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Life and Music After CCT

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Life and Music After CCT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Life and Music After CCT. By: Suzanne M. Clark. CCT Focus. Musician and new teacher Overuse injuries and qigong Self-reflection and self-understanding Ira Progoff’s Journal of Self-Development Louise Montello’s Musicians’ Wellness Musical creativity and process

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Life and Music After CCT

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life and music after cct

Life and Music After CCT

By: Suzanne M. Clark

cct focus
CCT Focus
  • Musician and new teacher
  • Overuse injuries and qigong
  • Self-reflection and self-understanding
    • Ira Progoff’s Journal of Self-Development
    • Louise Montello’s Musicians’ Wellness
  • Musical creativity and process
  • Building and Sustaining Connectedness to One’s Musical Creativity and Spirit

… CCT helped to develop six areas…

1 harmony bass and arranging
1) Harmony, Bass and Arranging
  • Model my own thinking and process
  • Reflective Practice:
    • Musical learning process
    • Musical sounds
    • Compositional process
  • Open-ended Projects:
    • Define intent
    • Identify process
    • Assess outcomes
2 the creative flame
Creativity defined








Cognitive restructuring

10 year rule

Performance anxiety

Overuse injuries

Creativity cards

2) The Creative Flame

Focus: Creative Process vs.Product

creative flame final project
Creative Flame Final Project
  • A work-in-progress:
    • Challenges and stretches your creativity
    • Meaningful to you
    • Demonstrates your creative process
    • Shows artistic/musical/creative application of course material
    • A public presentation
    • A written paper
process and product 4 examples
Process and Product: 4 Examples

Jacosa: Family montage set to her song and voice

Adrian: Political statement set to “Us” by Regina Spektor

Andrew: Photography techniques set to Leo Kottke

Maeve: Her music set to The Land of Counterpane

by R. L. Stevenson

3 playing in the key of chi qigong for musicians
Historical context

Studies on qigong

Examine energetic practices

Specific application to musicians’ needs

The Nine Phases

The Seven Precious Gestures

Gentle Tiger

The Vitality Method

Miscellaneous exercises

3) Playing in the Key of Chi: Qigong for Musicians

Focus: Using qigong to cope with the daily stress of a music student’s life

sharing research projects
Chi of Food

Asthma and Qigong

Depression and Qigong


The Chakras


Chi and the Quantum Field

Chi and Vocalizing

Sharing Research Projects
  • An aspect of qigong/course material of the student’s choice
    • A short in-class presentation
    • A reflective essay
what do students think
Practicing qigong helps put me in a better place to practice or perform and keeps me aware of issues related to playing that previously have been more of a problem.

I have also become more aware of my chi … as a physical matter rather than an abstract notion or feeling. This will greatly improve my performances in my music.

It has helped me get through many (playing) sessions this semester and has helped me balance this hectic schedule of musicianship.

I’ve also started doing some qigong with my guitar on me and it already is starting to help me with some blocks.

It is very calming. It helps my outlook on life. I think in a sense, it is helping me accept myself more.

What Do Students Think?
4 the music of the beatles
Three stages of the Beatles’ compositions through a chronology of their work


social and musical culture

time period

personal influences

Harmonic and melodic structure

Song form

Rhythmic layers

Bass structure

Arranging techniques

Lyrical structure

4) The Music of The Beatles

Focus: Based on Hayes’ 10 Year Rule

and in the end
And in the End …
  • What can you do to demonstrate your experience of The Beatles?
    • Creative experimentation with Beatle techniques:
      • Composition
      • Arranging
      • Lyric-writing
      • Recording - technological
    • Research-based project
      • What excites you?
      • What else do you want to know?
and in the end the students
And in the End… the Students
  • Paul is Dead Rumor
  • Covers of Beatle tunes
  • George and Indian Influences
  • Musical Re-creations
  • Beatles and Maharishi
  • Many, many compositions:
  • Maya: Jazz composer turned rock
  • Jenna: Arrangement of Yesterday
  • Kat: String quartet/vocals/pop
  • John: Meter/phrase, harmony
  • Maria: Lyrical journey, harmony
  • Joe: Bluegrass Taxman
5 seminar in creativity
5) Seminar in Creativity
  • Online summer course for CCT
  • Examines:
    • Creative Fundamentals
    • Creative Blocks
    • Finding Creative Ground
  • Relies heavily on creative artists
  • What my musical life brings to CCT
6 professional development
6) Professional Development
  • A study involving creativity and the music of popular, rock and jazz genres
    • Creative influences
    • Creative process
    • Creative blocks
    • Creative evaluation