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IHS Environment Domain Chris Methven Director Business Development – Environment Solutions Overview…. Dolphin MSDS Management Physical Inventories Greening supply chain and reducing spend Environmax Hazardous Material Management System ESP

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Solutions Overview…

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IHS Environment DomainChris MethvenDirector Business Development –

solutions overview
Solutions Overview…
  • Dolphin
    • MSDS Management
    • Physical Inventories
    • Greening supply chain and reducing spend
  • Environmax
    • Hazardous Material Management System
  • ESP
    • Environment, Health and Safety and Sustainability Management Information Systems
ihs dolphin

IHS Dolphin

Chemical Lifecycle Management

IHS-Dolphin solutions allow companies to track and report chemical information at the site, division or corporate level. Functionality allows for compliance with basic employee right-to-know regulations through regulatory reporting and ultimately greening the supply chain with the following three objectives:
    • Reduce Chemical Spend
    • Reduce Toxicity
    • Reduce Environmental Liability
typical customer needs overview
Typical Customer Needs Overview
  • Global-enterprise solution
    • MSDS and Chemical Management
    • Compliance tool for meeting different regulatory and regional needs
    • Track, search and identify chemical data (what chemicals are used, where and how are they regulated)
    • Track associated chemical data (ingredients, parts, hazards, classifications, regulatory list comparison)
    • Chemical Inventory, container tracking and bar-coding
    • Material/Chemical Request and Approval
  • Taking Physical Inventories
  • Chemical reduction, human health and environmental hazard reduction
    • “Greening of chemicals”
  • Data Services
    • MSDS and associated data automation, cleansing and enrichment

Does your prospect have a requirement?

  • Do you have an automated MSDS Management system in place today?
    • Is it a centralized system for all your sites or is it decentralized
    • Is it a third party system or in house developed system
  • What are you doing to manage your chemical data?
    • Knowledge of chemical ingredient data
    • Regulatory reporting (regulatory lists, REACH, Department of Homeland Security, etc.)
  • Do you have “Greening” initiatives and/or a Sustainability team?
    • Do you have a Sustainability team in place?
    • Do you have initiatives to Green your workplace?
      • Chemical Reduction
      • Selection of safer and better chemicals
providing a spectrum of innovative tools designed to protect people planet and profits
Providing a spectrum of innovative tools designed to protect people, planet, and profits









Green Chemistry




Chemical Management

Risk and Cost Reduction

Designing Green

Chemical Data

Ingredients, hazards and classifications

Chemical Approval

Physical Inventories

Labels, Reporting

Waste Management

Chemical Scoring and Analysis

Green Product Selector

Sourcing Solutions



12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Design and Discover Green Paths

Choosing Green Chemicals

Formulators and Bench Chemists

MSDS Searching

MSDS Management Tools





Leveraging Chemical Information



The Services Overview

Standardize & Cleanse the chemical data

  • Merge data from disparate systems
  • Standardize available indexed data
    • Product & Manufacturer names (inconsistent naming conventions, merged manufacturers)
    • Ingredient data (ingredient names, CAS numbers, percent contribution)
  • Removal of duplicate data records
  • Maintain a unique master set of data

Enrich the data

  • Ingredient data (ingredient names, CAS numbers, percent contribution)
  • Product categorization
  • Market price research
  • Human Health and Environmental Hazard Scores
  • Pass/Fail and score resulting from specified criteria

Visibility to Dolphin’s Master Database

  • Identification of green zone
case study north america mining company
Case Study: North America Mining Company


  • Annual revenue: $4.5 billion
  • Employees: 8,100
  • Site count: 22
  • Chemical products: 11,000


  • Chemical count reduction: 4,000
  • Health hazard reduction: 50% - 60%
  • Annual MRO cost savings of 30% - 40%
ihs environmax

