improving bone and cardiovascular health n.
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Improving bone and cardiovascular health

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Improving bone and cardiovascular health - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Improving bone and cardiovascular health. Investor Presentation 1. Quarter 2008. Exclusive strategic partnership agreement with Sumitomo Corp. to develop, market and sell the natural Vitamin K2

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improving bone and cardiovascular health
Improving bone and cardiovascular health

Investor Presentation

1. Quarter 2008

Exclusive strategic partnership agreement with Sumitomo Corp. to develop, market and sell the natural Vitamin K2
  • Exclusive Research & Science contract with VitaK (Maastricht University), the world leading research-company in vitamin K.
  • R&D is focused on developing K2 products in addition to build IPR to secure long-term market access
  • Vitamin K2 is needed for optimal body utilization of Calcium and has documented beneficial effects on both Osteoporosis and Cardiovascular diseases
NattoPharma focuses on Sales & Product Development, through own Product IPR- based on clinical studies (GCP), leaving the production to Sumitomo.
  • Product development may also be carried out in collaboration with End-clients, depending upon customer and market requirements.


Sumitomo Corp.


& Process IPR

Clinical Studies




Based on research


End-product S&M


calcification in health and disease nattopharma focus


Calcification in health and disease:NattoPharma focus







  • Scientific evidence:
  • Loss of calcification in bones;
  • Increased calcification heart,
  • arteries and in joints:
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Osteoarthrosis

Bone and



Normal condition:

99% of all Ca in

bones & teeth;

1% in circulation

Prevention &



The calcium paradox

Relationship osteoporosis - arterial calcification

Function of both proteins needed for optimal health


Matrix Gla Protein

  • MGP synthesised in
  • chondrocytes in
  • cartilage, and vascular
  • smooth muscle cells in
  • arteries
  • Inhibits soft tissue
  • calcification, including
  • cartilage mineralization
  • OC synthesised in osteoblasts
  • Glu residues carboxylated
  • to Gla-residues which bind Ca++
  • Binds Ca++ to hydroxyapatite in bones




market opportunities
Market opportunities
  • NattoPharma market strategy
    • NattoPharma is working to include vitamin K2 in already existing global leading brands in the Dietary supplement (ex. Multivitamins, Calsium & Omega3) Functional Food marked (Dairy-products). Thus, the revenue from the clients has the potential to go from zero to 3-diget million figure, only during the first year after signing with a large client.
  • Dietary supplement
    • Stand-alone / combination (Multivitamins, Calcium, Omega-3 and Vitamin D)
  • Fortified food
    • Fortified food with vitamins and minerals (Dairy segment, drinks)
  • Pharmacy
    • Strategy is to co-operate with a strategic partner
market strategy
Market strategy

Sell MenaQ7 as an ingredients into all ready existing global leading brands in the following market segments:


Volum vitamin K2

Fortified Food

Dietary supplement

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

headlines 1q08
Headlines 1Q08


  • Commenced clinical study combining MenaQ7 with Omega- and with Krill
  • Longtime study approved and ready to start for postmenopausal 240 women to see MenaQ7’s effect on bone structure and cardio vascular effects.
headlines 1q081
Headlines 1Q08


  • Have signed distribution agreements in all European countries that we are able to MenaQ7
  • Focus on Food segment both in USA. Official launch of MenaQ7 in Food at world larges Food Fair, Institute of Food Technology 2008 in New Orleans.
  • Screening the market outside Europe and USA for potential distributors
strategic partnership agremments
Strategic Partnership Agremments
  • LOI sign with Bayer ConsumerCare
    • Bayer is no. 2 largest player in the global OTC market
    • The Parties wants to negotiate about signing a global partnership agreement for MenaQ7.
  • In search for a global partner also in the Food Market
figures 1 quarter 2008
Figures 1. quarter 2008

Revenues NOK 5,1m (NOK 7,4m)

EBIT NOK -5,9m (NOK -0,8m)

Gross margin 55,1% (56,4%)

  • Expect EFSA approval during the summer
  • Increase the investment in R&D going forward
  • Reiterate revenue expectation for 2008 of between NOK 80 – 90 mill in 2008
  • Expect positive EBIT in 2008