ultra large scale uls system n.
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Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) System

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Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) System. School of Computing Southern Polytechnic State University (April, 2009). Who cares about ULS?. Initiated by US DOD

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ultra large scale uls system

Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) System

School of Computing

Southern Polytechnic State University

(April, 2009)

who cares about uls
Who cares about ULS?
  • Initiated by US DOD

“goal of information dominance– to achieve and exploit superior collection, fusion, analysis, and use of information to meet mission objectives. This goal depends on increasingly complex systems characterized by ---- thousands ofplatforms, sensors, decision nodes, weapons, warfighters connected through heterogeneous wired and wireless networks. ----

These systems will push far beyond ----by every measures:”

- lines of code

- people involved

- data stored

- software components

- hardware elements

- connections and interdependencies

who else cares about uls
Who else cares about ULS?
  • NSF sponsored & funded Ultra-Large-Scale-Software-Intensive-Systems (ULSSIS) in 2007:
    • University of Virginia
    • UC San Diego
    • Michigan State University
    • Vanderbilt University
who cares about uls outside of usa
Who cares about ULS (outside of USA)?
  • UK academics and industries have formed a coordinated (a) research and (b) training initiative focused on Large-Scale-Complex-Information-Technology-System (LSCITS).
  • £ 10 million have been committed by ESPRC
  • 5 universities in UK are collaborating:
    • University of Bristol
    • University of Leeds
    • University of Oxford
    • University of York
    • University of St. Andrews
uls challenges and research areas lead by linda northrop of sei
ULS: Challenges and Research Areas (lead by Linda Northrop of SEI)
  • Prominent Characteristics of ULS:
    • Decentralization as opposed to centralized, hierarchical control
    • Unclear and diverse requirements as opposed to stabilized requirements prior to design/implementation
    • Continuous evolution and deployment as opposed throw away and rebuild
    • Heterogeneous, inconsistent and changing parts as opposed to homogeneous parts and single sourcing
    • Erosion of people/systems boundary as opposed to users, developers and systems delineation
    • Failures will NOT necessarily be an exception due to interconnection mismatches as opposed to well integrated system
    • New paradigm for acquisition and policies
uls challenges and research areas lead by linda northrop of sei cont
ULS: Challenges and Research Areas (lead by Linda Northrop of SEI) – cont.
  • Major Categories of Challengesof ULS
    • Design Evolution
    • Orchestration and Control
    • Monitoring and Assessment
uls challenges and research areas lead by linda northrop of sei cont1
ULS: Challenges and Research Areas (lead by Linda Northrop of SEI) –cont.
  • Major Research Areas:
    • Human Interaction
    • Computational Emergence
    • Design
    • Computational Engineering
    • Adaptive System Infrastructure
    • Adaptable and Predictive System Quality
    • Policy, Acquisition and Management
my personal thoughts about uls
My personal thoughts about ULS
  • Buildingvery large, heterogeneous, and incomplete system presents a new set of challenges to software engineers and IT personnel.
  • Running and Orchestrating a very large, heterogeneous, and incomplete requires the inclusion diverse stakeholders, including a strong participation by the business community.
  • Managing & Assessing a very large, heterogeneous, and incomplete system will require dramatically improved communications, visualization, and cross-cultural processes
more personal thoughts
More Personal Thoughts
  • We only have limited resources and can not challenge the research universities.
  • So we have to employ a strategy of:
    • Pick a very specific and narrow area
    • Initiate before others
    • Work as a group
partial systems
“Partial” Systems
  • SPSU can be the home of “partial” systems.
    • How do you develop with partial requirements?
    • What is a partial design?
    • What is partially reliable system?
    • What is partially secure system?
    • What is a man-machine partially integrated system (games; embedded system; decision process) ?
    • What is partial system theory (rough set, fuzzy set; temporal logic; etc.)? ----- partial reasoning or reasoning withpartial information?
    • Where is the system boundary in partial system?