integrating and evaluating planning efforts across the institution n.
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Integrating and Evaluating Planning Efforts Across the Institution

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Integrating and Evaluating Planning Efforts Across the Institution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrating and Evaluating Planning Efforts Across the Institution. Daylene Meuschke Barry Gribbons Michelle Barton Barbara McNeice-Stallard Strengthening Student Success Conference October 5, 2012. Viewer Discretion Advised.

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integrating and evaluating planning efforts across the institution

Integrating and Evaluating Planning Efforts Across the Institution

DayleneMeuschkeBarry Gribbons

Michelle Barton

Barbara McNeice-Stallard

Strengthening Student Success Conference

October 5, 2012

viewer discretion advised
Viewer Discretion Advised

The materials you are about to see and activities you are about to participate in have been prepared by four practitioners who have nearly 100 years of combined experience in research and planning.

The materials are not a guarantee that your college’s planning processes will be magically transformed overnight but should provide some guidelines on how other colleges have integrated their planning processes in accordance with the ACCJC standards.

Please enjoy the show! 


Introduction and Overview of Session

Overview of Integrated Planning

Integration of Program Review and Budget

Strategic Plan

Educational Master Plan

Implementation Process


Evaluation of Planning

Tying it all together


Big Goals: Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs)

Supporting evidence for BHAGs

Specific Objectives for Big Goals

Goals and Objectives Drive Budget

Include everyone

Communicate early and often

Action Plans

Follow up

bhag activity part 1
BHAG Activity – Part 1

Identify one or two BHAGs for your department/unit/division on campus that you want to accomplish over the next 2-3 years.

Why is this is a goal for your department/unit/division (i.e., provide a justification for this goal)?

What evidence have you collected to justify this goal? If no evidence has been collected, what evidence needs to be collected?

What resources are needed to achieve this goal (staff, budget, coordination with other departments, etc.)?

Is this goal documented in any other plans?

integrated planning california community colleges
Integrated Planning:California Community Colleges

Directly connect various planning processes

  • Educational Master Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Other District/College Plans (Facilities, Staffing, Technology)
  • Instructional and Support Services Program Plans
  • SLOs
  • Financial Resources Planning (i.e., Budget Development)

What are your Big Goals?

Where do your Big Goals Live?

integrated planning california community colleges1
Integrated Planning:California Community Colleges

Inclusive / Respect Collegial Consultation

Effective communication

Use Data

Evaluate the Process

integrated planning why
Integrated Planning: Why?

Accreditation Requirement

Align Resources with Institutional and Department Priorities

Articulates what is important to the college

Clarifies how the college operates (resource allocation based on priorities)

integrated planning accjc key elements
Integrated Planning:ACCJC Key Elements

Data Driven




Institutional Goals

Broad-based / Collegial Process


Resource Allocation

Human Resources

Physical Resources


Resource Allocation

ACCJC Reports 20 college on sanctions because of integrated planning. (ACCJC Spring News, Spring 2012)

integrated planning self assessment
Integrated Planning Self-Assessment

Identify how your college integrates each of the ACCJC key elements.

Cite specific evidence that demonstrates the linkages in your plans (e.g., program review and budget).

We’ll take a few minutes after the activity to share some examples from the activity.

alignment of planning timelines college of the canyons
Alignment of Planning Timelines: College of the Canyons

Note: Program Reviews are on a three year cycle with annual updates.

department planning major principles
Department Planning: Major Principles

College Mission

Department Mission

Educational and Facilities Master Plan

Objectives, especially from SLOs

Strategic Plan

Resource Allocation

  • Discretionary Budgets

Technology Needs

Broad-based Collegial Process


department planning palomar college
Department Planning: Palomar College

Integrated with Divisional Planning Councils as opposed to a separate committee

Two/Three year cycle

Includes three parts:

  • Analysis (Quantitative, Learning Outcomes Assessment)
  • Planning
  • Resource Allocation Needs

Councils review PRPs

  • Budgets requests linked to PRPs
  • Distribution of PRP funds
  • Division Budgets

Councils use PRPs to identify divisional planning priorities for consideration in following year’s Institutional Strategic Plan

department planning mt san antonio college
Department Planning: Mt. San Antonio College

Individual units document planning efforts and accomplishments, annually.

Deans, Directors, and V.P.s summarize unit PIEs and submit report to e-PIE.

Summaries from IEC may be translated by PAC into new or revised college goals and strategies for upcoming year

PIE serves as the vehicle for aligning College goals and institutional processes for evaluation, planning and resource allocation.

IEC works with VPs to summarize annual planning efforts for the President’s Advisory Council (PAC).

Four VPs submit summaries, including resource requests, to Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC)

department planning other examples
Department Planning: Other Examples

Chaffey College

Crafton Hills (2012 RP Group Excellence in Planning Award)

Tip: Take a look at other colleges that have won awards and/or are not on sanction for lack of integrated planning.

bhag activity part 2
BHAG Activity – Part 2

Return to your BHAG Activity from the beginning of the session.

