O p d l parent information meeting markham soccer club
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O.P.D.L Parent Information Meeting Markham Soccer Club. What Is the O.P.D.L. Ontario Player Development League A Province wide, standard based, high performance league encompassing the 18 best soccer clubs in the province #1 Priority is to make the Players Better

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What is the o p d l
What Is the O.P.D.L

Ontario Player Development League

A Province wide, standard based, high performance league encompassing the 18 best soccer clubs in the province

#1 Priority is to make the Players Better

The highest level of play in Ontario

O p d l standards
O.P.D.L Standards

No Relegation or Promotion

Head Coach = C.S.A National B (550 in Canada)

Assistant Coach – O.S.A Pre- B (Minimum)

1 Fitness Session, 3 on field training sessions and 1 game per week (4:1 Ratio)

Centralized Locations (Various Universities within Ontario)

4-3-3 Possession Based, Attacked Minded Soccer

O p d l standards1
O.P.D.L Standards

1 Year = 1 season (no indoor soccer)

Periodization Type Training

Pre Season, Season, Post-Season, Off Season

Player Centered Approach to soccer

Written Player Evaluations

Chase Performances, Not Results

Benefits to players
Benefits to Players

  • Player development is the central there to the league

    Develop in a safe, positive and like minded environment

  • Play against the best competition on a weekly basis

  • Mimics a training schedule that your child will receive in University

  • Play in front of O.S.A and C.S.A Scouts on a weekly basis

  • Get called into the TDC – Talent DevelopmentCentre and possibly into the REX Center (Regional Excel Program)

Benefits to players1
Benefits to Players

  • Head Coach = CSA National B

  • Assistant Coach = Pre B or Provincial B

  • Fitness Coach = CSEP

  • Physio and Medical treatment

Markham coaching philosophy
Markham Coaching Philosophy

  • Development of Player

  • - Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental

  • Development of the Team

  • - Creation of a cohesive group

  • - Individual Roles and Responsibilities of players within the 4-3-3 system

  • - Defending and Attacking as units

Commitments and schedules
Commitments and Schedules

  • 5 Commitments per week (1 fitness session, 3 field sessions and 1 game)

  • Mon – Fitness

  • Tue, Wed, Thurs – Field Session

  • Sat – Game

  • Games are on Weekends (Usually on Saturday)

Opdl conferences
OPDL Conferences

East West

Markham FC Aurora

Nepean Hotspurs Burlington

North Toronto FC London

Ottawa Fury Glen Shields

Ottawa South United Hamilton

Toronto FC Academy Klienburg

West Ottawa Richmond Hill

Whitby Woodbridge

Pickering Vaughan


Play time
Play Time

  • The OPDL has mandated that players in the league will receive “Fair Playing Time” (Not Equal Playing Time) Having said that, the following are factors that will affect player’s playing time: Each Player plays a minimum of 20-25 minutes per game.

  • * Practice Attendance

  • * Respect: towards Coaches and Teammates

  • * Game Performance

  • * Injuries

  • * Fitness level

  • * Game Tactical Needs


  • You only allowed 7 substitutions each match

  • Free substitutions at half time

  • Each O.P.D.L Team must have a minimum of 16 players on each roster and a maximum of 18 players (Could be 1 or 2 goalkeepers)

  • The Price does not change whether you carry 16 or 18 players


  • O.P.D.L Players, Coaches, Managers, and Parents must be willing and able to travel to games on Weekends

  • In the 2014 season the teams from the Eastern Conference did more traveling

  • The 2015 season will see a blended travel schedule ensuring the teams from the Eastern and Western Conference travel roughly the same distance over the course of the season

O p d l parent information meeting markham soccer club

  • The cost for one full year of O.P.D.L Soccer was $2,500 for this past season.

  • The cost includes:

  • - Uniforms

  • - Training Kits, track suit and Soccer Ball

  • - Coaching Fees

  • -Registration Fee

  • - League fees

  • - Referee Fees

    (No additional costs will exist)

O p d l parent information meeting markham soccer club

For the 2002 group there is two different fees to start (This only happens the first year)

October – December Covers Winter Pre- OPDL Academy (500 – 600 dollars)

In January the $2,500 (roughly) fee kicks in

Initial percentage up top followed by Monthly installments


  • Fundraising can be used as a method of lowering the cost for the O.P.D.L

  • This will be done on an individual team basis

  • All Fundraising ideas must be approved by the club before the can executed


  • The Management of the team will be centralized by the office

  • A traditional Manager will not be utilized for the O.P.D.L teams

  • Further information regarding this will particular matter will be released at a later date

O p d l player trials
O.P.D.L Player Trials

  • Each player intending to be at the OPDL Trials must register on-line to do so

  • Each player will be given three trials before being released

  • Players can be asked to sign for the team as early after three sessions

  • O.P.D.L Trials will begin on October, 2nd