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Village Palos Verdes Landscape Design

Village Palos Verdes Landscape Design. Landscape Designer Samantha Iacobello Armstrong Garden Center. Cassia leptophylla. Dominant tree in landscape. Prunus krauter vesuvius. Dominant tree around individual units. Ceanothus ray hartman. Dominant tree/shrub in landscape.

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Village Palos Verdes Landscape Design

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  1. Village Palos VerdesLandscape Design Landscape Designer Samantha Iacobello Armstrong Garden Center

  2. Cassia leptophylla • Dominant tree in landscape

  3. Prunuskrautervesuvius • Dominant tree around individual units

  4. Ceanothus ray hartman • Dominant tree/shrub in landscape

  5. Durantarepens – patio tree form • Used predominantly in smaller planters in front of individual units

  6. Angelonia archangel white flowers • Used at bottom of Duranta shrubs

  7. Berberisthunbergii Rose Glow • Used on hillsides and near individual units

  8. Echiumcandicans Star Madeira • Used to block larger open areas between buildings to prevent traffic

  9. Arctostaphylos Dr. Hurd ‘Manzanita’ • Used on hillsides mixed with other large shrubs (ie. Hawthorn, Calliandra, etc.)

  10. Coleonemapulchrum ‘Breath of Heaven’ • Used to replace old Junipers on main driveway

  11. Escalloniacompacta • Used on Via Miramar driveway and to replace several unhealthy Calliandra shrubs

  12. WestringiaWynyabbie highlight • Used at bottom of Cassia trees • Blooms all year round

  13. Pachysandra terminalis Ground Cover options Camissoniacheiranthifolia Lonicera japonica halliana

  14. Tulbaghiaviolacea ‘Society Garlic’ • Used on curbside to deter dogs and cats

  15. Laurusnobilis • Used as privacy shrub in front of particular units

  16. Lavandula silver anouk • Used in Phases 1,2,3,4

  17. Jatrophacompacta • Used in pool areas in side planters to replace foxtail ferns

  18. Salvia leucantha ‘Mexican Sage’ • Used in Phases 1,2,3,4 and top of pool areas

  19. Hemerocallis Red Cadet • Used as filler near pool areas

  20. Salvia victoria blue • Used in Phases 1,2,3,4

  21. Geranium Ivy Blizzard Red • Used in top of pool areas around patios

  22. Chrysanthemum Alaska • Used only for 2 areas at top of pool near iron gate

  23. Phormium Maori Queen and Yellow Wave • Used on main driveways and in Phases 1,2,3,4

  24. Polygala myrtifolia ‘Sweet Pea Bush’ • Used on main driveway

  25. Dombeyawalichii ‘Hydrangea Tree’ • Used in Phase 1 round planters

  26. Cupheahyssopifolia ‘False Heather’ • Used in Phases 1,3,4

  27. Lobelia sky blue and dark blue mix • Used as ground cover in Phases 1,2,3,4

  28. Trachelospermumjasminoides • Used as ground cover behind trash receptacles and in shade areas in Phases 1,2,3,4

  29. Lecuadendron Summer Red • Used in Phase 2,4

  30. Purple and White Trailing Lantana • Used as ground cover in Phases 1,2,3,4 in alleys

  31. Melaleucaincana • Used near individual units

  32. Ozothamnusdiosimifolia • Used in Phases 1,2,3,4

  33. Bergeniacrassifolia • Used in shade areas for winter color

  34. Lantana camara confetti • Used along Calle Mayor for privacy shrubs

  35. Aspleniumbulbiferum Mother Fern • Used in very shade areas on hillsides

  36. Woodwardiafrimbicata • Used in very shade areas on hillside

  37. Abeliaedwardgoucher • Used in large open areas to prevent traffic

  38. Pittosporum Silver Sheen • Used to replace 3 Jacarandas near individual units – reach 20’ tall x 6’ wide

  39. Euphorbia Glacier Blue • Used in Phases 1,2,3,4 with other perennials

  40. Mimulus Trish • Used on top of hillside on Calle Mayor for spreading color

  41. Rhamnus San Bruno • Aromatic shrub used for privacy at top of hillside on Calley Mayor – CA Coffee Bush

  42. Erigeron Cape Sebastian • Used as ground cover in top of pool areas

  43. Pittosporumtobira Wheeler’s Dwarf • Used in Phases 1,2,3,4 as shrub along side borders

  44. Armeriamaritima ‘Sea Thrift’ • Used all over landscape in clusters

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