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Specification & Quantities Estimating

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Specification & Quantities Estimating. Lecturer Eng: Eyad A. Haddad. College of Applied Engineering& Urban Planning. Course Aims & Objectives. At the completion of this course, the student will:

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specification quantities estimating

Specification & Quantities Estimating


Eng: Eyad A. Haddad

College of Applied Engineering& Urban Planning

Eng: Eyad Haddad

course aims objectives
Course Aims & Objectives

At the completion of this course, the student will:

Recognize the preliminary and detailed estimating methods and focusing on the elements for construction projects

To be familiar with cost analysis and preparation for bidding.

Understanding and be familiar with the construction specification in particular for building.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

course outline
Course Outline

Part 1 : Quantity Survey

Introduction to Engineering project including project cycle, & bidding documents.

Quantities surveying and calculation of different areas.

Methods of measurement of the works.

Pricing & cost analysis.

Payment certificate.

Application on Engineering project

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Part 2 : Technical specification

Earth works

Concrete works

Masonry works



Metal work

Carpentry work

Painting works


Plumbing works

Electrical works

Eng: Eyad Haddad

the engineering project
The Engineering Project


Mechanical Works

Electrical Works

Structural works

Architectural Works

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Types of construction Engineering Projects :

  • Building construction
  • Roads Construction
  • Water Systems
  • Sewerage and Storm water systems

Eng: Eyad Haddad

project cycle
Project Cycle

Studies, design, tendering

Taking- over, and operation

Implementation & supervision

Eng: Eyad Haddad

main stages in construction project
Main stages in construction project

1- Concept : identify the project needs, and objectives

2- technical studies as feasibility study, possibility of implementation, primary cost, and possibility of financing …..etc.

3- Preliminary design

4- Detailed design including architectural , structural, electrical, mechanical.

5- Tender documents.

6 – Tendering

7- Contract Award

8- contract agreement

9- starting construction

10- Preliminary handing over the project

11- the operation of the project

12- maintenance period

13- Project final handing over.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

tender documents
Tender Documents
  • Invitation to bid
  • Instruction to bidders
  • Information to bidders & bid data
  • Biding Forms
  • General conditions of contract
  • Specific condition of contract
  • Specification
  • BOQ
  • Drawings
  • Contract forms

Eng: Eyad Haddad

the project parties
The Project Parties
  • The Employer /Owner
  • The consultant: who appointed by the employer to do the design and bidding documents and supervise the construction work.
  • The contractor: who was approved by the employer to implement the works according to the submitted bid.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

other parties
Other Parties

Municipalities, ministries,

suppliers, technicians

Subcontracts, workers,

Insurance companies

Banks and other financing agencies.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

construction project teams
Construction Project Teams

Main tasks for engineering teams in the project are :

- design

- Implementation / construction

- supervision

Eng: Eyad Haddad

quantity surveyor
Quantity Surveyor

He the person who is responsible on estimating the quantities from the design drawings, and measurement of the quantities in the site during the project implementation, and preparing the current and final payments.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

quantity surveys take off
Quantity Surveys (take off)

It is the quantity of works/material take off , required for the completion of project implementation, and listed as items in table of quantities.

In general we can describe quantity survey as follows:

Description and preparation of the bill of quantities and its items required for the tender.

Preparation of the site material, material types, and material distribution.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

quantity surveys take off cont
Quantity surveys (take off) .. Cont.

Describe the items and preparing BOQ

Preparing of the cost estimate in BOQ.

Preparation of the list of the site needs (technician / workers)

Preparation of the due payment statements (contractor payments during the construction)

Eng: Eyad Haddad

tasks of the quantity surveyor
Tasks of the Quantity Surveyor

First : in the consultant office :

  • Stage 1 :During the preparation of bidding documents :
  • Preparation of the BOQ from the design drawing which part of bidding documents.
  • Preparation of cost estimate for items listed in BOQ
  • Review and check the bids submitted from bidders.
  • Preparation of the lists of the contents of bids received.
  • Sharing in evaluation and preparation of t recommendation to award the contract to be submitted to owner.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

quantity surveyor tasks
Quantity Surveyor Tasks
  • Stage 2 :During the supervision of the construction
  • Review and checking the payments submitted from the contractor.
  • Preparation of the reports about the conformity of the quantities items with contract documents.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

second in the contractor company
Second : In the Contractor Company

- During the implementation :

