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8 parts of speech warm up friday september 5 n.
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8 Parts of Speech Warm-Up Friday, September 5 PowerPoint Presentation
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8 Parts of Speech Warm-Up Friday, September 5

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8 Parts of Speech Warm-Up Friday, September 5
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8 Parts of Speech Warm-Up Friday, September 5

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  1. 8 Parts of Speech Warm-UpFriday, September 5 Int. adv. con. adj. noun verb pro. noun verb pro. prep. noun pro. noun prep. noun prep. Look back at your sentence from yesterday about the evil teacher. It contains all eight parts of speech. Write your own imitation sentence that contains all eight parts of speech; use the format of that sentence to create your own. Be sure to label all the parts. Be ready to share yours… I’ll call on you randomly.

  2. “The Seventh Man” • Use them to help with the paragraph… • Due Monday or turn them in today for some extra points!

  3. “The Seventh Man” Haruki Murakami (ha-roo-ke moor a-ka me) p. 356

  4. Theme Characterization • Power of fear • Facing tragedy • Nature’s power • Forgiveness (These are not statements… you must create your thematic statement!) • Seventh man • Dialogue • Thoughts • Reactions • Feelings • Physical appearance • The wave • Similes/ metaphors • Personification • Tone/mood created Nonlinear plot • Circular, frame story, flashback create… • Retrospect • Suspense • theme In Haruki Murakami's “The Seventh Man”, Z occurs through 1, 2, and 3.

  5. Shaping sheet “The Seventh Man” Paragraph

  6. “The Seventh Man” paragraph due dates • Today • Thesis statement: Mrs. Forys will approve it. You MUST receive a sticker before you leave today. • Due Tuesday • Shaping sheet • Block Day • Bring TWO hard copies of your typed, MLA formatted rough draft • This should be practically your final draft. • We will peer edit and conference • Friday • Final essay due along with all processed drafts

  7. “To Build a Fire” Jack London Warm Up: Pick up the handout at the front. Grab a lit book off the shelf, and open it to page 80.

  8. Jack London Jack London, whose life symbolized the power of will, was the most successful writer in America in the early 20th Century. His vigorous stories of men and animals against the environment, and survival against hardships were drawn mainly from his own experience. An illegitimate child, London passed his childhood in poverty in the Oakland slums. At the age of 17, he ventured to sea on a sealing ship. The turning point of his life was a thirty-day imprisonment that was so degrading it made him decide to turn to education and pursue a career in writing. His years in the Klondike searching for gold left their mark in his best short stories; among them, The Call of the Wildand White Fang. His best novel, The Sea-Wolf, was based on his experiences at sea. His work embraced the concepts of unconfined individualism and Darwinism in its exploration of the laws of nature. He retired to his ranch near Sonoma, where he died at age 40 of various diseases and drug treatments.

  9. p. 80 Questions due Monday

  10. MLA Reminders “The Seventh Man” Paragraph

  11. After opening a Word document, select “Line and Paragraph Spacing” make sure 2.0 is selected.

  12. Set your margins 1” top, bottom, left and right. Header margin should be ½” from the top. Go to Page Layout and Margins, select Normal. This should set the margins.

  13. To set your header and page number… Using the tabs at the top choose Insert, Page Number, choose top of page, plain #3. The correct page number will appear on each page. You can add your last name here and then close header/footer toolbox.

  14. Here is an example of the first page of an MLA-formatted paper

  15. Peer edit day “The Seventh Man” Paragraph

  16. Due Friday, September 12 • What will I turn in Friday? • Final copy of the MLA-formatted paragraph • The peer edit sheet • The rough drafts with the peer edit marks • The shaping sheet • Hard copies are due at the beginning of your class period. If not, it’s late! (-20 pts.)

  17. Peer editing • You will randomly receive a paper to edit • The author is the student’s paper you received, and YOU are the editor. • You must answer the questions on the peer edit form. • Be honest with constructive criticism-- if you don’t say it, he/she might get it wrong! • Complete the tasks as the edit form instructs • The end result should be color-coded chaos! • When you are finished, staple the peer edit form on top, and return it to it’s owner.

  18. Due today Staple in this order from top: final copy Peer edit and rough draft Shaping sheet “The Seventh Man” Paragraph