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Year 5 Meet the Teacher PowerPoint Presentation
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Year 5 Meet the Teacher

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Year 5 Meet the Teacher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Year 5 Meet the Teacher
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  1. Year 5 Meet the Teacher

  2. Tonight, we hope to cover… • Expectations in year 5 • The year 5 curriculum • Maths and Literacy expectations

  3. Staff in year 5 • Mrs Glew and Mrs Elvin • Miss Billington • Mrs Mardell Please pop a note in diaries/ give us a call if there are any issues. Ask children to show us their diary if there is a note in it!!

  4. Year 5 expectations We would like year 5 children to be increasingly independent: Please assist your child in solving every day problems independently, for example, getting a new homework sheet! • PE kits – Tues and Thurs. Please send a note if your child cannot take part. • Homework – Planner is given out & diaries signed every Thurs. All homework is due in the following Wednesday. If possible, please could you sign ‘talk homework’ when completed. Thank you. • Reading Books – children should change them when they need to and bring them to school daily. Log reading in journals.

  5. Homework Homework club runs every lunchtime except Wednesdays, in the library.

  6. The year 5 Curriculum • SPACE • TUDORS – a possible one night residential trip? Approximately £60-£80. • FOOD There are certain objectives that we have to cover, but the rest of what we learn will be lead by the children!

  7. Space…. ET believes that the Sun moves on our planet. Is he correct? Can we make and launch our own rockets? Holst composed a suite of music about the planets. Can we do the same? Can you create a model of a planet? What do you want to know about astronauts? Do aliens exist? What might they look like? Help! The Millenium Falcon is journeying through our galaxy and is lost! Can you help the crew to identify the planets they pass? Can you design and make your own motorised moon buggy?

  8. Our Literacy will include… • Non- chronological reports • Formal letters • Recounts • Performance poetry • Play scripts • Stories from other cultures • Historical stories • Instructions • Persuasive writing

  9. Spellings

  10. Spellings

  11. Maths will include.. • Working increasingly with fractions, decimals and simple percentages • Solving real life, multi-step problems • Exploring patterns and relationships and investigating mathematical statements • Becoming more efficient in written and mental calculations • Using and recognising mathematical terms such as parallel, perpendicular, descending, product, factor, multiple, square number etc • Times tables are still very, very important! Please help your child with learning their times tables and other number facts.

  12. Level 3

  13. Level 4

  14. Level 5

  15. Can you help? • Trip to INTECH – tbc • Hearing readers / Practising number bonds and times tables (from 8.40am – 9.05am any morning, or any afternoon) • You are always welcome to come into year 5 to lend a hand – just let us know when you are available and any areas of expertise!.