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INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SAFETY AND SECURITY. UNM INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL RECOMMENDATIONS. Meet With The Manager Of Industrial Security For: Country-specific threat information Export Control Precautions Updated travel warnings Laptop/cell phone security recommendations Personal Safety

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  2. UNM INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL RECOMMENDATIONS Meet With The Manager Of Industrial Security For: Country-specific threat information Export Control Precautions Updated travel warnings Laptop/cell phone security recommendations Personal Safety Protect research and identity theft

  3. Important Travel Websites • U.S. Department of State http://www.state.gov/ • STEP http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/go/step.html • U.S. Embassy Website http://usembassy.gov • Centers for Disease Control www.cdc.gov • Global Incident Map (multitude of events) http://quakes.globalincidentmap.com/ • Current Events http://www.telegraph.co.uk/http://news.yahoo.com/world/ • International Travel Security Brochures http://researchcompliance.unm.edu/

  4. TRAVEL PREPARATION I • If staying in foreign country for 7+ days, notify in-country US embassy (Register in STEP) • Beware of ATM Skimmers • - Use ATM’s located inside banks or businesses • - Pull on card slot for indications of false faceplate • - Advise bank and credit card companies of travel • Photocopy documents to carry on person; leave originals in safe in hotel • If hotel asks you to surrender your passport during your stay, request a receipt

  5. TRAVEL PREPARATION II - Leave copy of itinerary with family and/or co-workers - DO NOT post on Facebook while you are traveling. If home is burglarized while you are away and your insurance company determines you posted that you were traveling, they may not file your claim. Do not take expensive jewelry Prepare Last Will and Testament Home security - Stop mail and newspaper delivery Remove unneeded items from wallet and purse

  6. MEDICATIONS/IMMUNIZATIONS • Medications/Eyeglass prescription • - Keep stored in prescription bottles • - Take more than required in case trip is extended • - Written prescriptions • - Some medications cannot be taken to • other countries – Contact consulate for information • * Example: ADHD meds prohibited in Japan • Ensure immunizations are current • Ensure medical insurance has adequate international coverage • -Evacuation/repatriation • -Unexpected emergencies (lost passport or wallet) • - HTH Insurance available through UNM Student Health • - TravMed Insurance offered thru Safety and Risk Services

  7. AIRPORT SECURITY Avoid wireless computer networks 400% increase in virus’ fromWiFi connections Dangers of Public Wi-Fi: http://www.kob.com/article/stories/S3099746.shtml?cat=504#.U3PraPPnbcs - Never use passwords on unsecured Wi-Fi - Mobile charging stations stealing data Customs - double check bags for missing or new contents - if laptop is taken out of your sight, beware of virus or data theft Sensitive Conversations - innocent conversations can wander into sensitive areas Stay awake, secure items, don’t trust stranger to watch your luggage Beware of “shoulder surfers”

  8. LOCAL AREA CONSIDERATIONS I • Safe Havens - US Embassies/Consulates; police station; businesses with lobbies • If you are being followed do not approach or confront • Carry wallet/passport in front pocket • Avoid tap water, ice cubes, street vendor food • Never leave food or drink unattended

  9. LOCAL AREA CONSIDERATIONS II • Photography Unless granted permission, don’t photograph government buildings, holy sites, police, military bases or personnel • Clothing Mimic the locals clothing, no risqué clothing, no T-shirts with slogans Some countries forbid camouflage • Stay away from protests/demonstrations • Do not accept packages from strangers

  10. VEHICLE SECURITY • Leading Cause of Death overseas—car/pedestrian accidents • Keep doors locked while driving or parked • Leave no items in plain view inside car interior • Don’t allow gas tank to drop below half full • Familiarize yourself with local area driving laws • Have detailed street maps to and from hotel

  11. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SECURITY • Ask hotel front desk to call you a taxi – do not flag one down on the street - American citizens have been robbed or kidnapped by independent taxi drivers - Cheat you in fares leaving you no recourse • Pick pockets love tourists - Be observant on public transportation and in crowded public areas

  12. HOTEL SECURITY DO’S • Request a room between 2nd and 5th floor - Harder for thieves - Easier for fire rescue • When leaving room, leave: • TV/radio on • Do not disturb sign • Light on • Drawers/closet closed • Utilize safe if secure DON’TS • Open door for unordered food/requests • Leave valuables unsecured • Enter room if it appears room was disturbed during your absence

  13. THE NEW GLOBAL MOBILE THREAT USE SAME PRECAUTIONS ON A MOBILE DEVICE AS YOU WOULD USEON YOUR LAPTOP CELL PHONES CONTAIN YOUR WHOLE LIFE • Personal data, bank and credit card account information • Intellectual property • Calendar information • GPS –Geotagging – photos can give away your location • Use password to unlock phone • Download anti-virus app • Do not allow strangers to use your cell phone • Do not hand someone your phone to take your picture • Consider purchasing disposable cell/SIM card – Data downloads are costly

  14. LAPTOP SECURITY ITIPS TO KEEP LAPTOP AND YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION SAFE • Leave laptop at home, unless critical to your trip • Limit data to only what is needed for trip • Encrypt and/or password-protect data • Back up all data before leaving home • Ensure antivirus software is current and working properly • 400% increase in virus’ from WiFi connections • Do not install any software updates requested by a public WiFi • Do not use passwords on unprotected WiFi • Refrain from taking free thumb drives at conferences • If you put your thumb drive in someone else’s PC, destroy it • Use a computer lock/cable and secure laptop to an immovable item in room

  15. LAPTOP SECURITY II IF LAPTOP IS STOLEN • Report the theft to local Police and UNM ISD and your Dean if laptop contained sensitive/proprietary information IF THERE IS A NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE IN OPERATION • Change your network password to help secure access to university servers • Run virus scan and clean install on machine ASK I.T. TO EXAMINE LAPTOP BEFORE RECONNECTING TO UNIVERSITY NETWORK !!

  16. BORDER SEARCHES OF LAPTOPS & ELECTRONIC DEVICES Reasonable suspicion is not needed for customs officials to search a laptop computer or other personal electronic storage devices at the border. Arnold, 533 F.3d at 1008.

  17. EXPORT CONTROL ISSUES • If you are unsure if research/technology/equipment or chemical/biological agents you are taking overseas are Export-Controlled, contact Adelicia Gunn at 505-277-2968 or mtaotero@unm.edu • Do not leave technology behind without a license

  18. US Customs Form 4457Ensures you do not have to pay an import fee for personal property you took overseas – obtain signature from Albuquerque Airport Customs prior to departure

  19. If it sounds too good to be true…. • Recruitment is active • Espionage • Human trafficking • Drug trafficking • Throw money at young, poor, eager, open minded visitors immersed in their culture • Starts out innocently Glenn Shriver: http://www.washingtonian.com/articles/people/chinas-mole-in-training/ Game of Pawns: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw8ZorTB7_o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8xlUNK4JHQ

  20. DEB KUIDIS MANAGER OF INDUSTRIAL SECURITY/FSO 1805 Sigma Chi NE 505-277-0732 dkuidis@unm.edu http://researchcompliance.unm.edu/

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