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Donate Blood by 5A. Introduction. Every two seconds, a patient is in need for blood! About one of every seven people entering a hospital requires a blood transfusion ! There is a shortage of active blood donors to meet the increased demand of blood !!.

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We took it upon ourselves to
We took it upon ourselves to… the most vulnerable

  • Reach out for the members of society

  • Educate and inform them of how these patients suffer from the lack of donors

  • It’s our obligationto let everybody know


The aim of the project the most vulnerable

  • A campaign to:

Our objectives
Our objectives the most vulnerable

  • To increase the community awareness about blood donation.

  • The importance of blood donation.

  • To identify the causes that either motivates or hinders the donation.

  • To report the obstacles that can face the donor.

  • How can one be an active donor

  • To identify the donor selection criteria.

Advertising the campaign the most vulnerable

At the campaign day

At the campaign day the most vulnerable

E newspaper
E-newspaper the most vulnerable

The study

The Study the most vulnerable

This the most vulnerablecross-sectional study was designed to understand attitudes toward blood donation.

The study was conducted on a form of questionnaire at December 2012

Conclusion the most vulnerable


More Campaign



Special thanks to
Special thanks to : the most vulnerable

  • Dr.Basem Beirouti


  • Rehab Al-Malki


  • Samah Osailan


Done by
Done by: the most vulnerable

  • Sharifa Al-Amri

  • ZainabMofti

  • Roaa Al-Abbadi

  • DuaaJabrah

  • WejdanBa-amer

  • Alia Albakaye

  • Reham Al-Malki

  • Alferdose Hariri

  • RawanAlsaedi

  • Somayah Al-Ghamdi

  • ShoroogWazen

  • Eman Al-Otybi