temperature sensitive ink n.
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Temperature Sensitive Ink PowerPoint Presentation
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Temperature Sensitive Ink

Temperature Sensitive Ink

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Temperature Sensitive Ink

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  1. Temperature Sensitive Ink

  2. I'd like my first post with the story of how this all happened. My first job out of college, I worked as an "innovation consultant" as I liked tinkering with ideas and seeing new possibilities. Frankly, I was fresh out of college, had no idea what I was doing with any aspect of my life while desperately trying to appear I did. 

  3. However, my first role in innovation was a monumental, extremely lucky and turning point in how I looked at the world, other people and finally myself. Overtime I was immersed in the concept of being a creator instead of a consumer; understanding the principles of what, how and why successful people did what they did; came to a point where I knew I wanted to impact the world and leave a footprint of my own. 

  4. While training and learning frameworks for innovation, I began to read books, sought to understand lean methodologies, watched documentaries on great innovators and felt a growing excitement that I had found my calling. What came out of this was two things: I fell in love with Post-its and primed myself for the opportunity that would be Ink N Drink. 

  5. Trying to start a company, especially in the wake of the meteoric rise of tech based innovation made it seem daunting. Not knowing code (the most I ever did in that realm was create a Wikipedia page), I figured I could not commence my entrepreneurial just yet; not knowing how to do really do anything also made starting a company seem impossible. 

  6. While mulling over a concept at work, I was drinking a fresh cup of coffee I had expensively bought and absent-mindedly took a sip and burned my tongue. After the initial wave of pain, then anger then the resounding I-am-stupid feeling settled, I saw my name on the cup and the beginnings of my light bulb moment began to form. That kernel of an idea was the start of Ink N Drink. 

  7. What happened after was a painful, confusing and ultimately rewarding experience of what being an entrepreneur was. Even though someone doesn't have all the skill-sets, complement yourself with the right people. Even when things get tough, stay committed to the vision. Blood, sweat and tears are the real currency of starting a company. 

  8. After 1.5 years of testing, sampling, sourcing, branding and launching, I started to make a few hundred dollars in sales. Point is, I never thought I had the tools to be an entrepreneur. Never thought I was smart enough or talented enough. And then I just stopped thinking and started doing and Ink N Drink became the first project of many.