hydrogen the dti perspective n.
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Hydrogen– the DTI Perspective PowerPoint Presentation
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Hydrogen– the DTI Perspective

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Hydrogen– the DTI Perspective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hydrogen– the DTI Perspective. Financing the Hydrogen Revolution Thursday 26 th February 2004 Bronwen Northmore Department of Trade and Industry 1 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0ET Bronwen.Northmore@dti.gov.uk. environmental benefits zero emissions at point of use

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Hydrogen– the DTI Perspective

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hydrogen the dti perspective

Hydrogen– the DTI Perspective

Financing the Hydrogen Revolution

Thursday 26th February 2004

Bronwen NorthmoreDepartment of Trade and Industry1 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0ETBronwen.Northmore@dti.gov.uk

why hydrogen
environmental benefits

zero emissions at point of use

potential for zero carbon emissions


security of supply

the American dimension

Why hydrogen?
what will the hydrogen revolution look like


Localised electricity production where the economics are favourable

Unlikely ever to be an alternative source for centralised power generation

What will the Hydrogen Revolution look like?
hydrogen energy covers the entire energy chain with fuel cells being a key component of most chains

Hydrogen energy is fuel-specific and technology-neutral

Fuel cells are technology-specific and fuel-neutral

Hydrogen energy covers the entire energy chain, with fuel cells being a key component of most chains






Fuel cells fit here, and are the most logical means of hydrogen energy conversion in many situations. However, they are not the only possible conversion device




safety & public perceptions

hydrogen production
from fossil fuels

gas, oil or coal

by electrolysis

electricity from fossil fuel, renewables or nuclear

by advanced methods

photochemical, photobiological, fermentation etc

Hydrogen production
hydrogen storage
current technologies

compressed gas, cryogenic liquid

advanced technologies

hydrides, carbon nanotubes etc

A breakthrough is required for on-board vehicle storage

Hydrogen storage
hydrogen safety and public perceptions
myths and realities

differences between use by industry and use by consumers

need codes and standards, and public outreach

Hydrogen – safety and public perceptions
hydrogen in the uk now
Strong university research base

Some leading companies

Regional activities

Hydrogen in the UK – now
uk government support structure
Basic research – EPSRC, NERC, Others

Responsive mode

Directed programmes


Industrial R&D – DTI

R,D & D, investment – Carbon Trust

UK Government Support Structure

Responsive mode - £0.5m pa

SUPERGEN - £3.4m/4 years for hydrogen

TSEC (Towards a Sustainable Energy Economy)


Advanced fuel cells programme - £2m pa

April call for fuel cells

Hydrogen programme?

Carbon Trust

challenges for government
Need a UK hydrogen strategy!

Address fragmentation.

How should we position ourselves in relation to international initiatives?

Web address for initial study:


Challenges for Government
international collaboration
IEA Implementing Agreements – Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Greenhouse Gas

IEA Hydrogen Coordination Group

EC Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology Platform

International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy

International Collaboration