international right of way association utilities committee david j hingtgen c patti morris vc l.
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International Right of Way Association Utilities Committee David J. Hingtgen – C Patti Morris– VC PowerPoint Presentation
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International Right of Way Association Utilities Committee David J. Hingtgen – C Patti Morris– VC

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International Right of Way Association Utilities Committee David J. Hingtgen – C Patti Morris– VC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Right of Way Association Utilities Committee David J. Hingtgen – C Patti Morris– VC
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  1. International Right of Way Association Utilities CommitteeDavid J. Hingtgen – CPatti Morris– VC

  2. International Utilities Committee Presentation February 17, 2007 Dallas, Texas

  3. What we do… Our committee monitors and reports on recent court decisions, statutory and/or regulatory changes, and methods and practices pertaining to or affecting utility rights of way. This includes matters related to the acquisition, use, management or disposal of rights of way for privately-owned and public utility facilities, including but not limited to gas, electric, steam, broadband, cable TV, telecommunications (land line and wireless), data, water, wastewater and drainage.

  4. What we do… The Committee endeavors to act in a manner that enhances the educational and professional development opportunities of our membership through personal and technology-based communication channels, and by informing potential new members of such opportunities through outreach activities.

  5. What we do… We “get there” by building an effective Utility Committee structure, including, but not limited to having each Region and “at large” positions staffed by dedicated individuals; and by utilizing the IRWA Website as a tool for improving “internal” communications; for use as an education and education resource; and as an outreach mechanism.

  6. Committee Structure Region Representatives 1. Michael E. Burns, SR/WA 2. Kevin Angel 3. Randy De George, SR/WA 4. Elizabeth (Betsy) Kelley, SRWA 5. Kim Tassen 6. William Childress, SR/WA 7. David Whitlock, SR/WA 8. Kent Taylor 9. Kevin Winner 10. J.D. (Derek) Stuart, SR/WA

  7. Committee Structure In addition to the Region Representatives, the IUC currently has 15 “at-large” members that help assure that the Committee remains strong and active. In 2006, an effort was made to up date committee membership. In that regard, a number of new Region Representatives were appointed as well as the addition of new “at-large” members. The IUC also created the “Industry Contact” classification. An IUC “Roles and Responsibilities” document assists the new members with understanding their duties on the committee.

  8. Committee Structure Current subcommittees include magazine and telecommunications. For the foreseeable future, Conference programming will continue to be a Committee effort.

  9. Programs 2006-2007 Meeting Calendar October, 2006 February, 2007 Chicago, Illinois Dallas, Texas June, 2007 October, 2007 Sacramento, Ca Chicago, Illinois

  10. Education & Professional Development Annual Conference Programs Development and implementation of Symposiums and/or Short Programs Solicitation and/or generation of “White Papers” Providing/posting “Session Briefs” after annual Conferences and other educational events

  11. 2007 Conference Program SESSIONS AT A GLANCE… Utility Right of Way 101– There are no Black and White issues-----Monday 1:30 & 3:00 Not your average power outage: Turning on the lights after “Katrina” – a utility company’s experience with disaster response and recovery----------------Tuesday 11:00 Going Once, Going Twice, Sold! Asset Inventory and Disposal of Surplus Property With A Case Study On Use Of An Auction-----------------------------------Tuesday 2:00 Where has all the broadband gone? Overcoming Regulatory Obstacles-Tuesday 3:45 Utility Round Table: “They shoot scared cows here.”----------------Wednesday 10:00

  12. Education & Professional DevelopmentSymposiums/Short Courses An IUC long-term goal/plan is the development of a symposium/short course on Fundamentals of Right of Way specifically targeted to the Utility professional. Anticipated content will include: basics of utility systems (electric, gas, telecom, water), utility project planning and scheduling, siting and route planning, regulatory approvals, surveying, mapping, eminent domain for utilities, public rights of way, environmental and natural resource issues, legal descriptions, easement development, fee ownership, joint use facilities, damage settlement, etc.

  13. Symposiums/Short Courses continued We will also consider partnering with WUG, EEI, NARUC, AGA, or similar groups for the development of topic/issue driven symposia. Meet with IPDC, Pipeline Committee, Education Foundation, Liaison Committee and others on symposium/short course development.

  14. Education & Professional Development Course Review and Development The IUC will participate in course review and updating on an “as-needed” basis. A new Subsurface Utility Engineering course has been under review by the IPD Committee.

  15. Outreach/Communication Expand communications from Committee to region and chapter contacts on utility issues through Regional Representatives. Solicit utility contacts through Region and Chapter representatives and initiate regular contacts with them through Region Reps on utility issues.

  16. Outreach/Communication Expand utilization of the IRWA Web Site by further “advertising” that a vehicle exists for members to pose questions and solicit guidance from members on specific utility issues. Consider a “Project of the Year” concept for publication and recognition (annual seminar, award, etc).

  17. Legislative Updates Communicating on a regular basis with Region and Chapter utility contacts to identify key legislative activities. Region Reps will continue to provide Committee with updates on legislation and legislative issues. Provide regular reports on legislative issues to members through Region Reps.

  18. Articles The IUC goal to develop (at least) two articles per calendar year on utility issues. To that end, a sub-committee has been formed with the responsibility for ensuring magazine articles are solicited and/or developed.

  19. Website Provide information to IRWA utility members on utilization of the website for problem solving. Posting messages on the website to encourage members to notify the Utilities Committee regarding legislative issues, potential magazine articles, etc.