lhc access safety system ls1 dso tests n.
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LHC Access Safety System LS1 (DSO) Tests PowerPoint Presentation
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LHC Access Safety System LS1 (DSO) Tests

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LHC Access Safety System LS1 (DSO) Tests - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tomasz Ladzinski GS/ASE. LHC Access Safety System LS1 (DSO) Tests. LASS Annual Maintenance & Tests. General Principles Each winter shutdown preventive maintenance of EIS takes place.

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lass annual maintenance tests
LASS Annual Maintenance & Tests

General Principles

  • Each winter shutdown preventive maintenance of EIS takes place.
  • It is followed by an annual proof test of the correct acquisition/distribution of all I/O signals from/to EIS-access - normative requirement to detect latent errors
  • DSO Test is the final stage of the access safety system validation before the beam permit is signed. No more interventions in the LASS racks until the next shutdown.

Organisational Constraints

  • In the LHC during winter shutdowns the DSO Test is the only moment when the full sensor-logic-actuator chain can be tested.
  • During the DSO Tests all EIS-beam/machine are tested, but only a representative sample of EIS-access is used.
  • On average around 15 intrusions are triggered in 1 day.

T.Ladzinski GS/ASE - edms: 1384648

overview of major ls1 modifications
Overview of major LS1 Modifications

T.Ladzinski GS/ASE - edms: 1384648

ls1 testing strategy
LS1 Testing Strategy
  • For the non-modified parts of the system, the general testing strategy is the same as for a standard winter shutdown.
  • New safety functions, new EIS etc. require systematic sensor-logic-actuator tests, as was the case in 2008.
  • Validating the modifications related to securing the Powering Phase II (major modification that needs to be operational in August 2014):
    • All software tested in the lab prior to deployment
    • Sensor-Logic chain tested on site (annual proof test)
    • 5 days allocated to the test of the safety functions

Conducting this series of tests will made yet another round of EIS-a position signal acquisition tests.

T.Ladzinski GS/ASE - edms: 1384648

access powering interlock test
Access Powering Interlock Test
  • Objective

In access mode verify that:

  • a sign of human presence as detected by EIS-access (patrol lost, door opened, restricted key taken);
  • opening of a pressure resistant door;

sends a signal to the PIC controller.

  • Schedule
  • Friday 6 JuneLHC8-LHC1-TI8 (ECX4,TAG42)powering of sector 8-1
  • Friday 13 June   LHC6-LHC7-LHC8            powering of sectors 6-7 & 7-8
  • Friday 20 June LHC1/1.8-LHC2-TI2(SPS also)powering of sector 1-2
  • Friday 4 July LHC2-LHC3-LHC4            powering of sectors 2-3 & 3-4
  • Friday 25 JulyLHC4-LHC5-LHC6            powering of sectors 4-5 & 5-6

Partial DSO Tests

Access only for GS/ASE to Tunnel and Service Zones

Will be patrolled the evening before – restricted mode!

T.Ladzinski GS/ASE - edms: 1384648

testing remaining new functionalities
Testing Remaining New Functionalities

Local access constraints:

  • Functional Test of Collimation Region Doors in LHC7 (needs nominal ventilation)
  • Functional Test of new interlocked access zone PM32
  • Functional Tests LHC4 Tunnel - Electron Stoppers ‘out-of-chain’ enhancements
  • Apply/remove new Radiation Vetoes in Injection and Beam Dump Tunnels

LHC-wide access constraints (NO ACCESS / BEAM mode):

  • Intrusion in beam mode for all EIS-access that have been moved or introduced(UL14/16 AP; UX451 AP+ EoZ door; Ventilation doors in US32, US76, UP53; EoZ doors USC55, UJ561, TI2)
  • Maintenance Door Tests
    • Interlocked barrier at the maintenance door level

PLC and Cabled Loop (including the staircase doors)

    • Check the functionality of the door

Simulate access point maintenance in Beam mode

  • SPS Shutdown Key (additional constraint – SPS Chain 1 interlocked)
    • Connection/disconnection of LHC BIW – exhaustive tests of ‘interlock barrier degradation’ (access blocked & BIW sirens)
    • SPS Magnet Patrol signal acquisition by LASS
  • Latch of the cabled loop

T.Ladzinski GS/ASE - edms: 1384648

lass modification cycle full v v
LASS Modification Cycle – Full V&V

June-July, LHC Access Blocked 2-3/8

EIS-access put back in chain

Weekend 4-5 Oct., LHC Access Blocked

EIS-beam/machine in chain

EIS-beam/machine in chain in September

T.Ladzinski GS/ASE - edms: 1384648

Weekend 4-5 Oct, LHC Access Blocked

LASS in nominal configuration

Weekend 11-12 Oct, LHC Access Blocked

LASS in nominal configuration

  • Many access modifications during LS1 – implementation well on track.
  • Powering-Interlock Tests in June-July to:
    • validate the correct functioning of the access-powering interlock
    • validate the patrol and EIS-access position signals
  • DSO Test dates requested in March:
    • Weekend 4/5 October
    • Weekend 11/12 October - backup
  • Both dates should in principle be free in the schedule and after analysis of the validation needs the plan is to use them as follows:
    • Weekend 4/5 October – Beam Mode Tests by GS/ASE (exhaustive test for new equipment/functions)
    • Weekend 11/12 October – the DSO Test (sampling)

T.Ladzinski GS/ASE - edms: 1384648