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—— Grace Zhu

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雅思口语 九月机经热门:事件类话题解析. —— Grace Zhu. 九月雅思口语机经 Part2 事件类新话题解析: 事件类新话题层出不穷,归根结底万变不离其宗 各种事件类话题,只需一个“多面手” 发散性 思维答题,切记不离思路框架. 事件 类题目答题思路: 例题 1 : Describe something healthy you enjoy doing.  第一部分先想 4 个 W : what 、 where 、 who 、 when ( or how often ) 前部分轻描淡写带过,时间控制在 30-40 秒 后部分才是重头戏,体现学生分析事件能力

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—— Grace Zhu

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——Grace Zhu



  • 事件类新话题层出不穷,归根结底万变不离其宗
  • 各种事件类话题,只需一个“多面手”
  • 发散性思维答题,切记不离思路框架


  • 例题1:Describe something healthy you enjoy doing. 
  • 第一部分先想4个W:what、where、who、when(or how often)
  • 前部分轻描淡写带过,时间控制在30-40秒
  • 后部分才是重头戏,体现学生分析事件能力
  • 注意分析时有理有据,给出细节描述

例题1:Describe something healthy you enjoy doing. 

  • 先想到
  • What you do
  • Where you do it
  • Who you do it with
  • How often you do it
  • “What”:
  • Swimming is the healthy activity I usually do..
  • swimming, jogging, tennis, basketball, hiking…


  • The community swimming pool near my neighborhood is always my first choice..
  • or I prefer to go to the open-air swimming pool which is two stops away from my house..
  • Who:
  • Sometimes, I go there with a couple of my friends..
  • How often:
  • Normally I go there once a week..


  • 重点分析接下来的说理部分
  • 先理清思维框架,清晰分析几个点,然后具体在每个点上阐述原因细节,作进一步的延伸
  • 充分运用发散性思维,注意点和点之间不要重复使用,把视野放宽
  • 每一个点要能概括细节,因此要注意点的准确性

Explain why you think doing this is healthy.

  • Swimming is a healthy activity. It helps me to exercise every inch of my muscle while I was doing breaststroke including stretching my arms and legs in the pool..
  • 第一点:游泳可以帮助锻炼肌肉,强壮体格。可以在这一点上做相关的细节解释和延伸。
  • Since I always go there with my friends, it creates more fun topic for us to talk about on the way to the pool. Also, I made a lot of new friends down there. While talking with them, it makes me feel so relaxed..
  • 第二点:游泳有益于心理健康,促进结交新朋友。心理上对健康也有很大帮助。

After starting to swim, I realized that I’ve put more time to look into related competition on television. This area definitely becomes more appealing to me, and I never miss one worldaquatics championship since then. Speaking of which, Ian Thorpe has recently become my favorite athlete.

  • 第三点:可以说因为这项运动自己也开始关注起游泳类竞赛,甚至可以延伸说因为此项运动而更关注某位运动员。这样的题材就是“多面手”,谈及的运动员还可以用在人物类题目上,比如崇拜的名人。


  • 人物类:
  • Describe a well-known person you like or admire.  
  • Describe one of your friends.
  • Describe someone in your family who you like.  
  • 事件类:
  • Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing.  
  • Describe a competition that you took part in.
  • Describe something you did that was new or exciting. 
  • A casual activity you did along the beach. (九月机经)
  • An outdoor activity/picnic


  • 做到横向思维,把问题展开
  • 想题材的时候利用“多面手”,把事件或人物描述地丰满些,这样题材才可以被广泛利用
  • 实在想不到细节补充的时候,可以利用划分的方法,把事件的地域或时间做划分,这样内容就会比较充分,话题也可以被多层面探讨。

时间划分: 比如说我从前不喜欢游泳,但最近开始这项运动之后发现自己有了在健康方面哪些改变等等..




例题2:A casual activity you did along the beach. (出自九月机经)

  • 答题思路:
  • 4个W:what activity did you do?
  • Who did you do it with?
  • Where did you do it?
  • When did you do it?
  • 理论部分:why did you choose this activity to do?


  • 例题3:Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing     (剑6Test 3)
  • What kind of game or sport it is
  • Who you play it with
  • Where you play it
  • And explain why you enjoy playing it