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Being an Architect

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Being an Architect. By Reagan June 10 ,2012. Education.

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being an architect

Being an Architect

By Reagan

June 10 ,2012

  • All architects are required to go to high school. For this career you should think about the classes you are going to take. Then you go to college and major in architect, graduating with at least a bachelors degree. Once you are done you must intern for a firm, then you must pass the licensing exam to become an Architect
facts in numbers
Facts in Numbers
  • 1 in 5 architects are self employed
  • small number of architects are women
  • Average salary was 72,200 dollars a year
  • US has about 90,00 architects
what does an architect do
What does an Architect do?

Working With a client

An Architects Job

Architects are the people who design buildings to be safe and strong. Architects often work with engineers, urban planners, interior designers, landscape architects and more!

  • First thing an architect will do is discuss the budget and objectives. Making sure you include environmental impact and staying around the budget. You then make a rough draft, discuss it then draw up the final plans to start the construction
do s and don ts
Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t mess up because an inspector can halt construction

Write sloppy

  • Must detail drawings
  • Get experience before
  • Must have good handwriting
fun facts
Fun Facts
  • Tacoma Bridge fell because of poor design plan
  • 14 workers died during construction of Empire State Building
  • Building Construction could take two years
  • Egyptians were considered architects because of the Pyramids of Giza
  • Walt Disney concert hall12,500 pieces of steel none the same size or shape