data capture technology
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Data Capture Technology

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Vice – Presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision Statistical Centre Of Iran. Data Capture Technology. Statistical Centre Of IRAN Presented by : MS. SOMAYE AHANGAR. Data Capture Technologies. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR).

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data capture technology
Vice – Presidency for

Strategic Planning and Supervision

Statistical Centre Of Iran

Data Capture Technology

Statistical Centre Of IRAN

Presented by :


data capture technologies
Data Capture Technologies
  • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
pda technology
PDA Technology
  • Instances of the PDA applications in the SCI Surveys and Censuses
  • General Advantages
  • Application specification
  • Localization and customization
  • Activities for conducting the survey
  • Limitations
instance of the pda application in the sci
Instance of the PDA application in the SCI
  • Collecting images and multimedia contents on tribes in the Census of Nomadic Tribes of Iran in order to be used in Encyclopedia of Iranian Tribes.
  • In sampling surveys including monthly and periodical surveys PDAs are frequently used.
general advantages of pda
General Advantages of PDA
  • They are convenient tools for Personal Information Management (PIM).
  • They offer various kinds of input keyboard (Hardware keyboard, Virtual Keyboard on LCD, Finger- touch screen)
  • Communication via USB, Infrared and Bluetooth
  • Accurate, rapid, single- time data entry.
  • They could lead to elimination of paper questionnaires in surveys/census.
  • There will be no need for verification step.
  • PDA application will reduce the need for human resources leading to more efficiency and cost effectiveness in projects
application specification
Application specification
  • The current devices’ model in use are :
    • HP iPAQ HW6945
    • HP iPAQ HW-6955
  • Developed software packages consists of 3 sections:
    • The mobile software edition used in PDA device
    • The desktop application for central management system in provinces
    • The desktop application for central management system in the SCI
  • Developed in .NET technologies and SQL Server 2005 CE
localization and customization
Localization and customization
  • Application of GPS devices to take spatial Information
  • Assignment of sample working scopes to enumerators in monthly survey is dynamic. It should be mentioned that this dynamic process may causes some problems and concerns.
  • Measuring and evaluating spent time in each place under enumeration.
  • Simultaneous error validations to maintain data consistency.
  • Flexible navigation tool enabling browsing between different pages for filling their blank fields.
  • Possibility of data transmission thought internet
activities for conducting the survey
Activities for conducting the survey
  • Collecting Data by interviewers
  • Moving collected data from devices to central management system in provinces
  • Reviewing and verifying data by experts of provinces
  • Sending database files (.sdf files) by data communication from provinces to the SCI
  • Converting and processing received files
  • Generate new .sdf file for using in next period
  • Requires trained staff
  • In order to find direction and paths by using digital geographical maps, a more comprehensive database of maps of roads is necessary which itself requires updating the current data.
  • For using GSM features proper coverage of mobile communication network is necessary in all areas under enumeration.
  • Hardware problems like short battery life of some PDAs and their failure to operate properly as well as problem in synchronizing of PDA with pc were among other problems.
  • a comprehensive management systems– particularly in monthly surveys- is necessary to process the received files in timely manner in order to generate the required data file for next month. Sometimes, time constraint is a major problem.
icr technology
ICR Technology
  • Overview
  • Top Operational Reasons
  • Accuracy
  • ICR Stages
  • Instances of the ICR usages in the SCI Surveys and Censuses
  • Application specification and consideration
  • The Strength Points using ICR in the SCI
icr overview
ICR Overview
  • ICR is an advanced automatic data entry system
  • Captures the images of document forms
  • Reads handwritten, machine-printed, barcodes and other data fields
  • The Interpret engines convert the precious data of the images into digital format
  • Recognizes printed letters with one letter in each box
top operational reasons
Top Operational Reasons
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Improved accuracy
  • Shorter cycle time
  • Improved work distribution (skill, location)
  • Audit trails and reporting and tracking tools
  • Data privacy
how accurate it depends
How Accurate? It depends
  • Quality of incoming documents is a very critical issue

depending on :

    • Form design
    • Scan
    • Original vs. photocopy
    • Dropout vs. non-dropout
icr stages
ICR Stages
  • Template/Form creation
  • Image capture & scan
  • Image pre-processing
  • Batch processing
  • Recognition and data extraction
  • Data validation and Review
instance of the icr usages
Instance of the ICR usages
  • Conducting a pilot census in some provinces in 2005
  • Conducting 2006 National Population and Housing Census
  • Using it as a major data capture tool in Iranian Households Economic Data Collection Project in 2008
application specification consideration
Application specification & consideration
  • Various kind of forms with different layouts and contents
  • High complex structure of Farsi writing in comparison to Latin
  • Scan forms for about 45 pages per-minute for double sides in A3 size forms with 200 DPI resolution
  • Distribute the tasks using completely automated management systems
  • Developed modules for rule and batch editing, within the ICR software packages
the strength points
The Strength Points
  • Using the product of the same company’s software in 2006 Census, which was used in 2005 Pilot Census because of its accuracy and reliability.
  • Improving quality of the developed software based on feedbacks and experiences gained from the Pilot Census and experimental versions.
  • A good practice in designing and preparing of the questionnaire forms
  • A good practice in offering an acceptable estimation of scanning and reading times.