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SPACE JUNK. What damage does it do.

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Space junk

What damage does it do.

Space junk can do lots of different damages depending on the size abd how heavy it is. If a piece about the weight of 1 kilogram was to hit a space craft it would probably put a hole through. Even a speck of paint does a fair bit of damage it can leave a hole in a window over a quarter inch deep. It is hard to protect things in space from junk like on solar panels if the craft needs them to give electricity to it they can't really have some of them down with holes in them.

One of the worst collisions with space junk happened this year in January. The deactivated Kosmos-2251 collided with the active Iridium33 with the Kosmos weighing 950 and the iridium weighing 560 kilograms collided making a cloud of debris that elevated risk of a spacecraft getting hit.

Space junk

What can we do about it.

Scientist are thinking up many ideas on how we can get rid of all the junk in space. One of the most affordable and easiest was thought by Jim Hollopeter. His idea was to use rockets loaded with water to spray the debris with huge force to earth then most of the debris would burn up and the water would turn to steam.

There is also an idea to use a laser to gradually burn up the junk. This would cost $500,000,000 be a small price compared to putting a space shuttle. A few other ideas have been to use magnets but experts say thats useless because don't have much iron in ships. Another idea was to use huge nets to try and trap them but that wouldn't work because somethings would just go threw the holes and you wouldn't be able to control were it went. Most of these thoughts are unlikely to happen because it was still give more danger to working satellites and space stations.

Space junk




What is Space Junk

Whats in Space Junk