  • Review and checking the BOQ at the starting of the work.
  • Prepare the eng. Measurement for the quantities of the finished works.
  • Prepare lists of the site needs (material, workers, technicians)
  • Calculate the remuneration of the subcontractors, workers, equipments,…etc.
  • Prepare the payment statements
  • Prepare the detailed reports describing the situation of the items quantities, (plus or minus the contract BOQ)

Eng: Eyad Haddad

required skills
Required Skills
  • Ability to understand the drawings details, design drawings, shop drawings, as built ).
  • Excellent knowledge of the calculation of the areas and volumes, knowledge of fees of workers e /technicians/ , rules and law of the contracts,
  • In addition to the knowledge of related financial issues/ taxes, banks transactions, insurances and its implication.
  • Knowledge of the productivity of the workers and technicians.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

stages of the quantity survey
Stages of the Quantity Survey
  • Stage1 : preparation of the engineering measurement and calculations of the works during the preparation of the bidding documents (consultant) and
  • preparation of the measurement of the accomplished works in the site and prepare the payment (contractor)
  • Stage 2 : preparing BOQ
  • Stage 3 : review and check the financial payments.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

areas volumes surface areas
Areas, Volumes, & Surface areas

See attached PDF file

Eng: Eyad Haddad

next lecture
Next Lecture :
  • Special calculations of the areas and volumes.
  • Measurement of the works.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

lecture 3
Lecture # 3

Eng: Eyad Haddad

method of measurements
Method of measurements

1- Conventional measurement (الكيل البلدي)

  • Depends on experience, and type of project.
  • Doesn't govern by theories or engineering basics.
  • Not considered as scientific method.
  • Doesn't subtract the opening as windows or doors from the block, plastering, painting works and computing whole wall.
  • Another example : as the every 3 steps in stair = 1 m3

2- Engineering measurement (الكيل الهندسي)

It is calculating all the works finished after subtracting all opening.

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Eng: Eyad Haddad

types of construction works
Types of construction works
  • Building construction
  • Roads construction
  • Water Booster P.S and piping,
  • Sewage and storm water P.S and piping.
  • Electrical construction

Eng: Eyad Haddad

preparation of engineering measurements
Preparation of engineering measurements

measurement sheet

project name _________________

contractor name ____________

engineer name _______________

Eng: Eyad Haddad

example measurement of earth work excavation works
Example :Measurement of Earth Work / Excavation works

Measured by 2 methods :1- footings areas according to blinding area * depth of excavation according to drawings.2- external dimensions of the building *depth of footings

Eng: Eyad Haddad

measurement of works concrete works
Measurement of works / concrete works

Concrete works measures engineering measurement

All opening more than 0.1m2 or 0.1 m3 are deducted.

The concrete works more than the areas, volumes in the drawings doesn’t included.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

bill of quantities
Bill of Quantities

The results in the quantities book, are recorded in the BOQ table.

It is preferable to add 5-10% percentage on the quantities for contingency to avoid any errors or any…..

Eng: Eyad Haddad

lecture 4
Lecture # 4

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Example 1

Estimate the quantities and prepare bill of quantities for the following works:

Concrete for columns.

Concrete for footings.

Plastering, painting and tilting for guest room

Tiling and plastering for bathroom 1, provided that the tiles will cover all the walls.

Knowing that,

Height of the floor is 2.95m

The windows for guest room are150x120cm, 300x120cm, and the doors are 220x90

cm and 220x120 cm

Bathroom1 door is 220x70 cm, and the window is 80x80cm

Depth of excavation is 1.2 m

Dimension of ground beams is 20x50 cm.

Thickness of Blinding concrete is 10 cm and increase 10 cm in each direction.

Dimension for columns and footings described in the following table:

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Example 2 :Estimate the quantities and prepare bill of quantities for the following works:

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Example 3 :Estimate the quantities and prepare bill of quantities for the following works:

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Example 4 :Estimate the quantities and prepare bill of quantities for the following works:

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Example 5 :Estimate the quantities and prepare bill of quantities for the following works:

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Example 4 :Estimate the quantities and prepare bill of quantities for the following works:

Eng: Eyad Haddad

measurement of works concrete works2
Measurement of works / concrete works

Concrete works measures engineering measurement

All openinng more than 0.1m2 or 0.1 m3 are deducted.

The concrete works more than the areas, volumes in the drawings doesn’t included.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

bill of quantities1
Bill of Quantities

The results in the quantities book, are recorded in the BOQ table.

