Inside the titanic
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Inside The Titanic. By Anna 2/17/12. Rooms in the Titanic. There are many rooms in the Titanic like

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Inside the titanic

Inside The Titanic

By Anna


Rooms in the titanic

Rooms in the Titanic

There are many rooms in the Titanic like

the first, second and third class dining salon, the kitchens, the boiler room, the gymnasium, the pool, and the bedrooms for the passengers. Some of these things were only for the first class passengers. The passengers in first class were served much better foods in the nicer dining room.

Information on inside the titanic

Information on Inside the Titanic

In this book you learn about two different families who stayed on the Titanic. One family stayed in first class and the other stayed in third class. You see pictures on how different the first class is from the third class. After the Titanic hit the iceberg, the women and children had to get in the lifeboats first. Many passengers died because the Titanic sank. The ones who were saved were rescued by another boat.

Marschall k inside the titanic toronto madison press books 1997

Marschall, K. Inside the Titanic. Toronto: Madison Press Books, 1997.