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IMPACT OF EARLY EXPLORERS. INCAS. AZTECS. Early Explorers impact on the Incas. Conquest of the Inca Empire. Pizarro arrived from Spain and wanted wealth and power. He had only 168 men, but still managed to conquer the Incan Empire which had 100,000 soldiers.

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early explorers impact on the incas
Early Explorers impact on the Incas
  • Conquest of the Inca Empire

Pizarro arrived from Spain and wanted wealth and power. He had only 168 men, but still managed to conquer the Incan Empire which had 100,000 soldiers.

Pizarro used trickery and ambush.

He had weapons and horses which the Incans did not have.

He stole gold and destroyed religious temples and artifacts.

He greatly damaged their agriculturally successful economy.

He took advantaged of their weakened armies suffering from small pox.

He enslaved many of the natives.

He executed their leader.

Many of the Incas were happy about this execution.

He died after settling in Lima.

impact of early explorers1
  • The Aztec Indians

Vast sophisticated, successful empire was lead by Montezuma II was defeated by Cortez

The Spanish formed alliances with the Aztec enemies.

The Spanish brought weapons and horses which made it easier to conquer a society that did not posses these things.

The Spanish brought Small Pox which weakened the Indians and made them easier to defeat.

The Spanish fathered children with the Natives

Defeated the Aztec Empire within 3 years of their arrival.

early explorers impact on the mayans
Early Explorers Impact on the Mayans
  • The Mayans

Over Taken by the Conquistadors

Had already lost some power and became disjointed before the arrival of Cores.

Were impacted by disease when the Spaniards arrived.

Were already at odds with the Aztecans before the arrival of Cortes.

Were enslaved by the early explorers.

Many of their artifacts and temples were destroyed and much of their history was lost.

impact of missionaries on the early natives
Impact of Missionaries on the early Natives.
  • Other Native American Groups

Many Natives were forced to give up their tribal religions and follow Christianity.

Missions were build and some natives joined the missions because they converted to Christianity and other joined for safety or out of fear.

Many native traditions and beliefs were lost.

Many Native temples were destroyed.

impact of early explorers on native americans
Impact of early explorers on Native Americans
  • Encomiendas System

Many Conquistadors were rewarded by their Spanish King with land from the New World. With this reward came the right to use the Natives as laborers to work the land they received or to mine for gold. This striped the Natives of their own property and forced them to work 3 out of seven weeks routinely. This system was only beneficial to the Spanish explorers and caused great devastation to the Natives agricultural system that had once been very successful. Many Natives became malnourished. And the population of the natives decreased significantly.