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Gatsby’s house. Nicks house. Tom and myrtles apartment. Buchanan's house. East Egg. West Egg. New York. T .j . eckleberg billboard. Valley of ashes. Wilson garage/house. Railroad tracks and motor road. East Egg. Old money

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East egg

Gatsby’s house

Nicks house

Tom and myrtles apartment

Buchanan's house

East Egg

West Egg

New York

T.j. eckleberg billboard

Valley of ashes

Wilson garage/house

Railroad tracks and motor road

East egg1
East Egg

  • Old money

  • Wealthy-”their house was even more elaborate than I expected”

  • Snobbish-he seemed to say, just because im more of a man than you are…”

  • Vein-”nice place isnt it?”

West egg
West Egg

  • New money

  • Smaller housing and not as old-there are apartments there along with mansions

  • More modern-Gatsby's house parties with lots of alchol

The garage
The garage

  • The garage was described as a “bare” abandoned shop with one poor car in a harsh condition left to rot in the dark corner of the garage. There was dust covering the only car so the garage must have been not looked after and only having one car in in the whole garage gives us a sence of poverty in the area.

New york
New york

  • Everyone has money, rich city-tom and daisy blended in as soon as they got their.

  • Lots of businessmen-”they instantly met the guy with the dog”

  • Lots of buildings, confined area-”…in a long white cake of apartment houses”

The eyes of dr t j eckelburg
The eyes of dr T.J. Eckelburg

  • Big, superior-”…are blue and gigantic-their retinas are a yard high”

  • Abandoned, dirty-” his eyes dimmed a little by many pointless days, under sun and rain.”

The valley of ashes
The valley of ashes

“this is a valley of ashes. A fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens”-industrialized town, it where all the waste goes. Its dirty.

Gatsby s house
Gatsby’s house

“… a collasal affair by any standard”-represented his wealth and the fun of new money.

Another feature is the party’s that he has in his house, which shows his wealth and an insight into his mind.

Buchanan s house
Buchanan’s house

  • “high hall way”

  • “enormous coach”

  • Its old

  • A massive mansion.

Nick s house
Nick’s house

  • Small apartment

  • Surrounded by huge houses so give us the sense of buildings hovering over you.

Tom and myrtles apartment
Tom and myrtles apartment

  • Small

  • Only one picture inside the whole apartment

  • Too much stuff for the apartment, too confined.

  • secretive