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Marketing Audit

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Marketing Audit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing Audit

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“No nonsense. No false promises.

Just real helpful insights as to why

your marketing isn’t working.”


The 2011 Edition of

The Lead Generation MBA

Want More Business? Need More Business?

Identify, why yourmarketing isn’tworking…

  • Suffering from “feast or famine” syndrome?
  • Concerned by your lack of leads or enquiries?
  • Winning requests for proposals, but not sales?
  • Frustrated by an empty sales pipeline?
  • Generating leads, but no conversions?
  • Want to lower your marketing costs?
  • Unhappy with your website performance?
  • Need a marketing plan or sales plan?

Complete the

FREE Marketing

Audit on Page 2,

then CLICK


Call 01542 841319 Today


Answer each of the Questions below, then add up all your NO responses. Make a note of the total.

Identify the issues, challenges and obstacles that are preventing you from achieving the results you want with your marketing. Answer each of the questions below, add up your total NO responses then, get in touch.


Do you have a written marketing plan & Strategy document for the year ahead?

Are your online and offline marketing goals clearly defined?

Can, and is each goal being tracked and measured?

Do you know the true life time value of a client?

Do you know your true cost per sale?

Do you know your true cost per lead?

Do you know how many leads you need to give you the revenue you want?

Do you know how many referrals you need to give you the revenue you want?

Do you how much website traffic you need to give you the revenue you want?

Have you created a profile of the type of clients you really want to work with?

Do you know how many prospects meet your criteria in your “local” area?

Are you able to qualify prospects in advance of speaking to them?

Does your stationery, website, ezine & online profiles all reflect the same brand?

Do you know which websites can refer you free qualified traffic on a daily basis?

Do you have processes/systems in place for measuring your brand effectiveness?

Are your personalised telemarketing, networking & sales scripts very effective?

Do you have all the supporting marketing collateral you need for generating sales?

Is your marketing collateral generating the enquiries, calls and signups you want?

Is your website generating the ROI (Return on Investment) that you want/need?

Is your website generating the level of sales/Revenue that you want/need?

Is your website generating the level of qualified leads/signups that you want/need?

Have you been trained in or follow a specific, defined & proven selling "system"?

Are you closing enough prospects & converting enough sales on appointments?

Are you ahead of your projected figures for where you should be as per your plan?

Are you generating enough qualified prospects online to meet your reqd revenue?

Are you generating enough qualified prospects offline to meet your reqd revenue?

Are prospects quick to return your call/email when you follow them up after a meeting?

Do you currently sell to more than one prospect at a time? (i.e. sell to groups?)

Do you experience more inbound contact from prospects than outbound to them?

Do you have an extensive network of people bringing you contacts & opportunities?

Do you have at least 3 passive income streams from your business?

Do you have at least 5 methods for improving your cashflow immediately?

Can you survive longer than 5 mths at your current monthly income/revenue levels?

Do you wish things to continue the way they are at the moment?

Have you given up in wanting to fix your marketing problems?

Would you like a free confidential Chat to discuss your score & available options?

Your Score:

Score more than 5 NOs? Get in touch.