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Selling Skills & Sales Training Audit PowerPoint Presentation
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Selling Skills & Sales Training Audit

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Selling Skills & Sales Training Audit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Find out why you're not selling as much as you need to

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Selling Skills & Sales Training Audit

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    1. “If you’re not converting or closing prospects at appointments or over the phone, then you need to find out WHY and fast…” Visit for a FREE Marketing Audit Want More Sales? Need More Revenue? Identify, why you’renot winning the sales& orders you want… • Winning the appointment but not the order? • Frustrated by an empty sales pipeline? • Submitting proposals but no invoices? • Are prospects always “in a meeting” ? • Generating leads, but no conversions? • Fed up with hearing “put it in writing” or • “thanks, but no thanks”? TO FIND OUT WHETHER YOU NEED HELP, COMPLETE THE FREE CHECKLIST ON THE NEXT PAGE, THEN GET IN TOUCH. Call +44(0)1542 841319 Today

    2. Answer each of the Questions below, then add up all your NO responses. Make a note of the total. Identify the issues, challenges and obstacles that are preventing you from winning the sales and orders you want. Answer each of the questions below, add up your total NO responses then, get in touch. YES NO Do you have and follow a specific selling “system”? Do you have a written sales plan document? Do you always feel in control that appointments & sales meeting follow your agenda? Do you believe that its important make a good sales presentation at appointments? Do you believe that referring to features & benefits is important to getting a sale? Do you ensure all prospects meet your criteria before traveling to meet them? Are you generating enough new prospects who are interested in your services? Are you closing enough prospects, and converting enough sales/revenue? Are you always getting sales without having to discount or reduce your margin? Are you generating enough new referrals every week? Is the business you are winning worth far more than the work it takes to fulfill? Are you winning more business than your competitors & thus increasing your share? Are you getting more and more requests for information of what you offer prospects? Do you find yourself giving lots of information at meetings but getting little in return? Is it taking less time to get a decision in principle nowadays compared to before? Do you have an automated lead generation/prospect list building tool? Do you have a Free offer that helps to qualify prospects in advance of meeting them? Do you always track your prospecting and sales activities on a daily basis? Do you have an automated follow up system? Do you know the life time value of a client? Do you have other value added items you can use to increase or reduce the price? Do you know how many sales you need to give you the revenue you want? Do you know how many leads you need to give you the revenue you want? Do you have a clear definition of what a lead is and what it means to you? Are you ahead of your projected figures for where you should be in your plan? Do you produce a monthly P & L for your business? Do you have a minimum of 4 strategies in place for improving your cash flow? Do you always find yourself speaking to the decision maker at appointments? Are prospects always quick to return your calls when you follow them up afterwards? Do you have an active and effective referral generation programme? Do you have a prepared elevator pitch/“30 Second Commercial” for on the phone? Do you know how much you need to be charging for your product/solution/time? Do you have at least 3 passive revenue streams from your business? Are you currently participating in a personal development programme? Do you want 2011 to be the same as 2010, and face the same challenges as last year? Would you like a free confidential Chat to discuss your score & your available options? Your Score: Score more than 5 NOs? Get in touch.