

汤圆 Sweet sticky rice dumplings

炸酱面 Noodles with fried bean sauce

芝麻烧饼 Baked (sesame-seed) flat

春饼cakeSpring pancakes

chinese orders
cultural notes2
Cultural Notes
  • 中华饮食源远流长。在这自古为礼仪之邦,讲究民以食为天的国度里,饮食礼仪自然成为饮食文化的一个重要部分。 中国的饮宴礼仪号称始于周公,千百年的演进,终于形成今天大家普遍接受的一套饮食进餐礼仪,是古代饮食礼制的继承和发展。 饮食礼仪因宴席的性质、目的而不同;不同的地区,也是千差万别。古代的饮食礼仪是按阶层划分:宫廷,官府,行帮,民间等。而现代饮食礼仪则简化为:主人(东道),客人了。 作为客人,赴宴讲究仪容,根据关系亲疏决定是否携带小礼品或好酒。赴宴守时守约。抵达后,先根据认识与否自报家门,或由东道进行引见介绍,听从东道安排,然后入座:这个“排座次”,是整个中国饮食礼仪中最重要的一部分。 从古到今,因为桌具的演进,所以座位的排法也相应变化。总的来讲,座次是“尚左尊东”、“面朝大门为尊”。家宴首席为辈分最高的长者,末席为最低者。 巡酒时自首席按顺序一路敬下。若是圆桌,则正对大门的为主客,左手边依次为2、4、6……右手边依次为3、5、7……直至汇合。 若为八仙桌,如果有正对大门的座位,则正对大门一侧的右位为主客。如果不正对大门,则面东的一侧右席为首席。然后首席的左手边坐开去为2、4、6、8,右手边为3、5、7。 如果为大宴,桌与桌间的排列讲究首席居前居中,左边依次2、4、6席,右边为3、5、7席,根据主客身份、地位,亲疏分坐。

Ⅰ.Do you know the following wines ?Discuss with your partner about their producing areas and taste. Then listen to the tape and match the right wine pictures with their producing areas and tastes.

Ⅱ. Discuss with your partner the beverage menu in Chinese restaurants. What are some of the items on the beverage list?

Is it classified into soft and alcoholic drinks?

What are the items of each type?

text new words
Available adj.可得到的

Spirits n.烈酒

Alcoholic adj.含酒精的

Beverage n.饮料

Classification n.分类

Portugal n.葡萄牙

Austria n.奥地利

Argentina n.阿根廷

Chile n.智利

In terms of 在…方面

Combine vt. (使)结合

Tannin n.单宁酸

Acidity n.酸度

Impress vt.留下印象

As to 至于

Comparative adj.比较的

Pair v.成对

Intense adj.强烈的

Text--new words
1 cold non alcoholic drinks
1:Cold non alcoholic drinks

Soft drinks or Soda 雪碧 Draft Sprite 汤力水Draft Tonic Water 芬达 Draft Orange Fanta 可乐 Draft Coke 健怡可乐 Draft Diet Coke 罐装可乐 PET 150 Coca Cola light 罐装雪碧 PET 150 Sprite 罐装橙汁 PET 150 Orange 罐装可口可乐 PET 150 Coca Cola 冰红茶 Green iced tea 冰绿茶 Iced Tea 激能饮料 Energy Drink 清凉特饮

fresh fruit juice
新鲜果汁(橙汁,柠檬,西瓜, 椰子) Fresh Fruit Juice
  • Juice 菠萝汁 (罐装) Lt Pineapple 100 cl 石榴(罐装) Lt Guava 100 cl 芒果汁(罐装) Lt Mango 100 cl 橙汁(罐装) Lt Orange 100cl 葡萄汁(罐装) Lt Grapefruit 100 cl 桃汁(罐装) Lt Peach 100 cl 苹果汁(罐装) Lt Apple 100 cl 番茄汁(罐装) Lt Tomato 100 cl
role play3
  • Situation1: You are a restaurateur .with the help of a sample beverage list ,work out a beverage list of your own.
  • Situation2: You are a waiter /waitress in a restaurant .your guests want you to recommend some drinks to go with their dishes .your guests ordered lobster ,prawn and some other seafood, give them some suggestions .Think of other kinds of dishes that your guests might order and what drinks to suggest .
cultural notes3
Cultural Notes
  • Here are hints to the job :
  • 中国是茶叶的故乡
  • China is the home of tea
  • 茶被普遍认为是人们生活中最有营养价值和最廉价的日常饮料。
  • Tea is widely recognized as the most nutrition and most inexpensive daily drink.
  • 茶要泡的淡一些,以便这里的每个人都能喝。
  • Tea should be made light somewhat so as to be drunk by everyone here.
Ⅰ.How much do you know about the following ?