How is your BHAG integrated with the program review and budget processes?

examples of strategic plans college of the canyons
Examples of Strategic Plans: College of the Canyons

Organizing and Developing the Strategic Plan

External and Internal Data

The Rudder: Sets Big Goals

Detailed accomplishments and goals drawn exclusively from Department Plans

Review Whole Document for Missing Pieces

Enter Missing Pieces into Program Reviews

bhag activity part 3
BHAG Activity: Part 3

Return to your BHAG Activity from the beginning of the session.

How is your BHAG integrated with the Strategic Plan process?

Is there integration with the program review, budget and strategic plan processes?

educational and facilities master plans
Educational and Facilities Master Plans

External and Internal Data

Major Changes

  • New Centers
  • New Programs
  • Organizational Structures and Processes

Department-level detail

  • Data
  • Long-term goals: Pull first draft from Program Review
  • Resource needs: Technology, Facilities, Staff, Other
bhag activity part 4
BHAG Activity: Part 4

Return to your BHAG Activity from the beginning of the session.

How is your BHAG integrated with the Educational Master Plan process?

Is there integration with the program review, budget, strategic plan and Educational Master Plan processes?

implementation process
Implementation Process

Establish a plan of action for integrating the planning processes.

Identify who will carry out the actions in each process.

Determine how progress will be monitored and communicated to the campus community.

Establish an evaluation plan.

Discuss results from evaluation of the processes and identify ways to improve it.

Implement the changes identified from the evaluation process.

Repeat process 

evaluating planning
Evaluating Planning

Individual Plans: Feedback Loops/Enhancements

  • Master Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Other Plans

Department Plans

  • Overall Process
  • All Staff: Surveys

Subcommittee Review: Retreat / Focus Group

Results: Evidence of Improved Student Learning

Examples of Evaluation of Planning Processes can be found in your binder.

examples of evaluating planning college of the canyons
Examples of Evaluating Planning: College of the Canyons

Program Review Task Force (annual)

Faculty / Staff Survey (annual)

College Planning Team (annual)

examples of evaluating planning mt san antonio college
Examples of Evaluating Planning: Mt. San Antonio College

Evaluated by employees through an online survey and/or via their department/unit annual program review process

Managers evaluate the process annually and it includes their department/units' evaluation of the process

Vice Presidents evaluate the process annually and it includes their immediate managers' evaluation of the process.

Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) evaluates the process annually and it is included in the Vice President's annual evaluation

President's Advisory Council (shared governance) evaluates the process annually based on the IEC report

examples of evaluating planning palomar college
Examples of Evaluating Planning: Palomar College

Evaluates the Integrated Planning, Evaluation, and Resource Allocation Decision-Making Model (IPM) and the Resource Allocation Model (RAM).

Annually, the Strategic Planning Council (SPC) completes a formative evaluation and identifies ways to strengthen and improve the IPM.

Upon completion of the three-year Strategic Planning cycle, SPC completes a summative evaluation to assess the effectiveness and outcomes of the IPM and RAM.

See handout in your notebook for detailed information on the evaluation process.

bhag activity part 5 7
BHAG Activity: Part 5-7

Part 5 - How are faculty and staff engaged throughout the planning processes? How is engagement maintained through the processes?

Part 6 - How is it implemented? How is effective use of the plans being documented? How is progress being monitored?

Part 7 - How are these processes evaluated?

the paradox of consultants
The Paradox of Consultants

Fresh views and ideas

Plans must be owned by the College and its Departments

words of encouragement
Words of Encouragement

Don’t be afraid to fail.

In good times and in bad times.

It’s a cultural change – stick with it.

  • Budget development
  • Institutional Action Priorities from department plans

Developing expertise takes time. Start now because you will need to go through several iterations.

there is a silver lining
There is a Silver Lining!

You’re developing tools to make the process of integrating planning efficient.

It’s a disciplined process drawing from department plans.

People feel they have a voice in the planning process, are more engaged, and take ownership of their plans.

Integrated planning with budget results in better understanding of resource allocation amongst faculty and staff.

review of today s discussion and activities
Review of Today’s Discussion and Activities

Strategic Plan Sets Direction and Draws Exclusively from Department Plans, even through iterations

Master Plan First Draft Draws from Department Plans: Follow up with an interview.

Every Budget Request Connected to Department Objective

Other District/College Plans Draws from Department Plans

Peer Review

final activity part 8
Final Activity: Part 8

Reflect on the previous activities.

List the next steps with regard to planning for your department, division or the college.

What aspects of the planning processes need improvement?

What needs to happen to strengthen the integration?


DayleneMeuschke, Ed.D., Director, Institutional ResearchCollege of the Canyons

Barry Gribbons, Ph.D., Asst. Superintendent/V.P., Institutional Research, Technology and Online ServicesCollege of the Canyons

Michelle Barton, M.S., Director, Institutional Research and Planning and Past President, RP GroupPalomar Community College

Barbara McNeice-Stallard, M.Sc., Director, Research & Institutional EffectivenessMt. San Antonio College