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THE MANHATTAN PROJECT. Who’s the New Guy?. Harry S Truman was only Vice President for 82 days before Roosevelt died. Had little interaction with foreign affairs and hardly any part of the war proceedings. Harry S Truman. A staunch anti-Communist .

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Presentation Transcript
who s the new guy
Who’s the New Guy?
  • Harry S Truman was only Vice President for 82 days before Roosevelt died.
  • Had little interaction with foreign affairs and hardly any part of the war proceedings.
harry s truman
Harry S Truman
  • A staunch anti-Communist.
  • An otherwise unremarkable WWI veteran and United States Senator.
  • He failed in every real world business and practice before politics.
in case you were wondering
In Case You Were Wondering…
  • ‘S’ is his middle name. There’s nothing more to it.
what kind of man was truman
What Kind of Man Was Truman?
  • He was a tough as nails WWI vet. During an attack on his position which caused his men to scatter, Truman released a string of obscenities so bad that the men got back into position while under heavy fire.
back room politics
Back Room Politics
  • Truman is what you consider a ‘back room, cigar smoking politics kind of guy’.
  • Meaning, he is tough, real, and not afraid to fight dirty.
but he has big shoes to fill
But He Has Big Shoes to Fill…
  • "Boys, if you ever pray, pray for me now. I don't know if you fellas ever had a load of hay fall on you, but when they told me what happened yesterday, I felt like the moon, the stars, and all the planets had fallen on me."
top secret
  • The new President is briefed on everything that FDR knew.
  • Learns of a project on American soil which has been operating since 1942
the manhattan project1
The Manhattan Project
  • A $2 billion ($22 billion today) project that researched the development and assembling of atomic bombs.
  • 130,000 Americans secretly employed by the government at various points all over the United States
j robert oppenheimer
J. Robert Oppenheimer
  • The scientist in charge of developing the atomic bomb
  • Took care of all scientific research and development
general leslie groves
General Leslie Groves
  • The military partner to Robert Oppenheimer
  • In charge of the military application and support for the bomb
einstein s call for urgency
Einstein’s Call for Urgency
  • Albert Einstein had escaped Nazi Germany with a warning – the Germans were close to developing the bomb
a deadly jigsaw puzzle
A Deadly Jigsaw Puzzle
  • To complete the bomb quicker, tasks were divided up among different groups
  • Tasks included enriching uranium, developing the trigger for the bomb, and the actual assembly of the bomb
the workers the sites
The Workers/The Sites
  • The government would buy up land and set up pseudo-towns around factories/facilities. Set up near rivers for hydro-electric power.
  • The average American workers were paid wages to work and not ask questions.
  • They did not discuss this with anyone.
imagine the coordination
Imagine the Coordination
  • Imagine the sheer amount of information shared and the secrecy needed for this project to succeed. It is absolutely mind-boggling.
  • Kind of makes you wonder what else the government does not tell you…
the bombs
The Bombs
  • This was uncharted territory.
  • The project was very expensive, and nothing like this had been done before.
  • There were two types of bombs – implosion and gun type.
  • The implosion type was very complex. The slightest error would cause the bomb to ‘fizzle’.
  • Uranium would need to be ruptured, compressed, and then explode outward.
with so much at stake
With So Much At Stake…
  • The decision was made to test it first.
  • The first test would be known as ‘Trinity’.
trinity july 16 1945
‘Trinity’ – July 16, 1945
  • A test site at Alamogordo, New Mexico.
  • A bomb was constructed, disassembled, and reassembled at the site.
the setup
The Setup
  • The bomb was setup on a 100 ft. tower.
  • Oppenheimer observed in a bunker 10 miles away, Groves 17 miles away.
the test
The Test
  • Try to imagine seeing this footage as what it was – the first bomb of its kind. What would you say?
now i am become death
“Now I am become death.”
  • Oppenheimer had two quotes:
  • “Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds.”
  • “Now we are all sons of bitches.”
general groves makes a prediction
General Groves Makes a Prediction
  • “The war is over. One or two of those and Japan will be finished.”
  • To my English peeps - We call this “foreshadowing.”
what s the difference
What’s the Difference?
  • How would you describe the quotes of Oppenheimer and Groves? Are they similar or different?
the result
The Result
  • Explosion = 20 kilotons of TNT
  • It left a crater of radioactive glass in the desert 10 feet deep and 1,100 ft. wide.
  • The roar of the shock wave took 40 seconds to reach the observers..
  • The shock wave was felt over 100 miles away
  • The mushroom cloud reached 7.5 miles (12 km) in height.
other accounts
Other Accounts
  • A park ranger 150 miles away saw a fireball emerge from the forest line.
  • An airplane pilot witnessed ‘the rising of another sun’ on the horizon. With no explanation, he was told, “Don’t fly south.”
  • The full visible spectrum of colors was visible to anyone who saw the explosion briefly.
nuclear fallout
Nuclear Fallout
  • The scientists had an idea of what radiation might do to someone exposed to the fallout.
  • They told General Groves, but it was dismissed.
  • Did they know the full extent of what it would be like if used on people…?
truman at potsdam
Truman at Potsdam
  • President Truman is looking for a way to get leverage over the Soviets during negotiations and war prep.
  • He receives word that the test is a success.
a cold draft runs through that conference
A ‘Cold Draft’ Runs Through That Conference
  • Truman looks to Stalin and informs him that the United States has a new ‘super weapon’ which may be used against Japan
o rly
O’ Rly?
  • Stalin sounds curious, but he has actually been spying on the project for months.
  • He is unaware of the magnitude of the bomb, but he has been stealing work for a long time.
what was the reason
What Was The Reason?
  • Keep this exchange in mind. Some historians believe part of the reason to drop the bombs on Japan might be to do what other than win the war…?
truman has a decision to make
Truman Has a Decision to Make
  • The United States is preparing to invade the mainland of Japan. Estimates 1 million casualties, not including Japanese lives.
  • Japan still refuses surrender.
  • Even after firebombing the capital, Tokyo. 83,000 killed in a single night.
you re the president
You’re the President…
  • American taxpayer dollars have been spent
  • There are two more bombs left.
  • Japan refuses surrender.
  • Lives hang in the balance.
how many choose
How Many Choose…

Use the Bombs

Commit the Troops

next lesson
Next Lesson
  • We’ll see what Truman’s choice means for Japan.