Ⅱ.Are the following acceptable in your restaurant ?

Ⅲ.Do waiters receive tips from guests ? Do you think it is appropriate for the waiter to receive tips ?If so ,what percent is most appropriate ?

text new words1
Foot v.支付

Issue vt.发出

Eventually adv.最后

Encounter 遭遇

Stand treat 做东,请客

Whatever adj.无论怎样的

Convincingly adv.


Denomination n.面值

Repeatedly adv.再三地

Determined adj.坚决的

Settle v.支付,结清帐

Alert adj.提防的

Scramble v.争夺

Conflict n.冲突

Priority n.优先权

Convenient adj.方便的

Contribution n.捐献

Text--New words

Are you all through ,madam?

Did you enjoy your dinner?

May I present you bill now?

Would you please check it, sir?

Perhaps I could go over the bill for you.

You can pay with traveler checks.

We do not accept US dollars.

What credit card are you holding, sir?

Here is your change and your receipt.


Yes, everything was very good.

Can I have may bill, please?

Does it include the charges for drinks?

What`s this for?

Would you explain the bill to me?

Here is my Visa card.

Thanks for your nice service. Here is 70 dollars.

Keep the change, please.

Do I have to put the tip on my card?

role play4
Role play
  • Situation 1:
  • The guest have finished the meal .They ordered a steak (35 yuan ) ,a bean dish (20yuan )and a fruit salad (25yuan )and two glasses of wine (60yuan ).They want to settle the bill by credit card ,but your restaurant only accepts cash. Explain the bill to your guest .
  • Situation 2:
  • Waiter : Your guest’s meal costs him 125yuan .Your guest showed you a 50 yuan coupon from your restaurant .tell him the coupon expired last weekend .but you can offer him a newly issued 20yuan coupon since his bill exceed 100yuan .
  • Guest : You and your wife finished your meal and you called the waiter to settle your bill.It happened you had a 50 yuan coupon from the restaurant with you .Ask the waiter if you can used it and pay the rest in cash.
cultural notes4
Cultural Notes
  • :For some reason :
  • Convincingly : make somebody certain / cause to realize
  • If they can help it : if it is possible
  • Declaring that you will pay will not save you from this battle :
  • Save :means set somebody free .
  • Determined to do : decided to do something successfully .
  • Eg : I am determined to succeed .
  • So stay alter towards the end of the meal and …
  • Stay alter :to stay attentive and quick to think or act ..
  • Ⅰ. Have you ever had an unpleasant experience in a restaurant? Did you make a complaint? How was it handled? Share your experience with your group.
  • Ⅱ. Discuss the cartoon with your partner. What is the guest complaining about? How does the waiter respond? If you were the guest or the waiter, what would you do afterwards?
text new words2
Mine vt.挖掘,开采

Feedback n.反馈

Break down 失效

In turn 依次,反过来

Improve vt.改善

Positively adv.肯定地

Affront n.公开侮辱

Tap vt.开发,利用

Patronage n.光顾,惠顾

Ride on 依靠

Monitor vt.监控

Irritation vt.愤怒

Full-blown adj.


Prosper v.兴隆,昌盛

Constructive adj.建设性的

Loyal adj.忠诚的,诚实的

Confront vt.面临,对抗

Defensive adj.


forfeit vt.丧失

Text--new words
making complaints1

Yes, what seems to be the problem?

Is there something wrong, sir?

I`m very sorry about that.

I`ll just go and check it for you, sir.

I`ll return it to the kitchen and bring you one that`s well cooked.

I`ll`see to it personally.

We do apologize about this,sir.


Waiter, this tablecloth is a disgrace. It`s covered with soup stains.

I asked for well done, but my steak is barely cooked.

Look at these glasses. This one has even got lipstick on it.

I should think there is something wrong! My wife and I have been kept waiting nearly an hour for our meal.

It`s done just right this time.

Making Complaints