It is preferable to add 5-10% percentage on the quantities for contingency to avoid any errors or any.

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Lecture # 5

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Methods of EstimatesA) Actual cost: is known at the completion of the work.B) Detailed Estimates : must known before the construction stage, and it can be prepared in four stages as follow:1. Details of Measurements and calculation of quantities.(by using Details of Measurements Form )2. Abstract of estimated cost. (by using Abstract of estimated Form )3. Transfer the data to the Bill of Quantities.4. Summary table

Eng: Eyad Haddad

2 abstract of estimated form
2. Abstract of estimated Form

measurement sheet

project name _________________

contractor name ____________

engineer name _______________

Eng: Eyad Haddad

3 transfer the data to the bill of quantities
3. Transfer the data to the Bill of Quantities

See the attached example

Eng: Eyad Haddad

bill of quantities2
Bill of Quantities

The items are classified into categories as shown in the next table.

at the end of BOQ, summary of the items are shown as well as the total amount of the price

Eng: Eyad Haddad

4 summary table
4. Summary table

Eng: Eyad Haddad

item description
Item description
  • Based on drawings, specification.
  • It should be accurate and reflect the drawings and specifications,
  • Description should include :

1- description of the works

2- unit

3- determine the method of measurement.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

how to read the description
How to read the description

Description of the items

Drawings, details


General and specific conditions

Instruction of the supervisor engineer

Eng: Eyad Haddad

the work price should include
the work price should include

The description of the item should include all the work that the unit price will take account of as will be illustrated in the following

Eng: Eyad Haddad

1 earth work
1- Earth work
  • The unit price should include :-
  • Excavation in any kind of soil, rock, etc., starting at reduced level (bottom of G.B. blinding) down to bottom of foundation blinding including compacting backfill around foundations and shall be applied on layers, 200 mm thick, watered and compacted to 95 % (98%) according to modified AASHTO Density Test T-80.for the excavated foundation and removal of surplus material from site to an approved dumping area complete as per specifications.
  • Site Leveling. (Excavation of all Site including External Works). Cut and / or fill in any kind of soil, concrete, or asphalt; to the required Levels approved by the Engineer (Reduced Level). Including scraping of top. Any damage to the external walls, fence, etc. should be maintained without any compensations..
  • Test of the soil (4 points at least)
  • Safety around the site,
  • Work according to engineer instruction and specifications

Eng: Eyad Haddad

concrete work
Concrete work

Concrete works include:

All formworks and shuttering in any form, shape and size. Making chamfered and curved edges, allowing for and making grooves and sleeves and the like; removal of forms and cleaning of all exposed tie wires and rods; making good the harmed surfaces and

Supplying, Casting, vibrating and curing as per specifications.

Approved additives and admixtures.

Incurred costs on Concrete Mix Designs, Sample taking, testing and providing test results certificates, storing and saving of samples, and preparation of bar bending schedules and workshops.

Supplying reinforcement of any grade, size and length as detailed in the drawings, storing on site including cutting, bending and fixing in position and providing all tying wires, spacers, shop drawings, testing and bar bending schedules

Eng: Eyad Haddad

concrete work cont d
Concrete work (cont’d)

Painting of exposed surfaces of underground reinforced concrete elements with two coats of Bituminous Emulsion. Supply of Polyethylene sheets under ground slabs.

Steel bars used for alignment and fixing of reinforcement works, and extra steel added to assure proper detailing and safety.

Measurement of Concrete elements shall be the net dimensions as detailed in the drawings. All recesses, openings and voids shall be deducted.

Measurement shall be only for the seen surfaces of elements, overlapping and measuring items twice under separate headings shall not be allowed.

Supplying and fixing of the required steel reinforcement as per drawings and specifications.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

block works
Block works

Rates of Block works include

All works of the bill shall be of Concrete blocks of high quality standards and as per specifications.

Vertical and horizontal joints., Cement and mortar, Galvanized angles and ties., Closed end blocks at all ends, door and window jambs, reveals and the like.

Concrete filling including reinforcing steel to cavities at quoins and door and window openings.

