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Regulatory Requirements

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Regulatory Requirements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Regulatory Requirements. Western, Central and Eastern GOM. Oil Spill Response Plans. Operators of oil facilities must submit OSRP to MMS Western and Central GOM – Regional OSRP Eastern GOM – Site-specific OSRP. NEPA Compliance. Information for MMS to insure compliance with NEPA:

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regulatory requirements

Regulatory Requirements

Western, Central and Eastern GOM

oil spill response plans
Oil Spill Response Plans
  • Operators of oil facilities must submit OSRP to MMS
    • Western and Central GOM – Regional OSRP
    • Eastern GOM – Site-specific OSRP
nepa compliance
NEPA Compliance
  • Information for MMS to insure compliance with NEPA:
    • Storage capacity of tanks/production vessels on facility that store oil
    • Diesel oil supply vessels (other than fuel)
      • Size of vessel
      • Capacity
      • Frequency of transfer
      • Route from shore
nepa compliance1
NEPA Compliance
  • Support Vessels Fuel Tanks
    • No. in field (simultaneously)
    • Max fuel tank storage capacities
nepa compliance2
NEPA Compliance
  • If liquid hydrocarbons (including well tests) will be transported by means other than P/L
    • Transportation method
    • Transfer method
    • Capacity of transport vessel
    • Avg. volume of liquid hydrocarbons loaded
    • Avg. number of transfers/year
nepa compliance3
NEPA Compliance
  • Oil and synthetic based drilling fluids:
    • Volume of mud used per well
    • Disposal method
    • Cuttings generated per well
    • Cuttings disposal method
nepa compliance4
NEPA Compliance
  • Provide blowout scenario:
    • Estimated spill flow rate, volume, time frame
    • Potential for well to bridge over
    • Likelihood for surface intervention to stop blowout
    • Availability of a rig to drill a relief well
    • Rig package constraints
    • Estimated time to drill a relief well
nepa compliance5
NEPA Compliance
  • List of chemical products handled on, stored on or transported to or from facility – greater than RQ’s in 40 CFR 302.4.
  • Oil Characteristics
  • Discuss safety, pollution prevention, spill detection measures beyond requirements of 30 CFR 250
florida requests for additional information
Florida Requests for Additional Information
  • Specs, diagrams for rig
    • Waste Management Plan
  • Lease stipulations
  • H2S Contingency Plan (if applicable)
  • Bathymetry, seafloor, shallow geological features
  • Temperature of cooling water when discharged and potential effects
florida requests for additional information1
Florida Requests for Additional Information
  • Describe drilling fluids program
    • Specific additives
    • Synthetic vs. water based
    • How cuttings will be cleaned
    • Types of solids control equipment
    • Effectiveness of removing fluids for recycling
florida requests for additional information2
Florida Requests for Additional Information
  • Current and accurate environmental data
    • EP did not describe population of sperm whale from 2000 research.
  • Include Dry Tortugas Ecological Reserve
  • Use more recent data on commercial fishing than 1996, tourism, etc.