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Adult Education. in the Canary Islands. Adult Education Courses in the Canary Islands. General Certificate of Secondary Education Baccalaureate Distance English Course “ That´s English” Foreign Languages – Levels A1-A2 Vocational Courses- ICT, PA, Nurse Assistant, Cooking, Dressmaking…

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Adult education

Adult Education

in the Canary Islands

Adult education courses in the canary islands
Adult Education Courses in the Canary Islands

  • General Certificate of Secondary Education

  • Baccalaureate

  • Distance English Course “ That´s English”

  • Foreign Languages – Levels A1-A2

  • Vocational Courses- ICT, PA, Nurse Assistant, Cooking, Dressmaking…

  • Recreational Courses- Drawing and Painting, Tai-chi, Canarian Folklore…

The schools


There are two types of schools:



The schools1


There are twotypes of schools:



Adult education

  • CEAD : Distance Learning School:

  • one in every capital city

  • (Las Palmas de GC and

  • Sta. Cruz de Tenerife) .

  • GCSE, Baccalaurate,

  • Vocational Studies,

  • 25+ students University entrance

  • preparation , …

Adult education

  • Basic Education (literacy and numeracy),

  • GCSE,

  • Vocational and recreational courses…

  • Larger ones: Baccalaurate,

  • exams preparation…

  • Structure of the basic education studies

    Structure of the Basic Education Studies

    1.- Initial Basic Education, divided in twodifferentcourses

    2.- Post- Initial Basic Education, fourcourses, each of themcorrespondingtothefourcoursesoftheSecondaryEducationStudies:

    I.- Initial

    II.- Consolidation

    III.- Advanced

    IV.- Degree

    Adult education in the canary islands

    AdultEducationin theCanaryIslands

    -LawforAdults´LifelongLearning and Training- 676 13/ 2003 ( ImplementedfromApril 4th 2003)

    - Refersto a previousnationaleducationlaw- willhavetoberevisedsoon.

    - Regulatesbothprivate and stateinstitutions.

    Article 5: formal education and allcoursesconductingto non- universitydegrees.

    Mentionsespecifically Basic Education, VocationalCourses and DistanceLearning.

    Admittanceage: 18+. In practice, citizensovertheage of 17 with a workingcontract are admitted in AdultEducation Centres.

    Succeedinglawregulationsshouldhavebeenpassed in theCanarianCommunity. However, only “ Resolutions”

    (a minorlawrankwhichisonly provisional) havebeendeveloped.

    Adult education

    Resolution of theVocationalStudies and AdultEducationAuthority in theCanaryIslandsJuly , 30th 2008

    Regulatesthestructure and curricula in alllevels of AdultEducation

    Has notbeendefinitivelypassedyet

    Loe organic education law

    LOEOrganic Education Law

    Common for the whole Spanish territory

    Every one of the 17 Autonomic Communities can partially adapt to its own peculariaties and idiosiocrancy

    The chapter dealing with Adult Education is IX

    Loe chapter ix

    -Article 66: Objectives and principles-Article 67: Organization-Article 68: Basic Education-Article 69: Post-compulsory Education -Article 70: Types of Centres

    LOE – Chapter IX

    Loe chapter ix article 66 objectives and principles
    LOE Chapter IX- Article 66 Objectives and principles

    Offers 18+ citizens the possibility of acquiring, updating or broadening knowledge and skills.


    • Acquiring basic skills and broaden and update knowledge.

    • Improve work skills.

    • Develop personal skills.

    • Develop skills to participate in social, cultural, political and economical life.

    • Develop programmes to avoid risks of social exclusion.

    • Respond to challenges posed by ageing population.

    • Preventing and solving personal , family and social conflicts.

    Loe chapter ix article 67 organization
    LOE Chapter IX- Article 67 Organization

    • Exceptionally, 16+ students can be admitted in the adult education system, with a work contract not allowing them to attend an ordinary school.

    • Emphasis on self-learning; ordinary and distance modalities should be made available.

    • Flexible and open methodology.

    • Education authorities will promote research and disemination of innovative practices.

    • State Educational authorities will promote agreements with universities, local authorities and other state institutions.

    • Specific programmes for Spanish as a Foreign Language, for the integration of immigrants.

    • Adequate atention to Special needs population and prisoners

    Loe chapter ix article 68 basic education
    LOE Chapter IX Article 68 Basic Education

    • Offer will be adapted to adults’ specific conditions and needs.

    • Special tests to obtain the GCSE.

    Loe chapter ix article 69 post compulsory education
    LOE Chapter IX Article 69 Post- Compulsory Education

    • All citizens will be offered the possibility to access baccaulaurate and vocational studies.

    • Educational authorities

      • will offer adults a specific offer adapted to their characteristics.

      • will organise distance learning modality.

      • will offer special tests to obtain the baccalaurate and vocational studies diplomas.

      • 25+ students will be offered a test to acess university degrees.

    Adult education the future
    Adult Education : The Future

    • A lot of emphasis on Distance Learning.

    • Adult Education teachers: strongly encouraged to follow training courses in :

      • Educational platforms (Moodle)

      • ICT assisted learning techniques

      • Materials generators (Hot Potatoes, JClick, WebQuest templates…