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  1. Taking the power back: can advertisers regain control? ROI TRACKER Steve King 4 October 2007

  2. The media ecology - 1996

  3. Consumer‘s media habits have changed In 1990 10 prime time spots in Europe would give you an average reach of 55%

  4. Consumer‘s media habits have changed Today that figure is closer to 15%

  5. The media ecology - 1996

  6. The media ecology - 2010

  7. consumer’s always in control

  8. more information more brands more media more ways to choose what has changed ?

  9. more information

  10. more media More media Source: BRAD

  11. Teenagers: internet more popular than TV % of time spent by medium (UK) Adults Teenagers Magazines Magazines Newspapers Newspapers TV TV Internet Internet Radio Radio Source: Forrester Research

  12. Declining recall of TV advertising % Day after recall of TV advertising (USA) Source: Media Dynamics

  13. more brands

  14. more ways to choose

  15. Today’s consumer and media environments call for a more multi-faceted and integrated approach to marketing, from our consumer communications to the point of sale and all the way through to opening a bottle of Coca-Cola. Creativity is vital, and so is a broader, holistic view of how to reach our consumers. ” Neville Isdell, CEO The Coca-Cola Company June 2004

  16. Reality of brandexperience

  17. Reality of ad measurement outdoor radio print television

  18. Branded Screens Viral Mail Household PDAs 268 projects 281,000 interviews 36 countries 139 categories 69 clients Mobile Mkt. Elevator Advertising Telemarketing Fax Mail iTV PDAs ROI TRACKER Radio Delivery Fulfillment Branded Mobile Phone Sites Television PVRs Event/ Sponsorships Magazines Outdoor Newsprint Placement/ Product Sampling Full-page Banners Telematics Screens on Exercise Bikes Banner Ads Branded Web Content Image Content Scanner Bar Code Scanner Branded CDs Branded Games Customer Service Brand Experience Point of Sale Face-to-Face

  19. ROI TRACKER personal interactive experiential

  20. GRPs no longer a good proxy for ad effect engagement exposure

  21. Garnier-spokesperson Style Column Footage from audition events Style Station Footage AI Contestant “Transformation” Videos & Style/Hair-related editorial Re-purposed Garnier TV Features 11 Weekly Style/Transformation Features on AI Extra 3 AI Rewind “Transformation” Features 2 American Idol Promos 11 Weekly “guerilla makeover” features outside AI Theater on TV Guide Channel in their Idol Tonight program Garnier “RYS” Stage Performances Top 24 Party Styling Stations, TV/Print coverage w/ Step & Repeat AI Style Videos 15K / Event Styling Stations / Sampling Rock Your Style Stage Presenting sponsor of Top 24 Party / P.R. Event digital TV Tie-ins Event

  22. Taking the power back: can advertisers regain control? ROI TRACKER Steve King 4 October 2007