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GENRE. KERRANG!. Structure format . Contents.

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Structure format


In the kerrang magazine I would expect to see a lot of rock band because the title kerrang represent as hard rock band and also their will be things such as ,stories , news, live reviews, gig guide, album reviews, features and k quiz. The edition of the kerrang include famous rock singers , group of bands and a text about them and news ,adverts also CDs and gig review . The reader’s suggest are people who like rock music, emo or bigger fans and enjoy that music.

The contents of the magazine are organised well because their are all set in the columns and easy to see. Even the little pictures have information and title to make it look it has been presented well and make people want to see more. In the kerrand magazine you see the news and other important things at the begging so that it tracts people and you see the unimportant things suck as k quiz, gig guide and albums. They set the magazine this way so it would be easy for the reader to read. The pages set out the structure because the right side its in order so easy to get and understand.

Kerrangis a rock music that it has been  published by Bauer Media Group. first published on 6 June 1981 as a one-off supplement in the Sounds newspaper.

Kerrangthe world's biggest selling weekly rock magazine.  and delivers the hottest news, reviews, gig guides, exclusive featuresand posters.

the size of the magazine is big and the pictures are big info to see so is the text and the finish is about 32-37 pages.



Advertising are important to magazine because they sell us stuff and attracts the reader. In the magazine kerrang the sort of advertised you see are rock bands CDs , rock covers and other kerrang magazines. The barylcreem advert is for boys ages 16+ and that tell us that their will need it to keep their hair up and to impress girls.

House style

The house style of the magazine are set well and they all have strong colours to make it stand out and look more intrusting to look at and make the reader read more . All the kerrand magazines have seemlier colour and the set out is kind the same and that's because their all rock band magazines and have same stories . The kerrang magazine isn't like other magazine the kerrang involves the Readers often criticize the magazine for repeating this process every time a new things.

the language they have used is informal and accusable to ages 8-9 upwards. The pages layout are tidy , professional and it makes people want to read more. The font style are clear, big in bold, the colour they have use are white, yellow , black and red because it goes with the magazine.


  • The publishing company of kerrang is by Bauer media group is the worlds biggest selling weekly music magazines. 60 meal, 40% female, age ranging between 8-35.

Kerrang print magazine in name, ownership and style, although the radio station has a more mainstream

Kerrang Radio is a specialist rock music radio station broadcasting to the West Midlands, England. The station's format mixes modern & classic rock with speech programmers targeted at young people and an adult rock audience. Also the kerrang TV owned by box television Bauer Media Group has its owne web and mixture of pop rock ,rock classic rock and some India.