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PHENIX LV Power Supplies

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PHENIX LV Power Supplies. PHENIX LV Power Supplies.

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PHENIX LV Power Supplies

Low Voltage CrateThe Low Voltage crate system consists of 6U X 340mm LVHP power supply cards and / or LVLP cards installed in a 534mm deep crate with a 300VDC distribution backplane and output noise filtering. The cards plug into 1/4 backplane boards providing flexibility in combining Low Power and High Power types in the same crate. The HP 1/4 backplane hosts two LVHP cards for up to eight cards in a crate (48 channels max). The LP 1/4 backplane hosts three cards for up to twelve LVLP cards (96 channels max) per crate. The distribution voltage for the cards is produced by a Vicor 3KW or 5KW 300VDC Front End module located in the last slot and powered by 208V three phase power. Output channel filtering is contained on filter cards mounted on 160mm card guides in the rear of the crate. A rear panel serves as mounting for high current output power feedthrough terminal blocks for connection to the PHENIX low voltage power cables. The filter boards provide a choice of passive L-C or active VI-RAM type filters and also provide a shunt output for optional current monitoring by the ADAM Data Acquisition module located in the rack. Output voltages are monitored by adjustable voltage window detectors located on each power supply card. These daughter boards contain a bi-color LED indicator which has three possible states - OFF, GREEN for DCOK, and RED for Out of Range.  

Low Voltage Low Power CardsThe LVLP power supply cards contain up to eight Vicor VI-J00 switching regulator modules capable of 1 to 95 volts output at 25W to 50W each. Each LVLP card contains the appropriate combination of VI-J00s to power the specified load. The cards are configurable to provide any combination of channel enable inputs. Bipolar supplies are implemented by jumpering two channel enables together causing the two channels to "come up" at the same time.