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Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment

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Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment
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  1. Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Mission: is to assist Veterans with service-connected disabilities to prepare for, obtain, and maintain suitable employment.

  2. Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment • Veterans must have at least a 10% VA Recognized Service Connected Disability and have had other than a dishonorable discharge. • They must apply for VR&E benefits by either: • Completing an application online at www.va.gov, directly to the VR&E website at http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/vre/ • Completing a paper application – VA Form 28-1900 • This application can be mailed to the local Regional Office, emailed, or faxed directly to 412-395-6071 for completion of the application. The email address is: VRE.VBAPIT@va.gov

  3. Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment • Initial orientation • Assessment of individual’s interests, aptitudes and abilities • Assessment of how the service-connected disabilities impair the ability to find and maintain suitable employment • Meet with counselor individual to determine entitlement • Identification of services needed to help the Veteran to gain the knowledge and skills for suitable employment • An appointment is scheduled with Veteran in which the following occurs:

  4. Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment VR&E participates in variety of training for employment • Non-Paid Work Experience • Formal Education at college/university • Post-secondary training at a vocational, technical or business school • Apprenticeship or On-the-Job Training

  5. Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment • Prepare a billing invoice for VA after the school’s Drop/Add Period has concluded. • VA should be billed only for the actual net cost for tuition and fees assessed by the institution for the program of education after the application of: • any waiver of, or reduction in, tuition and fees; and • any scholarship, or other Federal, State, institutional, or employer-based aid or assistance that is provided directly to the institution and specifically designated for the sole purpose of defraying tuition and fees (other than loans and any funds provided under section 401(b) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1070a)). When a school receives authorization of funding for a Veteran from VA’s Chapter 31 program and the Veteran has also been awarded financial assistance, the school should take the following steps:

  6. Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment • Pittsburgh Regional Office’s Jurisdiction: • Erie • Butler • Altoona • Johnstown • Main number is 800-827-1000 or directly to VR&E is 412-395-6070

  7. Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) Responsibilities • Send 1905 authorizations for students at the training facility that are participants in the Ch. 31 program • Process subsistence allowance for Veterans • Authorize facility billings TEAMWORK  • Certifying Official • Responsibilities • Send certifications by VA Once at the beginning of a term • Send any changes to enrollment utilizing VA Once • Work with billing department to send an itemized bill for services/training • Contact your VRC assigned to your facility with any questions/concerns

  8. Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment • Post 9/11 (Ch. 33) GI Bill vs. VR&E (Ch. 31) • VR&E is handled directly by the VRC • No certifications for VR&E are to be sent to the VA Education Department (Buffalo Regional Processing Office). • Some Veterans eligible for Ch. 33 benefits participate in Ch. 31 instead as this is a greater benefit. • Both programs utilize VA Once • *Difference is found in billing & how to send VA Once

  9. Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Questions, Comments, Concerns?