IHS EnvironMax

Hazardous Materials Management System (HMMS) Offering

ihs environmax1
IHS EnvironMax
  • For over 12 years, IHS EnvironMax has been the leading COTS solution for hazardous materials and waste management for the government
  • IHS EnvironMax’ HMMS is in use by every branch of the defense department, along with NASA and the US Coast Guard
  • HMMS has enabled customers to realize hard dollar savings through:
    • Procurement – Reduced hazmat inventory & procurement costs
    • Inventory – Increased material availability and shelf life management
    • Waste – Reduced waste output and increase waste tracking and inventory management
    • Compliance Reporting – Complete automation & accuracy
  • Customers typically realize a payback period of 6-12 months and a first year ROI of 100-200%
  • Oracle Partner
solving multiple problems with one solution
Solving Multiple Problems with One Solution
  • What If:
    • An unlabeled bottle kills someone?
    • A bad report costs you $10,000 a day?
    • You can realize a validated 4:1 ROI

installing an environmental information

management system?

    • You could reduce waste while

increasing production?

The Solution: Automated Environmental Total

Transaction Management … HMMS



The HMMS enterprise-wide, web-based software suite enables users to automate:

  • Chemical Supply Chain
  • Waste Tracking
  • Emissions Management
  • Regulatory Compliance

which allows them to:

  • Increase ROI
  • Establish Control and Accountability
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Manage Multi-site Information
the ihs hmms platform
The IHS HMMS Platform

Software / Services / Content

  • Hazardous Material Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Air Emissions Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Reporting
  • Regulatory Content Management
  • Implementation and Integration
  • Application Support Services
customer statistics
Customer Statistics
  • Financial
    • “… incurred savings of $1.6MM, $5.7MM, $8.4MM and $7.3 Million over four years …”
  • Risk Management
    • “… identified employee problems before chemicals purchased… first site in state with zero violations …”
  • Operational
    • “… while increasing production 40% over four years, reduced waste by 63% ...”
  • Managerial
    • “… foundation upon which we obtained ISO 14000 ...”
  • Logistical
    • “… reduced inventories 68%, hazmat acquisition 39% ...”
ihs esp


From compliance to sustainability

ihs esp is the world s leading provider of enterprise ehs mis solutions
IHS ESP is the world’s leading provider of enterprise EHS-MIS solutions

Since 1992, IHS ESP has focused on EHS and sustainability information systems for the Global 1000

IHS ESP solutions are implemented in over 30,000 sites in 60 countries

The solutions take companies from global GHG and sustainability program management through to facility-level regulatory compliance and performance optimization

They accomplish this through:

Compliance assurance – Minimizing risk and improving stakeholder relations

Performance optimization – Facilitating best practices, standardization and continuous improvement

Decision support – Providing analysis to make critical operations and sustainability decisions


ihs esp customers span the globe and cover a broad range of industries
IHS ESP customers span the globe and cover a broad range of industries


Oil & Gas

Aerospace & Defense

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals




ihs esp s focus enterprise sustainability
IHS ESP’s Focus – Enterprise Sustainability

Better data in more accessible formats facilitates improved corporate sustainability at lower total cost

Compliance risks are mitigated

Critical operations decisions are supported

Environmental assets and liabilities can be managed

Flexible system adapts to future requirements

“Help companies operate more sustainably through streamlined information systems which assure cost-effective compliance, enable asset optimization, and improve EHS performance across the enterprise”


the need for sustainability information solutions is growing
The need for sustainability information solutions is growing
  • A move towards market-based mechanisms/product lifecycle
    • Cap & Trade Programs (EU ETS)
    • Extended Producer Responsibility
  • A move towards reporting standards / stakeholder relations
    • GRI
    • CDP 6
  • A desire for leading indicators
    • Forecast emissions & metrics based on production estimates
  • Flexibility to use systems to address new areas
    • Equipment performance and optimization
    • Asset retirement obligations
proliferation of cap trade programs nox so2 co2

Business Impact:

Proliferation of Cap & Trade Programs (NOx, SO2 & CO2)




US Markets (CAIR, Acid Rain, NOx budget)




Large Emitters



California &

West Coast Govs




Some Chinese provinces



Greenhouse Challenge


New South Wales

contact chris methven director business development environment chris methven@ihs com 447807026537

Contact:Chris MethvenDirector Business Development –