what is the effectiveness of hay fever injection n.
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What is the Effectiveness of Hay Fever Injection? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is the Effectiveness of Hay Fever Injection?

What is the Effectiveness of Hay Fever Injection?

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What is the Effectiveness of Hay Fever Injection?

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  1. What is the Effectiveness of Hay Fever Injection?

  2. Every year 10 to 15 percent of the total population of the Earth is affected by Hay Fever. Hay fever causes sneezing, runny nose, exhaustion, and sickness. Hay fever can simply be defined as the response of the immune system to the allergic pollen entering the body. It works in the same way as any other allergic response. The immune system becomes active to remove and stop the pollen from entering the body. The fever is simply the immune system doing its work. The situation becomes worse in the spring and autumn season.

  3. Those who suffer may consider the option of Hay fever Injection which is considered to be the only cure for it. In this blog, we will discuss the effectiveness of the hay fever injection to help you understand if it is an option to be considered or not. In 2012 a research was published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology that proved to be a breakthrough in hay fever injection. The published research talked about a vaccine that was tested on 90 patients and prove to be effective in fighting against the allergic reactions of the grass pollen. Since then the hay fever was no longer incurable.

  4. The hay fever injection relieves symptoms of hay fever by suppressing the immune response by using histamines. But the question here is if the hay fever injection cures the fever. The injection is also called a Kenalog injection. Each Kenalog injection houses Triamcinolone acetonide as an active ingredient. The Triamcinolone acetonide belongs to the family of corticosteroids. These steroids are known for reducing the inflammatory and allergic responses of the body. A Kenalog injection does not necessarily cure hay fever; it just surpasses the immune system to take away the symptoms that too temporarily only.

  5. The effect of the injection varies concerning individuals. For some, it cures the symptoms for like three weeks while for others it can work for the entire season. A second dose of the injection is also needed for some patients but that applies only to exceptional cases. The hay fever injection was routinely prescribed to those who suffer severe effects of hay fever after its initial discovery.

  6. Many health experts have raised concerns about the potential risks that come with hay fever injections. These risks also vary from person to person. Therefore, it is strongly advised to see a doctor before using the injections. Additionally, the injected should only be applied by a verified doctor or nurse because if wrongly applied it could further complicate the situation.

  7. The risks do not mean that the hay fever injection should not be used at all. The Kenalog injection is still officially used in the United Kingdom but only in severe cases. Furthermore, many other countries also use it as a means of curing hay fever.

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