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35 th Commandant of the Marine Corps PowerPoint Presentation
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35 th Commandant of the Marine Corps

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35 th Commandant of the Marine Corps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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35 th Commandant of the Marine Corps . “We will ensure that Marines, Sailors and their families have availability and access to quality facilities and support programs. The same effort will be applied equally to our single Marines, who make up half of our Corps.”

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35 th commandant of the marine corps
35th Commandant of the Marine Corps

“We will ensure that Marines, Sailors and their families have availability and access to quality facilities and support programs. The same effort will be applied equally to our single Marines, who make up half of our Corps.”

“Keeping Faith with our Marines, our Sailors and our Families.”

strategic priorities
  • Strengthen Resiliency
  • Promote Combat Readiness through functional fitness & High Intensity Tactical Training
  • Promote Healthy Lifestyles & Active Living
  • Teach Basic Skills that Lead to Lifetime Pursuits
  • Provide Opportunities that Allow Marines & Families to Connect to their Community
  • Provide Customer/Unit Driven Programs & Services
  • Promote Inclusive Practices
  • Amplify Family Programming
  • Ensure quality MWR support for deployed Marines world-wide
  • Provide fully automated and integrated recreation management system
physical resiliency
  • Standardized fitness and nutrition programs
  • Develop Individual & Unit PT templates
  • High Intensity Tactical Training, a researched based approach to training
  • Intervene in case of degraded fitness
  • Injury Prevention to address post deployment physical fitness recovery
physical resiliency6

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • A ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function.
  • Identifies functional limitations and asymmetries
  • Generates a FMS score which is used to target problems and track progress.
  • Exercise professionals identify corrective exercises that will restore proper function and movement.
  • An injury prevention tool - early detection diminishes the need for extensive testing and analysis.
  • Standardization - creates a functional baseline to mark progress and provides a means to measure performance.
physical resiliency7
  • Nutrition education programs to optimize diets and performance
  • Fueled to Fight
    • Name restored for I & L initiative in all USMC Dining Facilities
    • Developed standardized nutrition material for DI’s and recruits
    • Reviewed 1400 recipes for appropriate coding
  • Standardized nutrition education developed for fitness & health promotion
    • Body Composition Program
    • Dietary Supplements (HRPC – DoD wide)
    • Children & Teens (Childhood Obesity)
    • Sports nutrition
    • Commissary tours
    • Cooking classes
    • Fast-paced nutrition
  • East/West Coast Train the Trainer courses by 30 Sept 2011
physical resiliency8

Tobacco Cessation

  • USMC – highest prevalence of use of all services & the civilian population
  • Tobacco Treatment Specialist Course at the world renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN
    • 1 of only 4 programs nationwide
    • Certified by Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence (ATTUD)
    • 9 Semper Fit Health Educators
  • Working group through OASN
    • Remove barriers to OTC NRT and counseling (TRICARE benefit)
    • OTC NRT to BAS & in theatre
    • DoN wide media campaign (Educate, Educate, Educate)
  • ASMAC Subcommittee
    • Draft DoDI for Tobacco Free MTFs
    • Collaborations with Federal, State & community partners
social resiliency
  • Link social connection to resiliency through the pursuit of leisure activities
  • Customer driven programs (leisure needs assessment)
  • Unit-driven recreational programs and alternative PT opportunities
social resiliency10
  • Assist Marines in Re-Integration, Empower Small-Unit Leaders, Maintain Combat readiness and Enhance Unit cohesion
  • Introduces Outdoor Recreation Adventure Activities as a positive alternative to high risk/destructive behaviors
  • O.A.R. Pilot locations Camp Lejeune and MCAS Yuma
social resiliency11

24 August MCB Camp Jejune

28 September MCAS Cherry Point

12 October MCAS Beaufort

21 October MCB Hawaii

3 February MCB Camp Pendleton

Late February/early March - MCB Camp Lejeune

7 – 19 May MCB Camp Butler, Camp Fuji, MCAS Iwakuni

Dates TBD:


MCAS New River

MWTC Bridgeport

MCAGCC Twentynine Palms (2 dates)

leisure needs assessment
  • To determine customer’s interest in a variety of leisure activities.
  • Data will be utilized to help shape programs provided through Semper Fit & Recreation
  • Will identify program delivery methods
  • Mid-October Launch
    • MARADMIN will announce
    • Email blast
  • Need you help to disseminate
family resiliency

OSD Family Fitness Outreach


  • OSD/MC&FP funding $5 million
  • Services have partnered to develop a multi-faceted approach to family fitness.

Programs must be:

  • Multi-faceted with multiple delivery mechanisms
  • Incorporate physical fitness, lifestyle activities, and nutrition
  • Include child/youth, nutrition and industry expertise

Family Fitness Program development focused on:

  • Sustainable over time
  • Train the Trainer Module
  • Packaged structured play programs
  • Web based/Community based program delivery
  • Mobile program delivery where applicable
hqmc contacts
  • Branch Head: Catherine Ficadenti
  • Section Head: Betty Maffei, Fitness & Health Promotion
  • Section Head: Robin Vannes, Recreation & Deployment Support
  • Section Head: Charles Rose, All Marine & Installation Sports
  • Section Head: Kevin McDonald, Recreation & Childcare Management System