Lintels and bond beams to the full length of the wall,

and all needed to complete job as per drawings and specifications

concrete infill and transporting, placing compacting, curing, surface finishing, protection, construction and expansion joints and all labors and materials and tests.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

block works cont d
Block works (cont’d)

Block work shall be bonded to concrete columns, wall and the like with concrete infill B250. block must be stopped in graded shape (10-15 cm from the concrete face) one 8 mm bar must cast in columns during casting with 40 cm length fixed every 42 cm horizontally, in addition to two vertical 10 mm bars.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

plastering works includes
Plastering works, includes
  • The price shall include, all narrow widths, for taking out joints on block walls or backing concrete face for key, for making good to frames around pipes and other fittings , plastering to jambs and reveals of openings (جانب من النافذة بين اطارها وبين السطح الخارجى للجدار), side of columns, window sills; all of which shall be included Price shall also include Expanded metal lath, angle beads at all corners and plaster stops at opening edges, expansion joints, sills, labor, curing, erecting and dismantling of scaffoldings سقالات), additives, pigments and all incidentals required as specified
  • Material, workmanship,
  • Galvanized mesh, or plastic mesh,
    • False ceiling from galvanized mesh and plastering

(fixing mesh , covering it by 3-coats of rough plaster)

  •  reinforcement of the joints between different material as the joints between the wall and columns.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

tilling works
Tilling works

Rate shall include preparation of surfaces under tiles, special tile peace’s for edges and the like, tile surface finishing, Plastic spacers. Pointing and cleaning and all incidental as per specifications.

Supply, Install and Terrazzo Tiles, include, bedding and jointing in cement and sand mortar, pointing with white cement, required sand fill, and polishing, workmanship, and all incidental as per specifications

Isolation works for kitchen and bathroom (layer of fiber glass, and bitumen layers)

Marble includes connections, joints, mortar, and any other needed work.

Supply and install a layer of cement and sand under marble and porcelain , ceramic, according to specification and engineer instruction.

Supply and spread a layer of sand under the tiles.

Any decoration works as drawings

Eng: Eyad Haddad

painting works
Painting works

All Paints shall be supplied to site in sealed container, as approved by the Engineer, and site mixing shall not be permitted.

The Contractor rates shall include for supply of all materials, workmanship, samples, surface preparation , protection of painted surfaces , application to all heights as required of works, repair of all damaged surface, as per specification.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

carpentry and joinery works window doors
  • Sizes of carpentry works given in the Bills of Quantities are finished sizes and shall be as per Drawings.
  • Sizes of doors and other items mentioned in the Bills of Quantities shall allow for tolerance to suit the structural openings shown in the Drawings.
  • Wooden doors and pair of doors shall be measured in square meter for each structural opening, unless stated otherwise in the Bills of Quantities. Rates for carpentry and joinery work shall include :
    • Shop and coordinated drawings.
    • frames, architrave (عارضة ), and other holders
    • Allowance for plastering and tiling and the like.
    • Cutting and fitting around obstructions, Bedding and painting.
    • Grounds, blocking and backings.
    • Plugging concrete, block work, and stone work , and making good.
    • Ironmongery including cylindrical locks, handles, stoppers, screws, temporary fixing, re-fixing, oiling and adjusting.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

steel and aluminum works

Rates for metalwork shall include for :

Preparing shop drawings,

Drilling, counter sinking, screwing, bolting and riveting.

Sub frames, including galvanized steel frames for Aluminum windows and architrave.

Gaskets, sashes, double weather strips and external and internal approved quality silicon filling around frames.

Ironmonger including cylindrical locks (Union or equal) , stoppers, handles, temporarily fixing, refitting, oiling and adjusting.

Providing two keys for each lock .

Glass and glazing including cutting to size, putty and rubber.

Preparing surfaces for and painting one coat of primer before fixing.

Sealing and Painting to any area or width in any location including work in multicolor and cutting in edges.

All other accessories and incidentals required to execute the work.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

electrical works
Electrical works

All items price to include Supply, Installing, Connecting and testing unless otherwise indicated, the contractor are requested to have approved full coordinated work shop drawings before starting contract activities, the price also includes all works necessary to implement electrical works in approved manner.

The contractor intended to order main and final distribution panel boards according to approved manufacturer drawings.

The price to include submittals, catalogs, any manufacturer instruction .

The contractor should install and construct all works according to drawings , specification tender documents, and requirement of Electrical Co.

Contractor should also test & submit the electrical

Work to the Electricity Co. & Municipality.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

plumbing sanitary and mechanical works

Rates shall include all fittings , fixtures , appliances and pipe laying Supply of material, workmanship, installation, testing and commissioning.

