inset day 4 th september 2017 n.
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Inset Day 4 th September 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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Inset Day 4 th September 2017

Inset Day 4 th September 2017

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Inset Day 4 th September 2017

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  1. Inset Day 4th September 2017


  3. This is available to Staff, Students and Parents and replaces Sims Learning Gateway Available in apps on different platforms using id’s we provide: This is what parents see A notification of behaviour or homework pings onto phone WORD OF WARNING – see behaviour information later You can give vivo points/set homework/behaviour from your phone if you wish

  4. Download the Teacher App *** Student App and Demonstration – Tutor Time (First Week) Parent App – Curriculum Newsletter (TLW) SIMS in Touch/ Help at Parent Events

  5. This is realty simple and quick to use. Drag and drop students, move them around to where you want them. • Displays all the key information: • Disadvantaged • SEND • Level (H,M,L) • Positive behaviour • Negative behaviour Can be used for lessons observations, data packs and getting to know the students

  6. This is to be used instead of sims. Can be done before hand or during/end of lesson. Very quick and easy. Enables you to add a file or a website to support. Can also copy it (template) for another class if you are setting the same homework for different groups.

  7. Tracking homework • You can view all homework set. • When you collect it in, record it on the submission tab. Click on set all here and the whole class is highlighted as having completed. Then for those who haven’t completed click on the individual until the correct colour is displayed. Then Close Register. **

  8. Your seating plan shows positive and negative behaviour. Click on the student you wish to allocate a point to. Click on either positive or negative and click on what the issue/praise is. Positive: These will be the same as we’ve always awarded through Vivo. They can be recorded here and will be translated into Vivo point through sims (this will happen automatically).

  9. Different Categories available to ‘award’ for negative behaviour Please be aware that whatever we award will be seen almost straight away by parents. This should be for a C3 only This does not replace the behaviour centre form, please continue to use this if sending to the behaviour centre including detail

  10. As a member of staff you can get all these graphs/charts for your own analysis of how the students are getting on and where intervention is needed. Can be used for parents evenings, observations, Ofsted etc.

  11. Priorities: Things to come: • Apps for All • Seating Plan • Homework setting • Behaviour – Green Button UNTIL Email change • Registering/Attendance • Detention setting • Automatic communication when a C3 is being registered (if we can!) • Possible change to the Classcharts rewards system rather than vivo (next September)

  12. Demo – Explore the App