types and symptoms of heart diseases n.
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Types and Symptoms of Heart Diseases PowerPoint Presentation
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Types and Symptoms of Heart Diseases

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Types and Symptoms of Heart Diseases - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Heart diseases are not something to ignore. You should learn about the types and symptoms of heart disease to get the right treatment. A good cardiologist can treat you in the most efficient way possible. Live a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart diseases. Presentation by http://www.caheartspecialists.com

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Types and Symptoms of Heart Diseases

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    1. Types And Symptoms of Heart Diseases

    2. What is the role of the heart? Our heart is basically a pumping muscle that is responsible for oxygen- rich blood circulation in all over our body. The role of our heart is to collect the impure blood from all over the body parts and pump the blood to the lungs and collect the oxygen-enriched blood from the lungs and pump it to all over our body.

    3. Types Of Heart Diseases There are different types of hearts diseases that can affect our body in several ways. They are – • Congenital heart disease • Arrhythmia • Coronary artery disease • Myocardial infarction • Dilated cardiomyopathy • Heart failure • Mitral regurgitation • Pulmonary stenosis • Mitral valve prolapse

    4. Symptoms of Heart diseases The symptoms of heart diseases might include – • Chest tightness, chest pain, angina and chest pressure • Numbness, pain, weakness and a feeling of coldness in your legs because the blood vessels in those parts get narrowed • Difficulty in breathing • Pain in the jaw, neck, throat, back or upper abdomen

    5. Available Treatments for Heart Problem If you have any type of heart problem, all you need to do is to consult a doctor and get the treatment as soon as possible. A cardiologist checks you up thoroughly to determine the right treatment option. Some of the most effective heart and vascular treatment options are – • Angioplasty and Stents • Heart Bypass Surgery • ECP or External Counter Pulsation • Valve Disease Treatment • Cardioversion

    6. Natural Ways to Prevent Heart Disease Prevention is always better than cure. Follow a few healthy habits to prevent heart disease in a natural way. • Avoid industrial vegetable oil • Eat natural saturated fats • Avoid sugar or minimize the quantity • Include more nutrient-dense food in your daily diet • Have high-vitamin cod liver oil • Eat fermented food • Stay active and maintain a healthy weight

    7. CA Heart Specialists 18800 Main St. Suite 103 Huntington Beach, CA 92648, USA Phone : 714-842-8100 Email : calheartspec@gmail.com Visit: http://www.caheartspecialists.com