Rates to include also all peaces and fittings, including by passes , floats, cleaning outlets , automatic vents, vents and stack covers, valves and non return valves and the like needed to complete works as per specifications.

Insulation and painting as called for in specifications.

Excavation and cutting for all pipe laying works, bedding back filling and all works connected with pipe laying.

All ties, sleeves, joints, tie bolts and rods, brackets and the like.

Rates to include Workshops, Coordinated and as- built drawings as approved by the Engineer

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Lecture # 6

Eng: Eyad Haddad

pricing price analysis
Pricing & price analysis
  • Before construction three types of pricing :

1- cost estimate

2- pricing

3- cost analysis

Eng: Eyad Haddad

factors affecting the pricing
Factors affecting the pricing

Raw material

Workmanship, labor, sub-contractors

Administration cost including direct cost as salaries, equipments, transportation ..etc. and indirect cost as electricity, communication cost, banks , municipality fees, ,,,etc.

Unforeseen expenses & risk (3-5%)


Taxes as income tax, V.A.T,

Profit (7-10%)

Eng: Eyad Haddad

productivity of labor
Productivity of labor

It is necessary to calculate the productivity for the work teams either worker or technicians / equipments to calculate wages, for workers / subcontractors.

Productivity is measured per hour or per day.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

pricing analysis stages
Pricing analysis stages :

Estimate the price for raw material and workmanship.

Estimate the percentage of the specified work from the total project work . (work item/total work *100%)

Estimate the cost of administration / management , tax, insurances, risk, and profit.

Estimate the total cost for all works item.

Estimate the unit price for each item.

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Analyze the prices, and find the unit price for the following, knowing that,

1- Administrative expenses is fixed (1000$) for project

2- Unfixed expenses / indirect (400$)

3- Insurance 200 $

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Block work (20*20*40 cm)

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Internal plastering

Eng: Eyad Haddad

wooden doors 220 90 cm
Wooden doors 220*90 cm

Eng: Eyad Haddad

2 the cost of administration management tax insurances risk and profit
2- the cost of administration / management , tax, insurances, risk, and profit.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

unit price for each item
unit price for each item

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Lecture # 7

Estimating & Evaluation

Eng: Eyad Haddad

cost of housing unit
Cost of housing unit

= cost of m2 * the areas of the unit

Eng: Eyad Haddad

analysis of quantities
Analysis of quantities

Analysis to raw material quantities for example :

  • Concrete : cement, water, aggregate, steel,
  • Cement in 1m3:
  • Mixing proportion (4:2:1) = 300kg, 6:3:1 = 200 kg,
  • 8:4:1 = 150 kg
  • 1m3 concrete = 80% aggregates, 40% sand
  • 1m3 (footings) = 60kg

Eng: Eyad Haddad

miscellaneous works
Miscellaneous works

1m2 block (40*20*20) = 12.5 block

1m2 tiling (25*25) = 16

1 sack of cement = 1 m2 plastering

1 sack cement = built 100 blocks

Eng: Eyad Haddad

estimation of concrete price
Estimation of Concrete price

1 m3 concrete consist of :

350 kg cement

1.2 ton aggregates

0.8 ton sand

Price of mixing and pouring, transportation

The total price will be = 0.35 *300NIS+1.3*40+0.8*120+20 (mixing)

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Steel reinforcement

In general and according to practices, the following elements contains , Steel reinforcement

Footings = 60kg/m3

Columns = 200 kg/m3

Ground beams, stairs,= 80kg/m3

Slabs = 17kg/m2

Eng: Eyad Haddad

payment certificate
Payment certificate

Financial Request for payment, prepared by contractors, and approved by consultant / owner , describing the actual achieved works , by calculating the unit price by the quantity of item done.

It is important for the contractor as well as for the owner. For the contractor, he gets the value of works done, and save to him liquidity

for the owner , he become aware of the progress, achieved (actual) and planned, therefore, he can know if there is any obstacles or delay.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

preparation of payment
Preparation of payment

Eng: Eyad Haddad

types of payment certificates
Types of payment certificates

1- interim payment certificate

2- final statement / final payment certificates

Eng: Eyad Haddad

1 interim payment certificate
1- interim payment certificate

It is request for payment, contains quantity survey for the accomplished works , and other supporting details submitted by contractor over the progress period of the project, .

The amount of each request should not be less than 10% of the contract value or according to contract conditions

Eng: Eyad Haddad

contents of the payment certificate
Contents of the payment certificate

1- Financial Payment Certificate: it is a survey of the accomplished works (actual done), multiplied by its value according to the contract.

