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Meet the Teacher. Tuesday 18 th September 2012. Welcome to Year 2-Ospreys. Class Teachers Miss Gorse- Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Mrs. Faint- Tuesday LSA’s Mrs. Davis- Every morning and two afternoons Mrs. T- Helps us with phonics. Expectations in Year 2.

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Meet the teacher

Meet the Teacher

Tuesday 18th September 2012

Welcome to year 2 ospreys
Welcome to Year 2-Ospreys

Class Teachers

  • Miss Gorse- Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

  • Mrs. Faint- Tuesday


  • Mrs. Davis- Every morning and two afternoons

  • Mrs. T- Helps us with phonics

Expectations in year 2
Expectations in Year 2

  • Oldest children in the school- take on increasing responsibility- expected to be good role models

  • Given jobs to carry out i.e. pudding helper, playground tidier, buddies for YR children

  • Confident and independent learners ready for Junior School

What happens in year 2
What happens in Year 2?


  • Handwriting

  • Guided Reading

  • PE

  • French

  • Topic Work

  • Story time


  • Quest

  • Phonics

  • Maths

  • Fruit Time

  • Worship

  • Playtime

  • Literacy

Ozzy Osprey time allows them to follow their own individual interests within the writing, maths, computer, art, reading or construction areas

Projects this year
Projects this year…

Mrs. Armitage & Quentin Blake



Curriculum Newsletters will be sent out at the start of every new project to inform you of what we are doing






Forest Schools


Praise rewards sanctions
Praise, Rewards &Sanctions

  • Every child starts the day on the sunshine. Positive behaviour gets rewarded by moving up the chart. Negative behaviour is sanctioned by moving down the chart.

  • If they are on the rainbow at the end of the day they get a sticker and a raffle ticket.

  • Raffle takes place on Friday afternoon- box of goodies for prizes!

  • Also use lots of verbal praise, stickers and forest value cards.

Our forest values
Our Forest Values

  • Friendship- We work together and help each other

  • Openness- I open my heart and mind to ideas and people that are different

  • Responsibility- It’s up to me to do the right thing

  • Endurance- I try hard to do and be the best I can

  • Stewardship- We look after each other and our world

  • Trust- We rely on each other to make good choices

My child s progress how will i be informed
My child’s progress- How will I be informed?

  • 3 parent consultation meetings during the year- Autumn, Spring and Summer Term

  • Tuesday 13th November: 3.50- 6.30pm

    Wednesday 14th November: 1.30-4.00pm

  • You will be informed of progress & attainment

  • If you are unable to make the session- we will send the termly report home to you.

End of ks1 assessment
End of KS1 Assessment

  • At the end of Year 2- levels in speaking and listening, reading, writing, maths and science.

  • Based on teacher assessment- the level we see the child working at on a regular basis.

  • We do SAT’s tests because they are statutory.

  • We only use them to back-up our judgements. Children will not really know we are doing ‘tests’

Meet the teacher

Child D- May

Level 3 Writing

Reading books
Reading Books

  • Currently we are still supervising the children when they change their books (correct colour, writing it in diary etc)

  • Soon we will be encouraging them to independently choose and write in their diary- with opportunities on Mon, Weds, Fri to do this.

  • If they haven’t changed it for ages- remind them!!!

  • Don’t worry if they keep the book for a little while… books in Year 2 can get very long!

Faster f amilies a nd s chools t ogether e njoying r eading
FASTERFamilies And Schools Together Enjoying Reading

  • Successful project that has been running for the last 3 years

  • Working with a Year 2 child on a regular basis

  • Want to help?

    - Need to commit to 2 sessions a week- at the

    beginning or end of the school day.

    - Must have a CRB check

  • Meeting on Wednesday 25th September at 9.10am

How can i help at home
How can I help at home?

  • Read the curriculum newsletters- so you know what your child is learning about.

  • Support your child with the home learning projects that are sent home. Have fun with them!

  • Read with and to your child on a regular basis...“Good readers become good writers”

  • If your child is still finding it difficult to pronounce pure phonic sounds- ‘Mr. Thorne does phonics’ website

  • Purple Mash website- all children have a login


Thank you for listening..!

Any questions?