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Work Study Allocation Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Work Study Allocation Process

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Work Study Allocation Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Work Study Allocation Process

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  1. Work Study Allocation Process Presented by Sasha Maryland Work Study Coordinator

  2. Allocation Process • Department obtains account number • I will send out request forms through email (Summer deadline is March 1, Fall/Spring is May 1) • UTSA gets notification of allocations and divides total allocation between departments. • I will email each department about the amount of their allocation.

  3. Allocation Process I will suggest the number of students that you can hire based off of your allocation amount. This suggested number is determined under the assumption of a work study maximum award of $4500. So for example, an $18, 000 allocation would normally hire 4 students at $4,500 each.

  4. Allocation Process You are not limited to the number of students that I suggest, only the number of funds that I give you. Why is this important? You may be able to hire more students than the number that I suggest.

  5. Maximizing an Allocation Departmental Allocation of $18,000: Number of Suggested Students: 4 Susie: $4,500 Jacob: $4,500 Mark: $3,500 Anna: $1,500 TOTAL HIRES: $14,000 Still $4,000 left to hire another student

  6. Use Your Allocation! The amount of money UTSA receives from the federal and state government on a yearly basis depends on how we have used the previous year’s money. If we do not use enough of what we have been given, we face the possibility of having our funding cut in future years. This would be detrimental to being able to offer this form of financial aid to our students AND offering this type of “free money” to our departments.

  7. After You Receive Your Allocation… • Post any open positions with Career Services • Eligible students are directed to Career Services to search for positions. • Students can upload their resume and send it directly to you.

  8. What If I Don’t See Work Study On The Student’s Award Letter? Not all students are awarded work study, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t receive it. If work study eligibility is not listed on their award letter, the student may come to Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services to get a letter verifying their work study eligibility.

  9. Appointment Process • The appointment usually has to go through one or more approvals at the department level. • I receive the appointment for approval once it has gone through all of the department levels, then then the appointment will need to be notated by HR that paperwork is RTA (ready to approve). • I then send you an email once I approve it (student can begin working only at this point). • Then it goes through HR.

  10. Appointment Process The appoint may take several business days to process before I see it in my desk for approval. Please keep in mind: Just because it’s on my desk doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ready to be approved. HR still may need to process their CBC and/or I-9 and/or Selective Service paperwork. If this is the case, I will leave the following note on the document: document pending: “need HR confirmation of CBC and I-9 on this document. Once HR has notated RTA (ready to approve) then I can approve document-Sasha”

  11. Where is the Appointment? 1)By pulling up the document number in HRMS, you will be able to see the routing of where it’s at and where it still needs to go. 2)My desk is KUSNM. If the appointment is not in the KUSNM desk, I has not received the appointment yet for approval. Once it is approved by me (after HR has notated the document as “RTA”), I will send you an e-mail confirmation for your records. 3) Please only contact me for the status of the appointment if you can see that it has been in my desk for more than 3 business days OR if you do not see any notes regarding the status of the assignment on the document.

  12. Appointment Approval The student MAY NOT begin working until you have received official notification of approval from me. Also keep in mind the following: • Students’ eligibility can change during the appointment process. • HR may not approve appointments, only me.