2- Measurements :

3- Drawings : as built drawings.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

content of the payment certificate
Content of the Payment Certificate

It contains :

1- summary, describing the commencement date, project end date, in addition to other data as contract value, variation order, percentage of the accomplished works, value of the current payment, and due payment, any amount to be deducted for retention, Percentage of retention stated in the Contract Data to the total of the above, and Retention Money (if any) stated in the Contract Data; any amounts to be added and deducted for the advance payment , the deduction of amounts certified in all previous Payment Certificates.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

payment certificate1
Payment Certificate

2- total price of the accomplished works, and percentage of the work done in relation to total project.

3- other supporting documents including the description of the items, progress in each item previously and also current, unit price, total percentage of the project progress.

Second : measurements

And it is table of actual quantity survey accomplished, including item description, number, volume (length, width, height) and the total.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

payment certificate2
Payment Certificate

Third : As build drawings, describing the details of the work done,

Eng: Eyad Haddad

final payment certificate
Final payment certificate

It is called the final payment / certificate after the primary taking over the project.

The process of approval as follows:

1- after taking over the project, final request for payment is prepared,

the contractor signed the request for payment and the measurement sheet, and submitting it to engineer / owner.

2- to be paid the following documents should be attached :

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Copy of taking over certificate signed form the committee

Copy of the bid submitted from the contractor after considering the prices in the request for payment

defect liability security

All tests results

Deduction of the works that mentioned in the taking over or any liquidated damages.

Letters of project extension if it was extended.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

final payment certificate1
Final payment certificate

Contents of the final payment certificate :

Application for the request

List of the actual accomplished works and its value.

List of measurements

As build drawings as it was approved from the engineer.

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Lecture # 8

Eng: Eyad Haddad


Weight of 1m of steel bar = (diameter, cm)2 * 0.617

Area of section = π r2

Perimeter (mm) = 2 π r

Eng: Eyad Haddad

footing table
Footing table

F4, C4

F3, C3

F2, C2

F1, C1

Eng: Eyad Haddad

length of steel bars
Length of steel Bars :

F1 : 1.5 x 1.3 x 0.45 m, Reinforcement = 11φ12 , & 9 φ12

F2 = 1.7 x 1.5 x 0.45 m, Reinforcement = 13φ12 , & 11 φ12

F3 = 1.9 x 1.7 x 0.45 m, Reinforcement = 14φ12 , & 12 φ12

F4 = 2.1 X 1.9 X 0.5 m, Reinforcement = 16φ12 , & 14 φ12

Concrete cover = 5 cm

Eng: Eyad Haddad

for f1
For F1:

Length of steel in longitudinal direction:

Ls = 1.5 - .05*2 =1.4 m

In vertical direction at both sides = (0.45-0.05*2)/3 *2= 0.24 m

The total for bar in longitudinal direction = 1.4+0.24+0.12*2=1.88 m

The total length for all steel in longitudinal direction = length of 1 bar *number of bars in the direction = 1.88*11=20.57 m

In traverse direction: = 1.3 – 0.05*2+0.12*2+0.24 = 1.68m

Total length for all steel in the short direction = 9 *1.68 = 15.12 m

The total in both direction = 35.69 m

WT of steel for one foot type F1 = 35.69 * 0.888= 31.693 kg

For all F1 = 31.693 *4 = 126.77kg.

Eng: Eyad Haddad

for column neck
For column neck:

C1 = 25*60, 6φ14

(F1 : 1.5 x 1.3 x 0.45 m, Reinforcement = 11φ12 , & 9 φ12)

Length of one bar:

Excavation depth = 1.5 m, floor height = 0.48 m

Steel leg = 1.5 – (0.05*2)/4 = 0.35 m

The total length = 1.5 +0.48+0.35+0.14 – 0.1 – 0.05 – 0.024 = 2.296 m

Eng: Eyad Haddad


For stirrups:

If length of column section <60cm, one stirrup is needed, but if it is > 60cm, two ties is needed

Concrete cover for column = 2.5 cm

For C1 = 25*60

Length of stirrups= (0.6 – 0.05)*2 = 1.1m

Width of stirrup= (0.25-0.05 )*2 = 0.4m

Total length of the stirrup= 1.1+0.4+0.08*2 = 1.66m

Eng: Eyad Haddad