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The Titanic

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The Titanic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Hope Karnes. The Titanic. LT question and answer. We care about it because of all the people who die and we care about it because of all the movies, the videos, and the pictures we have today. Only 750 survived. The Story of how it Sunk.

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The Titanic

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lt question and answer
LT question and answer
  • We care about it because of all the people who die and we care about it because of all the movies, the videos, and the pictures we have today. Only 750 survived.
the story of how it sunk
The Story of how it Sunk
  • It sunk when it hit the ice-burg. But it hit the lower deck and it cause water to flow through and finally the boat got so heavy on one side it cause the end of the boat to start sinking.
how many hits
How Many Hits?
  • When I typed in the word “titanic” I got a little over 131million in one word
how many books and movies
How many books and movies
  • It was in 13 different movies and over 20 different books
a story of a survivor
A story of a survivor
  • Robert W. Daniel says not until the last five minutes did the awful realization come that the end was at hand. The lights became dim and went out, but we could see. Slowly, ever so slowly, the surface of the water seemed to come towards us. So gradual was it that even after I had adjusted the life jacket about my body it seemed a dream. Deck after deck was submerged. There was no lurching or grinding or crunching. The Titanic simply settled. I was far up on one of the top decks when I jumped. About me were others in the water. My bathrobe floated away, and it was icily cold. I struck out at once. I turned my head, and my first glance took in the people swarming on the Titanic’s deck. Hundreds were standing there helpless to ward off approaching death. I saw Captain Smith on the bridge. My eyes seemingly clung to him. The deck from which I had leapt was immersed. The water had risen slowly, and was now to the floor of the bridge. Then it was to Captain Smith’s waist. I saw him no more. He died a hero. The bows of the ship were far beneath the surface, and to me only the four monster funnels and the two masts were now visible. It was all over in an instant. The Titanic’s stern rose completely out of the water and went up 30, 40, 60 feet into the air. Then, with her body slanting at an angle of 45 degrees, slowly the Titanic slipped out of sight.
story of a rescue
Story of a rescue
  • They were saved by life boats the ones who got a life boat were very lucky and those who didn’t either drowned or froze to death
the different layers
The different layers
  • The top layer was for 1st class  The 2nd layer was for mid class :/ The 3rd layer was for outsiders  and the rest was for other things
h ow did so many die
How did so many die
  • You may ask this. They either drowned or froze to death. The ones who got a life boat were really lucky . The ones who didn’t well died .
my site
My site

Titanic BW.gif. 1912. Photograph. Arnand Mouronal. Nov. 14,2005. Feb. 28,2012.